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Breast Cancer Patient Financial Assistance

Free Financial Help For Cancer Patients From Facebook

Susan G. Komen makes $50K investment to help breast cancer patients facing financial hardship

Facebook is a wonderful social media platform, people use Facebook for various Purposes, If you are a cancer patient or a family member of a cancer patient, you can get help for your cancer patient by appealing other people to help, there are many organization or rich people working against cancer programs and help cancer patients and families to fight against cancer.

Disability Benefits And Breast Cancer

You may be able to claim the following disability benefits:

  • Personal Independence Payment a benefit for people who struggle with daily tasks or mobility. You may be able to claim PIP if you have breast cancer and are aged over 16 and under state retirement age.
  • Attendance Allowance a benefit for people over state retirement age who have difficulty looking after themselves because of an illness or disability. You dont have to be receiving care to qualify for this benefit.

Both Attendance Allowance and PIP are tax free and non-means tested. Non-means tested benefits dont take into account your income and savings. Attendance Allowance and PIP can be paid on top of almost all other benefits. If you are awarded Attendance Allowance or PIP you may be entitled to extra benefits as a result.

Many people with secondary breast cancer are entitled to PIP or Attendance Allowance.

An additional mobility component can also be paid as part of PIP if you have problems planning and going on journeys or moving around. If you are approaching state retirement age it is important to begin the claim before then, as there is no mobility component in Attendance Allowance. Neither benefit can be backdated.

For more information on these benefits, see the website.

Help With Internet Access

You may notice that many groups and organizations now have a lot of information on the Internet, and it may be harder to call or reach a real person to ask questions. If you dont have Internet access, you may want to see if your local public library offers use of their computers and Internet access at no cost. An added benefit is that volunteers or staff there may be able to help if youre having trouble finding things.

Still, you dont need Internet access to find help. The American Cancer Society and many other organizations also provide toll-free phone numbers so that people without Internet access can learn about and ask for services.

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Government Financial Assistance For Cancer Patients

Cancer is a disease that not only harms a patient but it also affects the whole family. Because of this the financial condition no remains stable and the family has to suffer from emotional as well as financial stress because of its treatment cost.

This disease makes a person confuse because of its stage. Everyone knows that there are too few chances if someone cures this life-threatening disease. For every moment a person stays in confusion and thinks a lot, like how he or she can manage their office work, how their household will be run, and what happens if all the money goes in treatment and lots of other questions. And all these questions come to mind because of this disease, which makes a person weaker emotionally. And he starts to lose his willingness to live more and their disease increased day by day. Thats why the mental health service is giving to the patient and their family so that they can stay emotionally strong.

And it is that they are thinking about how to get a diagnosis and how they can find the best hospital for their treatment and clinics which help them to stop their cancer and eliminate it from the body completely. And lots of other things that they have need to think about to cure the disease and live for their family. But unfortunately, the families also have to face the scenario of hiring a specialty care center.

Breast Cancer Financial Assistance For Cancer Patients

How To Get Financial Help For Breast Cancer Patients / Filipina Teacher ...

In the United States alone, approximately 1 in every 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

With breast cancer care costs regularly rising, it is no surprise that those facing treatment are over 2.5 times more likely to file for bankruptcy than their counterparts. A diagnosis can be stressful enough by itself, without considering the financial burden it can pose to the patient and their family.

But fear not! We at American Life Fund regularly work with breast cancer patients to help them financially, which is why we put together this comprehensive list of financial assistance and free money for cancer patients including breast cancers.

Here are 6 of the best resources for breast cancer patients to get free money and financial assistance.

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What Breast Cancer Patients Can Expect Financially

A breast cancer diagnosis is never easy, especially when that diagnosis turns into a financial burden.

In order to try to avoid financial distress, it is important to understand the costs associated with treating breast cancer.

When battling with breast cancer, some of your largest expenses are likely to come from the following: doctor visits, treatment, breast reconstruction, medication, and transportation/travel.

Doctor Visit Costs: If youre insured, youll likely only have to pay a copay per visit to your doctor the copay is usually a small fraction of the total overall cost for the visit. If youre uninsured, youll pay more.

Treatment Costs: The primary method of treatment for patients with breast cancer is either a lumpectomy or mastectomy . If the cancer has progressed further, radiation and chemotherapy are also necessary. For this reason, the duration of your treatment will have a direct impact on the financial costs incurredin other words, the more treatment needed, the more it is likely to cost you.

Breast Reconstruction: For patients who must undergo a mastectomy, breast reconstruction is an option. During this cosmetic surgery, the breast are reconstructed using implants. Since reconstruction is a cosmetic surgery, it comes at an additional cost. While many healthcare providers do cover this cost, youll still be responsible for the copaywhich in the case of surgery, can still be very pricey.

Cancer Can Have A Huge Strain On Finances

Sometimes people opt out of therapy if they cant afford to take time off work or they are often forced to cash in their RRSPs or use up their savings. Long-term disability insurance typically only makes up 60 per cent of a paycheque. Applying for any governmental financial assistance can take up to six months, and some of those funding options only last a few months. Meanwhile the bills pile up and some families are forced to declare bankruptcy, all on top of one members failing health. The costs that go along with the disease can sometimes be so overwhelming that a patient will decide not to have life-saving therapy like a transplant and instead opt to save travel costs by choosing a lesser treatment.

Because of investments in the Alberta Cancer Foundations Patient Financial Assistance Program, hundreds of Albertan families are able to focus on healing rather than making ends meet when faced with a cancer diagnosis.

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Free Financial Help For Cancer Patience From Fundraising

Crowdfunding can also be helpful for your cancer treatment, The concept of Fundraising work with donations, help from others for a particular purpose. If You want to get help from fundraising platforms, the easiest way is to share your stories and ask people to help you by posting your stories, pictures, treatment pain so people can donate as much as they can to help you during this journey.

Ronald Mcdonald House Charities

Breast cancer survivor raising money to help other local patients

Cancer Type: Any

Who Its For: Children with cancer and their families

With over 375 Ronald McDonald House global programs, the organization is able to provide more than 2.5 million overnight visits per year. The Ronald McDonald House program minimizes the stress and financial burden associated with helping your child fight cancer. In addition to providing housing near hospitals, Ronald McDonald House can help improve parents communication with medical teams and provide meals.

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Welcome To Cbcns Financialnavigator

A breast cancer diagnosis can make a significant impact on a persons life. Not only are you faced with a life-threatening illness and the impact it has on your health and state of mind, but you can also be faced with a potentially significant impact to your finances as well. From loss of income, to travel expenses, childcare and costs of treatment to name a few, cancer can be detrimental to your financial stability. This navigation tool can help you find sources of financial assistance to offset the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis. You will find programs at the national and provincial level that either provide income support or in-kind services to help ease the impact this disease can have on your everyday life.

The FinancialNavigator also offers information on how to plan and prepare for the impacts of a cancer diagnosis. Under the Financial Support Resources section, we discuss planning tips, end-of-life care planning, Health Insurance and Medicare coverage, travel, taxes and the impact a diagnosis can have on your work or school.

This work has been supported by a UICC SPARC MBC Challenge Grant.The addition of information for early stage breast cancer patients was supported through a grant from Teva Oncology Canada.

Financial Assistance For Breast Cancer Patients Type #: Prescription Assistance

With the cost of cancer medications rising, many patients feel concerned about how to afford treatment.

Thankfully, programs like PPA and Rx Outreach can help by providing free money to breast cancer patients, in the form of free or reduced cost prescriptions.

Their easy to use online websites provide a list of multiple prescription assistance programs that you may qualify for as a breast cancer patient.

Another resource offering financial assistance for breast cancer patients is Needy Meds. Needy Meds offers a free Drug Discount Card, which provides savings of up to 80% on prescription medications.

If a medication is not covered by your insurance, or if your insurance has a high deductible, fear notyou can use your Drug Discount Card to help pay for prescriptions.

Also, the Medicine Assistance Tool can help breast cancer patients to locate additional resources for prescription assistance.

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Leukemia And Lymphoma Society

A civil society focused on fighting leukemia and lymphoma. For the people who are suffering from blood cancer, leukemia, and lymphoma society provides all the information and financial assistance to them. The society, which has its offices in the whole country in different locations, provides information to people. Along with it, they also offer assistance through their official website One can also make contact with them through a phone call on the number 955-4572 and gets all the information about cancer and also financial assistance.

Live Like Bella Foundation

massbaydesign: Breast Cancer Financial Assistance California

Cancer Type: Any

Who Its For: Pediatric cancer patients and their families

Bella Rodriguez-Torres was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at the age of 4. After her death at age 10, her family created the Live Like Bella Foundation. It assists families whose children are battling cancer with financial support for medical copays, basic needs such as gas, groceries, utilities and more. It also offers assistance toward memorial costs for a child whose battle with cancer has ended.

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Pals Patient Airlift Services

Cancer Type: Any

Who Its For: Cancer patients and veterans

PALS is another nonprofit that organizes free air transportation for cancer patients who cant afford to fly commercially. Much like other travel aid resources, volunteer pilots donate their time and aircraft for families traveling to treatment locations. Furthermore, PALS proudly supports wounded veterans and their families with free flights.

