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Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022

Why Living Beyond Breast Cancer

1 in 5 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022

Living Beyond Breast Cancer is one of the highest-ranking breast cancer organizations in the United States:

  • For 17 consecutive years, LBBC has earned a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. Four stars is the highest possible ranking for financial health and responsibility.
  • Through strong financial management, we earned the Platinum Seal of Transparency from Candid .
  • USA Today recommends LBBC as one of the top breast cancer charities for support services and education.
  • We have been awarded three competitive CDC Cooperative Agreements in a row to serve young women with breast cancer.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer meets people where they are. LBBC has a rich variety of programs to serve people with early stage as well as metastatic breast cancer… Helping people better understand their diagnosis allows them to communicate their needs better to their healthcare team, and that results in better care for the patient and a more rewarding relationship with the healthcare team.

Reshma L. Mahtani, DO

Your generous support has a significant impact on the audience we serve:

  • Were able to provide critical content to over 600,000 people each year, including:
  • Trusted information on the latest medical news
  • Practical tips for living with breast cancer
  • Resources on self-care, including nutrition, exercise, and meditation

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In 2022 alone, an estimated 287,500 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, with one woman being diagnosed every two minutes. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a great opportunity to highlight the importance of preventive measures and treatments for breast cancer to raise the survival rate of the disease.

Although strides in modern medicine have helped reduce deaths from breast cancer exponentially, numbers since 2020 remind us of the urgent work still needed to fight and spread awareness of the disease.

When breast cancer is diagnosed at the localized stage , the survival rate is 99 percent. However, only 65 percent of women are diagnosed at the local stage. Although it is one of the most common cancers in the world today, with about one in eight women getting the disease at some point in their lives, many women around the globe are not educated about mammograms or self-examinations to help diagnose the disease early.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, help raise awareness of this largely preventable disease by talking confidently about breast cancer, removing any stigma associated with speaking about breast health, and informing and educating those near you about preventable measures to ensure early diagnosis.

For more important information about Breast Cancer Awareness, please visit:

Pizza Day At Grantek For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A personal campaign sponsored by Sylvie Martineau

I am taking action to fundraise to change the future of cancer for my friends, family and people affected by cancer across the country. I am fundraising and raising awareness to unite and inspire everyone in Canada to take control of cancer. I hope I can count on your support for my fundraiser!

Please donate today and help me reach my fundraising goal! The money raised will help fund the most promising cancer research on 100 different types of cancer, provide a nationwide support system for people affected by cancer and advocate for important social change and health policies.

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Learn More About Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month October

We provide services for people living with cancer at every stage of their cancer diagnosis. If you or a loved one has been affected by breast cancer, we can help.

Information about breast cancer
Why is it important to be breast aware?

Checking your breasts for any unusual changes can help discover breast cancer early. Its important to recognise when somethings not right.

If you are transgender or non-binary, read our cancer screening information to learn more about what types of screening are right for you.

If you find changes in your breast that are not normal for you, it’s best to see a GP as soon as possible.

Life after breast cancer treatment

Adjusting to everyday life after treatment can be difficult and take time. Our information and advice is available to help you when you need it.

Breast cancer treatments can have a direct effect on your sex life and ability to have children . Talk to your doctor or breast care nurse if you have any concerns as there are often things that can help.

Some breast cancer treatments such as hormonal therapy or chemotherapy can cause menopausal symptoms. Your cancer doctor and specialist nurse can explain if the treatment you are having is likely to cause an early menopause.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month 202: Breast Self

Also Read: World Breast Cancer Month: Debunking 5 Common Breast Cancer Myths What Is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is the growth of malignant or cancerous cells in one or both breasts. Most breast cancers develop in the lining cells of ducts or in the lobules in the breast’s glandular tissue.

In the starting stage, the cancerous growth is most likely confined to the duct or lobule , where it typically doesn’t present with any symptoms and has fewer chances of metastasizing or spreading to other body parts, including lymph nodes.

But over time, in situ cancers may progress and spread to surrounding breast tissue and then to the nearby lymph nodes or other organs in the body . Breast cancer treatment can be highly effective, mainly when the condition is detected early. The prompt and proper treatment can avert cancer growth and spread, thus saving lives.

