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Best Gifts For Breast Cancer Patients

Kellybeedesigns Post Mastectomy Sweatshirt Hoodie

The perfect gift for a breast cancer patients.

After having a bilateral mastectomy and finding drain management to be the most difficult part, Kelly Hobbs, the woman behind KellyBeeDesigns, created a hooded sweater with two large drain pockets hidden inside. Each pocket can hold multiple drains. The sweater is lightweight and zips at the front to allow for minimal arm movement following surgery. Pocket fabric options range from pretty florals to animals.

Post Mastectomy Sweatshirt Hoodie With Drain Pouch Post Surgical Pockets, $50,

The Healing Gift Of Sleep After Mastectomy Surgery

Chanasyas 5-Piece Warm Hugs Positive Energy Healing Thoughts Comfort Caring Message Gift Pack includes a Throw Blanket, Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Tote Bag, and Socks for women in the hospital and at home. Youll literally surround your breast cancer survivor with warmth, positive energy, healing thoughts, comfort and care with this gift.

An even more helpful gift of sleep is the Cushy Form Bed Wedge Pillow for patients recovery from surgery. This pillow isnt specifically designed to help breast cancer patients sleep after surgery. But, it improves body alignment and supports the upper back and shoulders. It eases back and neck pain which mastectomy patients will feel and assists eases breathing, snoring, GERD and acid reflux issues.

Mastectomy patients have tubes down their throats during the mastectomy surgery. This often causes a sore throat for a few days after surgery, so shell really appreciate throat lozenges to soothe her throat and magazines to read while recovering.

Items such as honey lozenges and dry shampoo may not seem like good gifts for mastectomy patients, but you have to remember how expensive those things can be. Pre and post surgery costs add up fast, which is why the practical breast cancer gifts are so helpful.

Gifts That Provide Comfort

A soft warm blanket

Comfort is going to be key to improving your friends day to day life while they are unwell. Blankets are the ultimate symbol of comfort. They provide something soft and warm to cuddle up in. Often, hospitals have limited resources too, even though they may supply blankets an extra blanket could provide them with more warmth if they need a hospital stay. Take a look at different options with different materials, weights, colors and prints. You might want to consider a weighted blanket, which could help with sleep struggles or anxiety or an electric blanket for sore muscles or to help warm a bed.

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Kendra Scott Metastatic Breast Cancer Necklace Charm Set In Rose Gold

Kendra Scott’s jewelry is gorgeous, and each necklace features a trio of Rose Quartz, Butterfly, and Butterfly Wing charms that comes with a handwritten note of encouragement. Plus, 50% of the proceeds from every purchase of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Charm Necklace Set supports the Legacy Retreat through Inheritance of Hope, a retreat for families with a parent battling metastatic breast cancer. Check out the Kendra Scott Metastatic Breast Cancer Necklace Charm Set In Rose Gold, $110, here.

S’well Ghostly Ferns Message Bottle

This exclusive S’well bottle to Bloomingdale’s is covered in inspirational text designed by Ghostly Ferns with words like ‘Tenacious’, ‘Strong’ and ‘Fierce’, while part of the proceeds to go cancer research. Check out the S’well Ghostly Ferns Message Bottle, $42, here.

Sdbing Super Soft Fleece

10 Great Gift Ideas For Cancer Patients 2020

For fleece-lined socks

These socks are available in a range of colors and patterns. They come in shoe sizes ranging from 6 to 11.

Its sole features silicone rubber grips to prevent slipping on smooth hospital floors, while a cozy fleece lining helps keep the feet and toes warm and comfortable.

They are available for around $11.99 on Amazon.

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Best Gifts For A Friend Who Is Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment

A breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can be difficult. As a friend or family member, stepping up and providing help or a little something special at this time can make all the difference.

That’s why we spoke with breast cancer survivors about the most useful gifts, both physical and experiential, that they received during their cancer journey.

Vans X Breast Cancer Awareness Collab Sneaker Collection

These iconic Vans slip-on sneakers have an inspiring “you got this” message on them that’s perfect for breast cancer patients and survivors alike. Plus, they were designed with CoppaFeel!®, a UK-based breast cancer charity organization. Check out the Vans x Breast Cancer Awareness Collab Sneaker Collection, $65, here.

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How To Choose Thoughtful Gifts For Cancer Patients

When you have just found out that your friend, family member, or loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, or someone you know needs chemotherapy, even though you probably want to do the right thing, getting the right gift may be furthest from your mind.

Its hard to know what to do or say and everyone is concerned about the outcome.

Finding time to digest what is happening is important for all those concerned. Quite often its hard to find the peace required, the right information and the items needed that will help on the journey.

Cancer gifts can ease this stress and show that you care. But there is no one size fits all when it comes to the right thing to give and there are also certain things to be avoided which we discuss in a separate article.

Daniel Field Suite Body Lotion

Gifts for Cancer Patients & How to Help | Advice from a Cancer Patient

“People with cancer aren’t going to be thinking of their bodies as something worth pampering, but it’s exactly what they need most,” Chelsey says.

Dena recommends getting them something from the Chemo Hair and Skin Collection, which offers products that are toxin-free and specifically designed for people going through treatment. The Daniel Field Suite Body Lotion is an especially good choice to soothe dry or sensitive skin.

âBuy it:â âPrice:â $16-$25

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Gift Ideas For Breast Cancer Patients Previvors And Breasties

We all know someone affected by breast cancer or a gene mutation. Unfortunately, its that wide spread where everyone has a mom or a friend or a sister or a spouse who has been given some gut-wrenching news at one point in her lifetime. Support can look so different in those moments, but Im here to give my best advice and gift guidance!

Here For You Care Package

From Here for You, these compassion packages are specifically designed for those who are going through a rough time.

Full of gorgeously scented items to help them relax , this prettily packaged gift set has a little bit of everything lovely. Shell be looking forward to using them all up in record time.

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The Gift Of Easy Comfortable Travel From Hospital To Home

The Breast and Chest Buddy Seatbelt Cushion for Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction Sites answers the how do I put on my seatbelt after a mastectomy? question. Its one of those breast cancer gifts youd never think of giving unless youve had surgery. This gift cushions and protects her chest area from the seatbelt.

A ride home after major breast cancer surgery can be unbearable, because the seatbelt often irritates stitches and tender areas. If shes traveling a long way, shell need to be as comfortable as possible. I needed one of these after my shoulder surgeries, which I wrote about in Prayers for Healing and Recovery After Surgery.

Navigating Your Breast Health: Assessing And Managing Breast Cancer Risk

Gift Ideas For Cancer Patients

As women become more aware of hereditary breast cancer risk, theres a growing need for patients to better understand what options exist. The breast cancer survivor and surgeon Anne Peled, MD, wrote Navigating Your Breast Health: Assessing and Managing Breast Cancer Risk to help fill this gap. Whether youre looking to understand breast health, screening options, or surgical options this e-book offers beautiful illustrations and much-needed resources. It also looks at what to expect before and after surgery.

Navigating Your Breast Health: Assessing and Managing Risk, $0.99,

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Gifts That Show Support

Your friend may prefer not to receive gifts. If so, consider supporting a cancer charity in your friend’s name.

Most cancer research organizations, hospitals, and societies maintain charitable programs. You can make one-time or monthly gift. As a bonus, donations come with tax benefits.

This type of gift may require a little research. Look at the institute’s year-end financial report. It will tell you which areas of research it invests in.

It will also note how much of each dollar is spent on administrative costs. These costs are often called the “facilities and administrative rate” or F& A.

Look for organizations devoted to specific cancers. Examples include:

If your friend has breast cancer, consider donating to an organization focused on finding a cure for metastatic breast cancer, such as METAvivor. Many organizations devote a large percentage of their bottom line to supporting people with cancer and looking for cures.

