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Breast Cancer Financial Assistance For Rent

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund

Komen San Diego’s Financial Assistance Fund for Breast Cancer Patients

The Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund provides one-time grants to help ease the financial burden of breast cancer. These grants are distributed to help people in active treatment for early-stage breast cancer or living with metastatic breast cancer pay vital expenses such as rent, utility bills, car payments, and car insurance. Grant amounts range from $500 – $1,000 depending on need.

In order to best serve the national breast cancer community, Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund grants are awarded to people in the greatest need of financial support those in active treatment for early-stage breast cancer or living with metastatic breast cancer and currently experiencing financial hardship because of the cost of cancer care. If you need financial support, please visit the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund page and apply. A healthcare provider will also need to verify your diagnosis.

To be eligible, you:

To learn more about the grant, visit the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund page.

To learn how you can support the fund to provide grants to others who need it, see our page on Supporting the Fund.

Leukemia And Lymphoma Society

A civil society focused on fighting leukemia and lymphoma. For the people who are suffering from blood cancer, leukemia, and lymphoma society provides all the information and financial assistance to them. The society, which has its offices in the whole country in different locations, provides information to people. Along with it, they also offer assistance through their official website One can also make contact with them through a phone call on the number 955-4572 and gets all the information about cancer and also financial assistance.

Help With Internet Access

You may notice that many groups and organizations now have a lot of information on the Internet, and it may be harder to call or reach a real person to ask questions. If you dont have Internet access, you may want to see if your local public library offers use of their computers and Internet access at no cost. An added benefit is that volunteers or staff there may be able to help if youre having trouble finding things.

Still, you dont need Internet access to find help. The American Cancer Society and many other organizations also provide toll-free phone numbers so that people without Internet access can learn about and ask for services.

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Breast Cancer Financial Assistance Patients Type #: Your Life Insurance Policy Pays You

Anyone struggling with a severe medical condition knows that health insurance doesnt cover all costs. In the United States, even with government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, you may still face significant out-of-pocket expenses.

However, what most people dont know is that a life insurance policy is considered an asset that you own, meaning insurance policy holders can sell their life insurance for a lump-sum cash payment, also known as a viatical settlement.

With a viatical settlement, the funds are tax-free and non-regulated, meaning YOU decide how they are spent.

Not only can you pay towards your medical expenses, but also towards the cost of living expenses, or even a luxurious vacation with your loved ones. As the settlement holder, the freedom and the choice is uniquely yours!

In some cases, individuals can receive 70% of their life insurance policy in as little as 2 weeks with a viatical settlement!

Life settlement vs viatical settlement. How it works: Unlike life settlements, viatical settlements are designed for life insurance policyholders with life-threatening illnesses, reduced life expectancies, or chronic health issues.

Breast cancer patients with life insurance policies can enter agreements with third-party buyers to sell their life insurance policy in return for a lump-sum payment .

The life settlement company takes over by paying the monthly insurance policy premiums, and receives the death benefit after the sellers passing.

Help With Housing Needs Or Mortgage Payments When You Have Cancer

BCAP FundTulsa (@BCAPFundTulsa)

The extra costs of cancer treatment or a major loss of family income may make it hard for families to pay their mortgage or rent on time. To keep a good credit rating and stay in your home, talk with your creditor or landlord about your situation and try to make special arrangements. Family, friends, or church members may be able to give you short-term help if theyre told about the problem. Talk about your situation with the cancer treatment team social worker who may know of special resources.

Families who need to move out of their homes after a cancer diagnosis should talk with their county department of social services to find out if they can get into low-cost or government-supported housing programs. In some states this may be listed under the health department or welfare department.

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Understanding The Costs Associated With Breast Cancer

Soon after your diagnosis, its important to take some time to calculate the out-of-pocket costs for your breast cancer care and treatment. If you dont have any health insurance, the first step is to secure some kind of coverage. Ask your doctor if there is a patient financial counselor, social worker, and/or nurse navigator at your hospital who can try to help you find a plan that works for you. This person also should be able to tell you whether your hospital offers any payment plans to help manage costs or assistance programs to help defray costs that arent covered by health insurance. Health insurance brokers know the ins and outs of different plans and can also offer advice quickly. For more information, see options for people without health insurance.

Health insurance policies arent easy to read, but its a good idea to know what youre getting into and see if you might need help covering out-of-pocket costs. Generally, cheaper health insurance plans with lower premiums thats the monthly amount you pay or your employer pays for coverage tend to have higher out-of-pocket costs. Learn more about managing your health insurance.

Along with out-of-pocket costs for treatment, you may need to plan for any of the following additional expenses:

Its a good idea to keep these items in mind as you plan your budget for the coming months.