According to the World Health Organization reports, in 2020, there were 2.3 million women newly diagnosed with breast cancer and 685000 mortalities worldwide. Also, as of today, 7.8 million women worldwide survived breast cancer after diagnosis and treatment, and it, unfortunately, is the world’s most prevalent type of cancer. Breast cancer can affect women after puberty, but the risk increases as they grow older. This year’s theme is “RISE, “which ensures every woman the access to the screening she needs and the support she deserves.

Breast Cancer Awareness In The Workplace

We’re here to help your employees at every step of the breast health journey – from wellness education to survivor support and everything in between.

NBCF works with companies nationwide to strengthen their womens wellness programs by increasing use of basic screening benefits, educating employees about breast health and early detection, and learning how to support patients and survivors in the workplace.

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What To Do If You Find A Lump In Your Breast

Don’t panic. Most women have some lumpy regions in their breasts, and most breast lumps turn out to be benign . There are several possible causes for non-cancerous breast lumps, such as hormonal changes, benign breast problems, or an injury.

Never hesitate to inform your doctor if you have noticed a lump or any other breast change that is new and bothersome. This is mainly true for any changes that last more than one complete menstrual cycle or get more extensive or more prominent. Women who menstruate can wait until after their menstrual cycle to see if the lump or other breast change disappears on its own before consulting with the doctor.

Organize A Fashion Show

October is breast cancer awareness month

Regarding breast cancer awareness event ideas, hosting a fashion show may be just the right opportunity for you and your colleagues to discuss this critical matter. You can choose your own outfits with a dominantly pink theme and proceed to invite your family and friends to watch you all on the runway. Not only is this a fun idea, but it also leaves room for sharing resources and facts about breast cancer throughout the event.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Activities To Help You Participate In Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022

Just like every previous year, Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022 is reserved for October. Its essential to use this period to raise further awareness about this devastating illness. After all, regardless of the budget you and your office may have, there are still plenty of breast cancer awareness activities and breast cancer fundraiser ideas that could engage your personal and professional environment. Of course, we at Breast Care Center Miami urge all women to regularly attend their wellness exams and perform self-checks in the meantime. If you believe theres anything unusual that worries you, dont hesitate to get in touch with us. That said, lets discuss various options for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022.

Alcohol And Breast Cancer Risk

Did you know there is an association between drinking alcohol and breast cancer risk?

In Drinking Alcohol the Breastcancer.org elaborate on:

Compared to women who dont drink at all, women who have three alcoholic drinks per week have a 15% higher risk of breast cancer. Experts estimate that the risk of breast cancer goes up another 10% for each additional drink women regularly have each day.

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Assalamualaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Good day!

Cancer doesnt have a qualifying age nor gender. Anyone can acquire it. A lot of women all over the world are diagnosed with this disease. Among Filipino women, breast cancer ranks themost common cancer. There is an urgent need to inform and educate Filipino women on the advocacythat Breast Cancer is curable if detected early and treated properly. Over the last decade, survival rateshave increased, however, early detection continues to be critically important. October is Breast CancerAwareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness of this complex disease and fund research intoits causes, treatment, and cure. Since 1985, individuals, businesses, and communities have come togetherevery October to show their support for the many people affected by Breast Cancer. Breast CancerAwareness Month can be a time to reflect, give back, or even celebrate.

Anent this, our Rural Health Unit, headed by the undersigned, with your utmost support, is planning toconduct BREAST CANCER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN in Brgy. Ilian & Madang, with mini lectureseries, games, etc.

In this light, we humbly seek assistance from your good office, in the form of financial, snacks,transportation, medicines, logistics and/or any other forms of assistance that you may provide to makethis activity a success.

Humbly and passionately with you in helping build a healthier community for our people.Thank you and May Allah SWT continue to guide and bless us!

Yours truly,

Auction Off Bedazzled Bras

Home [www.epsilonomega.org]

One of the popular breast cancer fundraiser ideas involves having fun with decorating and bedazzling bras that can then be auctioned off as part of the event. The proceeds can be used to assist someone whos battling breast cancer at your office or sent to an appropriate organization. That said, you can all collect relatively plain bras that allow you to get creative with the whole artistic process.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month At Pwh

HCA Florida Palms West Hospital recently participated in a number of Breast Cancer Awareness Month events, including a lunch and learn at the Hospital with breast radiologist Dr. Dianne Georgian-Smith and breast surgeon Dr. Beth-Ann Lesnikowski. The hospital also hosted the first open house for its Breast Center since the pandemic.

Digital Issue for December 2, 2022


Help People Like Mlina

Mélina was pregnant when she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. She gave birth to a healthy baby, but intense treatment left her weak and discouraged.

I was bedridden and couldnt even take care of my baby anymore. My soul was crushed.

Thats when Mélina found CancerConnection.ca, a CCS online community for those affected by cancer.

The community proved to be very comforting, which allowed me to see life different while feeling understood, heard and supported.

Help people like Mélina find support when it is needed most. Donate today and double your impact so no one has to face breast cancer alone.

Your matched donation will help save and improve lives by:

  • Funding world-leading breast cancer research
  • Enabling a compassionate, national support system for those facing breast cancer when its needed most
  • Influencing public policies and shaping a healthier society

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Empowering A Sisterhood Healing By Fostering Hope Encourage To Cope And Survive To Thrive

Because of sponsors and donors like you, BCRC can provide valued services to our community free of charge. Please help the BCRC continue to provide essential support services during this critical time.

Presenting Sponsor
  • Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians
Rejuvenate Sponsor
  • Carol and David Roe Family
  • Dr. Winifred Leung and Dr. William Dunbar
  • Maureen McDermut & Associates

Create A Themed Board

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022

Making a themed bulletin board as part of breast cancer awareness activities is a creative way to engage everyone at your workplace. That said, you can approach this idea in different ways. For instance, you can all write messages of support to people who are fighting breast cancer the bitcoin vanity address generator. In case youre looking for ways to collect some funds for breast cancer organizations, a donation box can be a part of the board with the option for everyone who donates to add their own handprint that will help you grow a pink tree that rises from the box.

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How You Can Help

For over 30 years, Living Beyond Breast Cancer has been a trusted resource for people with breast cancer and their loved ones. We have provided information and community to more than a million people. Yet, we have so much more to do. When you support Living Beyond Breast Cancer, you make an immediate, positive difference in the lives of people affected by breast cancer.

Raising awareness of breast cancer and taking action to care for people living with the disease is a group effort not only during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but every day of the year. Your time, your dollars, and your energy help advance our work. Together, we can achieve more.

Wpi Observes Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022

Worcester Polytechnic Institute observes Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2022by supporting those diagnosed, honoring survivors, and raising awareness of and educating each other on this complex disease. We encourage our community to learn about and advocate for breast cancer testing and research and celebrate the survivors in our community and beyond.

“During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we stand with the courageous women and men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and honor those who have lost their battle to this terrible disease. As the second most common cancer affecting women, an estimated 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime and 281,550 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States in 2021. Cancer touches so many families across the country including ours. It is up to all of us to continue fighting for a cure and to ensure that every American has access to the quality care they need.” —A Proclamation on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 2021

Thank you to all of the members of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Planning Committee who made this month possible:

  • Abdah St. Fleur

Learn more at:

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Merit Medical Employee Support

The Merit team will also be honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month worldwide during October.

Check back throughout the month of October and see how employees are contributing to this important cause!

The Aliso Viejo team celebrated BCAM with the annual luncheon, pink Merit shirts and pink smoothies this year.

Our Merit team from Bogotá, Colombia, recently launched SCOUT Radar Localization and is very excited to offer this incredible product to Colombian patients.

At Merit, its all about family. Yuma Medina, Merit Technician III, and mom, Osleida Ferrer Rojas, Merit Operator II, show their support for #BCAM by wearing pink together! Thank you for the positivity you bring to our team!

In honor of #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth, our Merit Brazil team coordinated a Pink Out day! We love seeing our global family reflect our commitment to raise awareness and empower people with breast cancer. Nice job, Brazil!

Our Merit Salt Lake Weekend Cleanroom Team is thinking pink in recognition of #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth! Thank you to Carina Gonzalez, Cleanroom Supervisor I, for rallying the team!

Meet Rebeca Mortimer, a Merit employee and #BreastCancerSurvivor. By coaching fellow fighters with optimism and compassion, shes committed to spreading her story to raise awareness of this disease. Youre an inspiration, Rebeca!

#WeCare #TeamMerit

Its #breastcancerawarenessmonth

Its days like today, we are reminded how kind our employees are!


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