Woolen Blanket With A Beautiful Message

While radiation patients will be thrilled about this beautiful cotton blanket, they will be moved to tears reading the emotional message written on it. The words, printed in big and bold print, go this way In this family, no one fights alone.

These words give patients the feeling that they are cared for and dont have to fight their battles alone. These blankets are absolutely comfortable, too, as they are woven using 8 miles of super-soft, American-grown cotton.

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Gift Ideas For Cancer Patients: What To Avoid

Holiday shopping guide for a friend or loved one with cancer

Cancer patients have a wide variety of emotional and physical needs. Youll want to find products that combat the side effects of cancer treatment and make recovery from surgery a little easier or simply find items that bring comfort and peace. Certain things are prohibited during treatment and others should be avoided because they may trigger negative reactions.

Here are some of the most common things you’ll want to avoid this holiday season along with some alternative gift options that are sure to make any patient feel loved.

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Travelrest Therapeutic Memory Foam Travel And Neck Pillow

Support breast cancer awareness with a gift from Boombox

The more pillows you experiment with during recovery, the more likely youll find the ones that work for you. A pillow with neck support, like Travelrests Therapeutic Memory Foam Neck Pillow, can be helpful if you are unable to sleep lying down in the days following your mastectomy or breast reconstruction surgery. Travelrests pillow is machine washable, and the adjustable drawstring will prevent the pillow from shifting in your sleep.

Travelrest Therapeutic Memory Foam Travel & Neck Pillow, $14.95,

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Mastectomy Gift Ideas That Shows You Care

Looking for mastectomy gift ideas for someone newly diagnosed with breast cancer? We are here to help you support them with a thoughtful care package that will show your family member, best friend, co-worker, or neighbor that you care and are there for them no matter what!

This guide is here to help you find what these breast cancer patients REALLY need to combat their diagnosis and heal comfortably and beautifully. These gift ideas are for post-surgery healing, post-mastectomy recovery, and preventative double-mastectomies and can be practical and helpful. Save that patient you love from spending extra money when they instead can get the gift they need from someone who cares about them.

Gifts For Radiation Patients

Radiation therapy is usually used as part of cancer treatment. Patients undergoing radiation treatments experience a lot of physical and mental pain. While you cannot do anything to bring down the intensity of their pain, you can lighten their mood and give them the encouragement they need to go through this tough phase.

Here, we present 21 such thoughtful gifts that you can give to someone undergoing radiation treatment. These gifts help them feel motivated and inspired. Once they become mentally strong, they can endure more physical pain than they ever imagined. So, here are some gifts to show you care, and that you are there for them, no matter what.

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Gifts For Hand And Nail Care

Breast cancer treatment can often cause hands to become extremely dry and cracked, while nails become brittle, broken or damaged. When treatment stops they will begin to recover, but there’s something incredibly soothing about massaging beautiful oils in the meantime, and knowing you’re doing things to aid their recovery. Our Breast Cancer Care Package – Hydration, Hand and Nail Care includes everything you need to look after hands and nails. There’s a Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm, which nourishes the skin, a Defiant Beauty Nail Oil to treat the nails and nail beds, and a Jennifer Young Natural Nail Polish in a choice of colours to disguise damage and look after fragile nails.

While doctors work on treating cancer, at Beauty Despite Cancer we focus on supporting the person behind the diagnosis. Our skincare products and carefully curated gifts are designed to ease the side effects of cancer treatment, provide joyful daily rituals and and support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Love Is The Best Gift Of All

Chemo Gift Basket

There are so many thoughtful options of gifts for loved ones fighting cancer. What matters most is that youve given the gift with love. Remember that love and laughter is powerful medicine.

If youre loved one loses their battle to cancer, we are deeply sorry. Writing a loving sympathy message and sending your condolences to their family can really make a difference.


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The Gift Of Natural Healing For Post

The Chefs INSPIRATIONS 3 Core Infusion Water Pitcher hits that sweet spot between practical and inspirational! It infuses water with healthy, natural fresh fruit and vegetables. Its a great way to enjoy a sweet drink without added sugar. These natural fruit infusers are so easy to use, too. She wont have to blend, chop or even peel the fruit.

After surgery , patients are constipated. What do you give a woman recovering from a double mastectomy? The gift of regular bowel movements doesnt sound beautiful, but believe me it is a gift to be regular in that one way after breast cancer surgery.

Oncologists recommend that mastectomy patients and post-operative breast cancer survivors drink eight to 10 glasses of water and non-caffeinated beverages every day. This helps clean her system after mastectomy surgery and so do fresh fruits, vegetables, and lower fat foods.

Gift Ideas That Provide Entertainment

Books, a Kindle, or magazines

A good book, magazine, or kindle could be a nice gift. It will provide them with a distraction and something to do. If you are buying a book, try to choose something positive and uplifting. Chances are the person youre gifting to doesnt need anything sad in their life right now. Or splurge on a stack of your their favorite magazines so they can peruse fashion spreads, read new recipes or catch up on their favorite celebrity gossip.


Often, when people are stressed, they will want to listen to music. A spare set of headphones means they can listen to music without hassling anyone else. There are even sleep headphones and noise-canceling headphones to help provide some peace and quiet for relaxation.

A Tablet

A tablet is compact all-around entertainment. Useful for hospital stays and convalescing.

Colouring books

Colouring is a peaceful and relaxing activity that doesnt require too much thought or effort. Just remember to pack some colouring pencils with the book too!

Puzzle books

Puzzle books – sudoku, crosswords, word searches the options are endless. But they can, again, provide a simple and enjoyable form of entertainment that isnt too physically demanding.

Video games

Video games can be a good stress-relieving, fun activity to take their mind off things.

Board games

You could help fight boredom with a fun board game or card game.

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The Gift Of Being Invited And Included

Today I texted a friend who will soon be undergoing double mastectomy surgery, and asked if she wanted to walk with me and my dogs. I havent see her for over two months because of her chemotherapy treatments. After the mastectomy surgery, she will be encouraged to get up and out of bed to take small walks. A healing breast cancer gift idea for her or any woman healing from a mastectomy are regular, consistent text or email invitations for short walks. Walking can be restarted right after a double or single mastectomy, and she may need a friend to walk with.

For more tips on supporting a patient after breast cancer and mastectomy surgery, read How to Help a Friend Whose Mom Has Cancer.

Helpful Presents For Cancer Patients

Itâs a G Thing: Northwell Health nurse creates comfort baskets for breast cancer patients

When stuck at the hospital for hours, a cancer patient may want to write letters or catch up with a loved one, friends and family members. A set of nice stationery could be useful and brighten their mood.

Phone charger

These always come in handy, so your friend could have a charger at home, when undergoing treatment and for travel, making it easier to keep their devices charged.


If your friend is spending a lot of time in bed reading or scrolling through their laptop or phone, they could develop eyestrain. A pair of blue-light glasses or new reading glasses is a thoughtful gift that may help.

Hand sanitizers

Keeping germ-free is very important for someone who is immune-compromised due to chemotherapy. A chemo patient can never have too much hand sanitizer.


Tissues that are easy to carry in a pocket are inexpensive and practical, and they always come in handy.


Often, especially when undergoing treatment, there are many appointments to keep up with, a patient can get overwhelmed. A day planner or scheduling book is a nice gift that will help them keep up with all of their appointments.

Pill organizer

You can help your friend keep up with their medications with something fun and useful.

Noise machine

Sometimes it can be hard to sleep when youre anxious about undergoing treatment or if youre in pain. A noise machine helps shut out outside distractions and to sleep easier.


Lap tray or TV tray

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