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Can Breast Milk Cure Cancer

Breast Milk May Kill Cancer Cells

Protein found in human breast milk has potential to cure bladder cancer

Breast milk compound kills cancer cells, Swedish researchers suggest. Plus, it doesnt have any debilitating side effects of other cancer treatments.

We already know that womens bodies can do some amazing things but it turns out that breast milk is pretty powerful stuff.

New research has found that a compound found in breast milk, when purified and prepped as an injection, may kill tumorous cancer cells, according to researchers from Lund University in Sweden.

Patients with bladder cancer have been able to release dead tumour cells through their urine because of the cancer-fightingcompound found in breast milk.

The cancer-fighting compound, nicknamed Hamlet, doesnt seem to damage healthy cells in the body. This means that this cancer-busting substance wont have the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy.

Theres something magical about Hamlets ability to target tumour cells and kill them, the studys lead researcher, Catharina Svanborg, told the Daily Mail.

Have You Carried Out Any Human Trials

Were due to finish our first at the end of June and are looking forward to getting the data. Its a double-blind placebo control trial, so we have no idea who is getting the drug and who isnt. The patients have whats called superficial bladder cancer, and, in part, we selected this variety because we have previously performed an academic human study in bladder cancer and have seen some positive effects, so it was considered that the most realistic indication for this type of trial.

Were already very happy, because there is no evidence of severe side effects, which is quite a relief. And then, of course, well have to wait and see if the patients really benefit from this treatment.

The Best Foods For Fighting Breast Cancer

Through my research and her doctors guidance, she decided to focus on a plant-rich diet full of a variety of vegetables, lentils, beans, fruit, nuts, eggs, and Omega 3-rich fish to provide fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats to aid healing and boost immunity.

We learned that foods like mushrooms, broccoli and cauliflower, lentils, black beans, and spinach are some of the best for fighting breast cancer. And, thats exactly the kinds of foods I included in this big batch of Cancer-Fighting Soup for my friend.

IMPORTANT! Please keep in mind that I am not a dietician or licensed medical practitioner, so please ask your doctor if the ingredients included in this soup are ok for you if youve been diagnosed with cancer and/or are receiving treatment. Ive heard that some foods like grapefruit and even garlic can interfere with certain medications.

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Compound Found In Human Breast Milk Has The Potential To Fight Cancer

Professor Catharina Svanborg, a professor of immunology at Lund University in Sweden, speaks to BBC Science Focus commissioning editor Jason Goodyer about a molecule from breast milk with remarkable tumour killing properties dubbed HAMLET short for human alpha-lactalbumin undergoing its first human trials.

So What Is This Compounds Purpose In The Breast Milk

A protein found in breast milk can be used to treat cancer ...

Weve been trying to focus on the local effects in a babys large intestine. There can be virus-infected cells in the intestine that need to be removed, instead of developing to become more mature, they could start to look like cancer cells. So, you could think of these HAMLET molecules as scavengers that remove cells like this that go the wrong way. There is also previous data on breastfeeding being protective for childhood lymphomas and certain kinds of intestinal cancers.

Its a bit like pouring cement on cells. They just cant make new molecules and survive any longer Professor Catharina Svanborg

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Breast Milk And Oncology

The tumour-killing properties of breast milk components were first described in 1995 by a research group in Lund led by Professor Catharina Svanborg.

This led to the development of a new biological complex termed human alpha-lactalbumin made lethal to tumour cells , a tumoricidal protein-lipid complex formed as a result of the most common protein in breast milk, alpha-lactalbumin, undergoing a conformational change and binding to oleic acid.

Subsequent studies have demonstrated proof-of-concept for HAMLET in animal models of cancer, which has led to the development of a second-generation synthetic derivative, Alpha 1H.

The current placebo-controlled trial recruited 40 patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer awaiting transurethral resection of bladder tumour surgery. Patients received six infusions of either Alpha 1H or placebo over 22 days. Analysis of the findings revealed highly significant differences between Alpha 1H and placebo-treated patients.

Significant shedding of tumour cells and excretion of whole tumour fragments in the urine was observed in patients treated with Alpha 1H relative to placebo. Additionally, Alpha 1H does not appear to be toxic to healthy tissues. The drug was shown to be safe with no drug-related side effects observed.

It will, therefore, be interesting to see if Alpha 1H is associated with long-term efficacy or improved TURBT outcomes in future studies.

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Chemical Found Only In Breast Milk Breaks Tumours Into Tiny Fragments So Cancer Patients Can Pass Them In Their Urine Without Damaging Healthy Tissue

A chemical found only in breast milk can break tumours into tiny fragments that cancer patients can pass in their urine, research suggests.

The milk sugar alpha1H, which is essential to a babys development, has been shown to destroy tumours without harming healthy tissue.

One study found 20 bladder cancer sufferers excreted tumour fragments in their urine after just six infusions of alpha1H.

Further research suggests patients start to pass malignant tissue within two hours of treatment.

When alpha1H binds to the fat oleic acid, they form a tumoricidal complex that triggers cancerous cells into suicide.

Researchers from the Czech Republic hope this could be a gentler form of chemo, with conventional treatments poisoning cells and causing nasty side effects.

The drug manufacturer Hamlet Pharma Ltd plans to test if the chemical shrinks bladder tumours and improves patient survival.

The research has been carried out by Motol University Hospital in Prague and was overseen by Professor Catharina Svanborg, who founded Hamlet Pharma Ltd.

Professor Svanborg accidentally discovered alpha1H kills tumour cells while at Lund University, Sweden, in 1995.

She was looking at how breast milk fights germs. It is common practice to do this on human cancer cells because they behave differently to other cells and can survive laboratory conditions, South China Morning Post reported.

Professor Svanborg was amazed to discover the cancer cells were disappearing.

21 July 2019

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I Gather Youve Already Run A Number Of In

Can Breast Cancer be cured?

Yes. The in-vitro trials were exhilarating because we used a range of different cancer cell lines. Most of them are what we call carcinoma, so they are from tissues that develop into cancers. But we also looked at leukaemia and others. And to our great surprise most of these different cancer cells died in a similar way. We call it apoptosis and it makes us think that we might be developing a molecule that presses some button in tumour cells. And so, the experiments in test tubes are very promising.

Of course, one cannot set up 40 different cancer models, but we have looked at quite a few. One is brain tumours where the model is that you remove the human tumour during surgery and you put it into an animal for it to develop. