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Breast Cancer Gifts For Mom

Gift Ideas For Moms Battling Cancer

Breast milk is a precious gift for new mom diagnosed with breast cancer

Is there a special mom in your life battling cancer? Are you as lost as I have always been in what to give her? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

A Meal-Prep Subscription

After a cancer diagnosis, adequate nutrition becomes even more important. If the idea of grocery shopping and cooking at the end of a long day of appointments and treatment sessions sounds miserable to your loved one, consider a meal-prep subscription. There are plenty of options, such as Home Chef, Blue Apron and Plated, that can help survivors make healthy meals at home without the stress of grocery shopping or figuring out ingredients.

The Perfect Planner

Between doctor appointments, chemotherapy treatments and family activities, it can be a challenge to keep it all straight. Many planners not only contain calendars, but also a place for contacts and phone numbers, which is great for patients with a lot of physicians. A planner can make all the difference. My mom swears by hers!

Variety Pack of Tea

Nothing is quite as calming as a hot cup of tea at the end of the day. For patients needing a pick-me-up in the morning, caffeinated varieties can offer a nice start to the day. Patients ready to relax and put their feet up can opt for herbal options to help unwind.

Cleaning Service

Digital Camera

Books can help patients escape from reality – even if it is just for a few moments at a time.

A Book That Made a Difference in Your Life

A Cozy Blanket

Portable Games and Activities


Mom Breast Cancer Survivor Gifts

Find high quality Mom Breast Cancer Survivor Gifts at CafePress. Shop a large selection of custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and more.


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Vans X Breast Cancer Awareness Collab Sneaker Collection

These iconic Vans slip-on sneakers have an inspiring “you got this” message on them that’s perfect for breast cancer patients and survivors alike. Plus, they were designed with CoppaFeel!®, a UK-based breast cancer charity organization. Check out the Vans x Breast Cancer Awareness Collab Sneaker Collection, $65, here.

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Kendra Scott Metastatic Breast Cancer Necklace Charm Set In Rose Gold

Kendra Scott’s jewelry is gorgeous, and each necklace features a trio of Rose Quartz, Butterfly, and Butterfly Wing charms that comes with a handwritten note of encouragement. Plus, 50% of the proceeds from every purchase of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Charm Necklace Set supports the Legacy Retreat through Inheritance of Hope, a retreat for families with a parent battling metastatic breast cancer. Check out the Kendra Scott Metastatic Breast Cancer Necklace Charm Set In Rose Gold, $110, here.

S’well Ghostly Ferns Message Bottle

This exclusive S’well bottle to Bloomingdale’s is covered in inspirational text designed by Ghostly Ferns with words like ‘Tenacious’, ‘Strong’ and ‘Fierce’, while part of the proceeds to go cancer research. Check out the S’well Ghostly Ferns Message Bottle, $42, here.

You Got This Encouragement Box

Believe in yourself Inspirational Gift for Her, Breast Cancer Gifts ...

Perfectly hand-chosen, this sweet little gift box is a nice way to show you care. And its not too big that it will take up too much space in her hospital room, or even her purse!

Filled with yummy delights like lip balm and bath salts, it aims to please even the pickiest of patients.

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Best Gifts For A Friend Who Is Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment

A breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can be difficult. As a friend or family member, stepping up and providing help or a little something special at this time can make all the difference.

That’s why we spoke with breast cancer survivors about the most useful gifts, both physical and experiential, that they received during their cancer journey.

The Pink Ribbon Project

With The Pink Ribbon Project, you can stand with the 1 in 8 Canadian women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Your support will fund life-changing research to more effectively prevent, diagnose, and treat breast cancer. With this gift, youll help protect not only the important women in your life, but all women.

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Run Errands Pick Up Kids Walk The Dogs Schedule A Cleaning Service

This is probably the most practical gift out there for chemo or mastectomy patients. Its basically helping with LIFE which is whats really needed at the end of the day. If you have a good friend or family member going through a hard time, they might appreciate you taking care of these tasks more than anything else. Cleaning for a Reason is a non-profit that gives the gift of free house cleaning to women undergoing treatment for any type of cancer. To this day theyve served almost 42,000 women and donated $14,000,000 in house cleanings! If that doesnt give you ALL the feels, I dont know what does.

Gifts That Show Support

Mother of 10 battling breast cancer surprised with gifts from Secret Santa

Your friend may prefer not to receive gifts. If so, consider supporting a cancer charity in your friend’s name.

Most cancer research organizations, hospitals, and societies maintain charitable programs. You can make one-time or monthly gift. As a bonus, donations come with tax benefits.

This type of gift may require a little research. Look at the institute’s year-end financial report. It will tell you which areas of research it invests in.