Local Organizations For Breast Cancer Financial Help

CA Orange County, San Bernardino or Riverside CountyThe mission of Breast Cancer Solutions is to provide breast cancer patients with direct assistance, community referrals and compassionate support. Financial assistance is available to eligible individuals living in Orange, San Bernardino or Riverside County. GA Metro Atlanta Provides financial assistance to adult cancer patients living or receiving treatment in the 17-county area surrounding Atlanta who are financially challenged by a cancer diagnosis. Provides assistance to any financially-eligible adult cancer patient who is currently receiving treatment or has had treatment within the preceding 12-months.Washington DC / Philadelphia, PAThrough a corporate partnership, Tigerlily Foundation offers one-time limited financial assistance in the amount of $225 to approved applicants. Applicants must reside in the Washington, D.C. metro area or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to qualify. Please email us at for more information.

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Breast Cancer Financial Assistance With Prescriptions

Partnership for Prescription Assistance www.pparx.org888-477-2669The Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicines they need for free or nearly free.NeedyMedsNeedyMeds is a 501 national non-profit information resource dedicated to helping people locate assistance programs to help them afford their medications and other healthcare costs.

Alliance For Fertility Preservation

Komen San Diego’s Financial Assistance Fund for Breast Cancer Patients

Cancer Type: Any

Who Its For: Cancer patients interested in fertility preservation

The Alliance for Fertility Preservation is a nonprofit charitable organization that specializes in fertility preservation for cancer patients. Unfortunately, some cancer treatments can cause infertility. The Alliance for Fertility Preservation connects users with financial assistance programs for fertility preservation and post-treatment family building grants. For example, the Tinina Q. Cade Foundations Family Building Grant provides up to $10,000 to needy, infertile families. The grants can be used for infertility treatment or domestic adoption.

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Additional Tips And Resources

Cancer costs. This guide has walked you through resources that assist cancer patients and families with medical, housing and miscellaneous living expenses. Below are some extra ways to stay knowledgeable when it comes to your financial health.

44. Look for counseling and cash programs that pay caregivers. These programs differ state to state, so contacting your local Medicaid office will provide more details. You can also access the Cancer Financial Assistance Coalitions database to search for options covering a variety of needs.

45. Talk with a social worker or financial counselor about your financial situation or any other concerns. Having these conversations early can help you develop a monthly payment plan and find further financial aid.

46. Stay updated on your income and expenses. This includes contacting your mortgage and utility companies to identify new payment plan options. It can also be beneficial to revisit your wants and needs. Ask yourself where you can cut back spending to allocate more cash toward medical expenses.

47. Connect with your community and family. Asking for money isnt easy. However, the people who are closest to you are often an excellent source of emotional and financial support. Try starting a fundraiser with online platforms such as GoFundMe.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

The Home Energy Payment Assistance Program is also known in United State. LIHEAP funds are transferred to the state, county, and local agencies in order to assist low-income families with heating and cooling costs as well as home weatherization. This program provided assistance to an estimated 5.4 million households in 2021.For more information, please visit our article on how to pay for electricity in the United States visit the following link:

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Blue Badge Parking Permits

You may be able to get a Blue Badge if your mobility is affected. You may be given it temporarily if you have primary breast cancer.

People with secondary breast cancer may be eligible for a Blue Badge long-term due to ongoing symptoms such as fatigue or pain. You will need to renew your Blue Badge every three years.

The Blue Badge scheme provides parking concessions for people with severe mobility problems. It can help the holder park close to a destination, whether they are the driver or passenger.

In England and Wales you can apply for a Blue Badge through your local authority and at

There are separate websites for applications in Scotland and in Northern Ireland.

Your local Citizens Advice or Macmillan benefits adviser may be able to help you apply for the Blue Badge.

There are alternative badge schemes for people with restricted mobility who are in areas where the Blue Badge scheme doesnt apply.

Help With Housing Needs Or Mortgage Payments When You Have Cancer

Fundraiser for Post Breast Cancer Reconstruction Awareness and Patient ...

The extra costs of cancer treatment or a major loss of family income may make it hard for families to pay their mortgage or rent on time. To keep a good credit rating and stay in your home, talk with your creditor or landlord about your situation and try to make special arrangements. Family, friends, or church members may be able to give you short-term help if theyre told about the problem. Talk about your situation with the cancer treatment team social worker who may know of special resources.

Families who need to move out of their homes after a cancer diagnosis should talk with their county department of social services to find out if they can get into low-cost or government-supported housing programs. In some states this may be listed under the health department or welfare department.

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American Cancer Societys Hope Lodge

Cancer Type: Any

Who Its For: Patients and caregivers

Similar to HHN, the American Cancer Societys Hope Lodge is a free housing service for when a cancer patients best treatment option is located in a different city. There are over 30 Hope Lodge sites across the United States and Puerto Rico. A goal of Hope Lodge is to create a living environment where patients can solely focus on their treatment needs.


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