Lowering Costs: Start With Your Care Team

If youre concerned about paying for your treatment, talk to your care team. Hospitals and cancer centers often have patient financial counselors, social workers, and nurse navigators on staff who have experience helping people manage their cancer costs. There are many people who are functionally insured meaning that although they have health insurance, they also have major difficulty affording the out-of-pocket costs associated with serious illness. If you find yourself in this situation, youre not alone.

Here are some ways you may be able to reduce treatment expenses or make each payment fit into your budget.

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Breast Cancer Financial Assistance For Cancer Patients

In the United States alone, approximately 1 in every 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

With breast cancer care costs regularly rising, it is no surprise that those facing treatment are over 2.5 times more likely to file for bankruptcy than their counterparts. A diagnosis can be stressful enough by itself, without considering the financial burden it can pose to the patient and their family.

But fear not! We at American Life Fund regularly work with breast cancer patients to help them financially, which is why we put together this comprehensive list of financial assistance and free money for cancer patients including breast cancers.

Here are 6 of the best resources for breast cancer patients to get free money and financial assistance.

Government Financial Assistance For Cancer Patients

Breast cancer survivor raising money to help other local patients

Cancer is a disease that not only harms a patient but it also affects the whole family. Because of this the financial condition no remains stable and the family has to suffer from emotional as well as financial stress because of its treatment cost.

This disease makes a person confuse because of its stage. Everyone knows that there are too few chances if someone cures this life-threatening disease. For every moment a person stays in confusion and thinks a lot, like how he or she can manage their office work, how their household will be run, and what happens if all the money goes in treatment and lots of other questions. And all these questions come to mind because of this disease, which makes a person weaker emotionally. And he starts to lose his willingness to live more and their disease increased day by day. Thats why the mental health service is giving to the patient and their family so that they can stay emotionally strong.

And it is that they are thinking about how to get a diagnosis and how they can find the best hospital for their treatment and clinics which help them to stop their cancer and eliminate it from the body completely. And lots of other things that they have need to think about to cure the disease and live for their family. But unfortunately, the families also have to face the scenario of hiring a specialty care center.

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Florida Department Of Children And Families Automated Community Connection To Economic Self Sufficiency 300

The ACCESS Florida Program helps to promote strong and economically self-sufficient communities by providing food, cash and medical assistance to individuals and families on the road to economic recovery.

  • Adult Health Care Counties make available a range of basic medical care services and treatments, to decrease unnecessary emergency room visits.
  • Food Stamps Provide low-income individuals with assistance to purchase nutritional food. Home Health Services Provide care for people who need nursing care or treatment in their homes, when they are eligible for Medicare or another assistance program.
  • Homelessness Help for Renters. Individuals and families whose housing situation has become unstable due to the coronavirus public health emergency have options that can assist with staying housed.
  • Subsidized Child Care Provide support for families with young children to enable to caretaker to hold a job, obtain training or meet the special needs of a child.
  • WIC A supplemental food program for women, infant and children up to the age of 5.
  • Temporary Cash Assistance Provides financial assistance to pregnant women in their third trimester and families with dependent children to assist in the payment of rent, utilities and other household expenses.

Help Paying For Medical Tests

As part of your treatment plan, your doctor may recommend certain tests, such as a genomic assay or genetic testing.

Genomic tests help doctors determine whether its beneficial to prescribe more treatments after surgery. Genetic tests can tell you if you have a mutation or an abnormal change in a gene that is linked to a higher risk of breast cancer. Genetic mutations run in families.

Although many health insurance plans cover genomic and genetic tests, there may be out-of-pocket costs as well. There are resources that may help you cover costs if you dont have health insurance or cant afford out-of-pocket expenses.

Learn more about the genomic tests, including information on health insurance coverage and financial assistance:

Learn more about genetic testing, including information on costs and health insurance coverage.

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Long Island Community Hospital

Eastern Long Island, NY Pink Aid’s grant supports the hospital’s survivorship program, assisting a large, underserved population on Long Island’s east end with household expenses such as utilities, grocery cards, and transportation to and from treatment. Contact: Merilyn Konnerth, Breast Cancer Survivorship Coalition Coordinator at or Email:

Financial Assistance For Breast Cancer Patients Type #: Prescription Assistance

Support Groups

With the cost of cancer medications rising, many patients feel concerned about how to afford treatment.

Thankfully, programs like PPA and Rx Outreach can help by providing free money to breast cancer patients, in the form of free or reduced cost prescriptions.

Their easy to use online websites provide a list of multiple prescription assistance programs that you may qualify for as a breast cancer patient.

Another resource offering financial assistance for breast cancer patients is Needy Meds. Needy Meds offers a free Drug Discount Card, which provides savings of up to 80% on prescription medications.

If a medication is not covered by your insurance, or if your insurance has a high deductible, fear notyou can use your Drug Discount Card to help pay for prescriptions.

Also, the Medicine Assistance Tool can help breast cancer patients to locate additional resources for prescription assistance.

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Additional Tips And Resources

Cancer costs. This guide has walked you through resources that assist cancer patients and families with medical, housing and miscellaneous living expenses. Below are some extra ways to stay knowledgeable when it comes to your financial health.

44. Look for counseling and cash programs that pay caregivers. These programs differ state to state, so contacting your local Medicaid office will provide more details. You can also access the Cancer Financial Assistance Coalitions database to search for options covering a variety of needs.

45. Talk with a social worker or financial counselor about your financial situation or any other concerns. Having these conversations early can help you develop a monthly payment plan and find further financial aid.

46. Stay updated on your income and expenses. This includes contacting your mortgage and utility companies to identify new payment plan options. It can also be beneficial to revisit your wants and needs. Ask yourself where you can cut back spending to allocate more cash toward medical expenses.

47. Connect with your community and family. Asking for money isnt easy. However, the people who are closest to you are often an excellent source of emotional and financial support. Try starting a fundraiser with online platforms such as GoFundMe.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Home Energy Payment Assistance Program is also known in United State. LIHEAP funds are transferred to the state, county, and local agencies in order to assist low-income families with heating and cooling costs as well as home weatherization. This program provided assistance to an estimated 5.4 million households in 2021.For more information, please visit our article on how to pay for electricity in the United States visit the following link:

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Financial Help For Cancer Treatments And Medical Bills

For many people with a cancer diagnosis, confusion is a first response. Suddenly, the daily routine of going to work and participating in a family is overshadowed with questions about the meaning of a diagnosis, what treatment options are available and where to find the best hospitals and clinics for treatment. Unfortunately, sometimes the search includes information about hospice care.

Cancer accounted for about $87.8 billion in healthcare costs in 2014. Most of the money was paid by private insurance companies, Medicare paid one-third of that amount, but patients still paid $3.9 billion themselves. Medicaid and nonprofits might be able to help some low-income individuals cut the bills.

Here are a few of the organizations that can help:

Help With Finding And Paying For Dental Care

Woman initially denied a mammogram diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer l GMA

Before beginning treatment for certain types of cancer, your cancer doctor may tell you that you need to be seen by a dentist. Needed dental care might vary from an exam and cleaning to extraction of teeth that are not healthy. If you dont have dental insurance or your insurance only covers a limited amount, you may need to look for other resources in your community.

NeedyMeds has a database of dental clinics that offer free, low cost, low cost based on income or other financial assistance.

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Free Financial Help For Cancer Patients From Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful social media platform, people use Facebook for various Purposes, If you are a cancer patient or a family member of a cancer patient, you can get help for your cancer patient by appealing other people to help, there are many organization or rich people working against cancer programs and help cancer patients and families to fight against cancer.

Linda Clemens Breast Cancer Foundation

Glastonbury, Statewide Through an application process via social workers/nurse case manager referrals requests for financial assistance are reviewed and evaluated on a case by case basis. Underinsured and uninsured women throughout Connecticut undergoing therapy or in remission have been recipients of this assistance.

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Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Cancer Type: Blood

Who Its For: U.S. blood cancer patients

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Societys Susan Lang Pay-It-Forward Patient Travel Assistance program provides patients with $500 in financial aid toward travel-related expenses. Some approved expenses include ground and air transportation, gas, parking, ambulance services and baggage fees. However, international travel is not covered. In order to qualify for the program, patients must be at or below the five hundredth percentile of the U.S. federal poverty guidelines. The organization also features a helpful copay assistance program.

Pals Patient Airlift Services

Emergency Financial Assistance

Cancer Type: Any

Who Its For: Cancer patients and veterans

PALS is another nonprofit that organizes free air transportation for cancer patients who cant afford to fly commercially. Much like other travel aid resources, volunteer pilots donate their time and aircraft for families traveling to treatment locations. Furthermore, PALS proudly supports wounded veterans and their families with free flights.

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Adelphi Ny Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline And Support Program

Long Island, NY- Pink Aid’s grant provides funds for bilingual counseling and patient navigation services for underserved breast cancer patients receiving care at several Long Island hospitals, as well as food cards and transportation assistance to breast cancer patients in need. Contact: Angela Papalia, LMSW, at or email .


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