It will also note how much of each dollar is spent on administrative costs. These costs are often called the “facilities and administrative rate” or F& A.

Look for organizations devoted to specific cancers. Examples include:

If your friend has breast cancer, consider donating to an organization focused on finding a cure for metastatic breast cancer, such as METAvivor. Many organizations devote a large percentage of their bottom line to supporting people with cancer and looking for cures.

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Their Very Own Hospital Gown

There are few things as impersonal as a hospital gownand is it just us, or do they never fit? A personal robe could allow people with breast cancer to feel just a bit more like themselves during treatment. Something pretty, soft, and in a fun pattern is just a small way for them to feel like themselves during their hospital stay.

Breast Cancer Mom Gifts

Find high quality Breast Cancer Mom Gifts at CafePress. Shop a large selection of custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and more.


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Food Or Meal Delivery Service

UberEats, Postmates, or your local food delivery service is a godsend for those going through treatment and recovering from surgery. Give a gift certificate or send food straight to their door. Sun Basket and Blue Apron are good options for meal-delivery services as well . Another idea for in-towners is organizing a meal train, a free meal calendar set up amongst family or friends who are close by.

Celebrate Mom With A Present From Bcrfs Partners

Believe in yourself Inspirational Gift for Her, Breast Cancer Gifts ...

If you want to honor, treat, and thank your mom with a gift this Mothers Day and help be the end of breast cancer, consider selecting special something from BCRFs partner brands.

With each purchase, BCRF-supporting products from our Shop Pink program fund hours of critical research into breast cancer prevention, treatment, metastasis, and survivorship. More research and better outcomes mean moms, grandmas, aunts, daughters, and so many others get more precious time with their loved ones this holiday and every day.

Here are a few great gift ideas for Mothers Day that give back to breast cancer research and show how much you care.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum with Pink Ribbon Sleeve

Estée Lauders Advanced Night Repair is the brands number one repair serum. Send mom this special pink version to help her feel pampered. With each purchase, Estée Lauder donates 20 percent of the suggested retail price, up to $261,000, to research.

From hairdryers to hand cream, our partners have several beauty products to help mom turn her home into a spa.
NakedCashmere LOVE Scarf

Send love with a luxurious cashmere scarf, embroidered with the word love. For each scarf sold, NakedCashmere will donate $50 to BCRF.

Our partner products include cozy loungewear, clothing, and accessories.
Teleflora Pink Power Bouquet
The home and garden products in our program include everything from small appliances to ready-to-plant hydrangeas.
David Yurman Cable Pink Rubber Bracelet

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Mothers Day Dedication: Breast Cancer Survivor My Hero My Mom

As mothers day approaches I could not find a more fitting way to honor my mother, a breast cancer survivor, and share her story.

My Breast Cancer Story

It is something you often hear about, happening to others but never imagine it is something that can happen to you. At 53 years of age, in 2000 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Married with 4 children my concern quickly went to my family and not wanting them to see me suffer.

The journey all began one morning whilst having a bath I felt a lump in my right breast. Breast cancer awareness was not something that was readily shared or seen in the media or news, but I had read enough to know it was something that I had to get checked out. After visiting my doctor, I was advised to have a biopsy. Results confirmed cancer.I was overwhelmed with questions of many which I knew no one could give me answers to.

My survivorship journey continues, but in that journey, I am most grateful and blessed to be present for my family. Being a mother and seeing your own children become mothers and fathers is something I never take for granted.

Get the care you deserve Mamas!Happy Mothers Day!

Coach Perry Breast Cancer Awareness Mesh Strap Watch

This stunning COACH watch is a gorgeous ode to breast cancer awareness. It has a monochrome pink color scheme with a COACH-print dial that is accented with a pink ribbon charm and rose gold strap. Check out the COACH Perry Breast Cancer Awareness Mesh Strap Watch, $175, here.

Alternative Stand Up To Breast Cancer Sweatshirt

This super cute crewneck sweatshirt from Alternative is not only eco-friendly and made of organic fibers, but it was also designed by artist Donald Robertson in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Check out the Alternative Stand Up To Breast Cancer Sweatshirt, $40, here.

Mastectomy Post-Surgery Pillow

After a mastectomy or other breast surgery, this post-surgery chest pillow is an excellent tool to help during the healing process. It has a convenient pocket to store your books or phone and is covered in a super-soft mink fabric. Check out the Mastectomy Post-Surgery Pillow, $39.97, here.

Breast Cancer Lokai Bracelet

Lokai has released a breast cancer collection that features four different breast cancer designs to raise awareness about breast cancer. Lokai also donates $1 to Breast Cancer Research Foundation for each Breast Cancer Lokai sold. Check out the Breast Cancer Lokai Bracelet, $18, here.

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Year 901 Boob Earrings

I am low-key obsessed with my boob earrings from Year 901. The proof is in my ears . I love the little blurb on the website to explain in more detail: Everyone loves a good set of boobs. Each pair are uneven like real tatas. Hell.to.the.YES. I received two pairs of boob earrings and gifted one to a boob buddy. If you feel so inclined to purchase, use my code boobs15 for a discount!

Warm Embrace Willow Tree

Family of young mom battling stage 4 cancer receives big gift from a Secret Santa

This sweet little Willow Tree figurine will be a family heirloom for sure. Its darling with being obnoxiously sugar-sweet, and will match any décor. Whether she keeps it on her nightstand, her desk, or front and center on her kitchen table, shell love looking at this over and over again.

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Personalized Coupons Offering Help

Sometimes, a great gift isn’t material. Your friend might need something you can do rather than buy.

Personalized gift certificates or coupons are endearing. They can come in handy when your friend isnt feeling 100%. Just be sure to make gift certificates specific.

For example, you could design and print a coupon your friend can redeem for:

  • A day of housecleaning
  • A night of home cooking
  • A week of grocery shopping
  • Taking the kids for a day

Something like “one hour of help” is too vague. This is more likely to result in the gift certificate going to waste.

Your friend may need help with certain things, but may not think or want to ask for it. For example:

  • Washing windows
  • Cooking a child’s favorite meal

Cancer-related decisions like treatment, symptom management, and day-to-day living with cancer can feel overwhelming. Specific coupons can help provide welcome relief.

A Box Of Luxury Bath Products

Buy it: Home Spa Kit, $75 Cos Bar

Self-care should be an essential part of everyone’s wellness routine, especially so when fighting a disease. Containing bath salts, a face mask, creams, and oils, this luxurious kit pampering and promoting relaxation.

“A box of luxury bath salts, body lotions, candles, and creams, all things that I don’t often buy myself but love to use. It feels like a little splurge and reminds me that taking care of myself is important.” Melissa Stewart

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Here For You Care Package

From Here for You, these compassion packages are specifically designed for those who are going through a rough time.

Full of gorgeously scented items to help them relax , this prettily packaged gift set has a little bit of everything lovely. Shell be looking forward to using them all up in record time.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Believe in yourself Inspirational Gift for Her, Breast Cancer Gifts ...

Looking for the perfect Mothers Day gift? Shop these thoughtful gifts that also support Living Beyond Breast Cancers education and support services.

AnaOnoTreat your mom to AnaOnos comfy and cute FB PRINTED PULLOVER & JOGGERS. They come in four different colors, so she can get a matching set or mix it up. You don’t have to stop there, check out their other apparel including robes, wrap dresses, lounge pants and more!

Joel Nolan CandlesCandles are the perfect gift to remind your mom to practice self-care. Joel Nolan Candles 191 Sutter Orange, Petitgrain & Neroli candle is described as if the spring season became a wax, melted itself down and got poured into a wicked glass.

LympheDIVAsDont let your mom wear a boring arm sleeve. Gift her the fun Yogi arm sleeve, gauntlet, or glove from LymhpeDIVAs to show off her fun personality and style.

PowerBeads by JenGift your mom strength, courage, and protection with the 14mm faceted Bermuda agate bracelet from PowerBeads by Jen to support the metastatic breast cancer community.

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Gift Ideas For Breast Cancer Patients Previvors And Breasties

We all know someone affected by breast cancer or a gene mutation. Unfortunately, its that wide spread where everyone has a mom or a friend or a sister or a spouse who has been given some gut-wrenching news at one point in her lifetime. Support can look so different in those moments, but Im here to give my best advice and gift guidance!

Gifts Of Warmth And Style

Thinning hair and chemotherapy-related hair loss can make cold weather uncomfortable. Some people with cancer prefer not to wear hats or wigs, but cold temperatures can change that.

Warm hats, scarves, and bandanas can help keep your friend covered up in style. Don’t focus on appearance, though. Let your friend know that head coverings are always optional.

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Seek & Swoon Hope Throw

Who doesn’t love a throw blanket? And the dark pink, light pink, white, grey design on these throws are a perfect nod to breast cancer. For each blanket sold, Seek & Swoon donates $10 to two cancer organizations that support breast and ovarian cancer research and cures, including Breast Cancer Action. Check out the Seek & Swoon Hope Throw, $170, here.

Color The World Girls Night Out Breast Cancer Research Foundation Lipstick

Meet Juli, always a door open for hope | My Last Days

This gorgeous earthy red lipstick shade also has a beautiful cause. Ten percent of profits from every Color the World purchase is split between a number of charitable causes, including the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Check out the Color The World ‘Girls Night Out ‘ Breast Cancer Research Foundation Lipstick, $21, here.

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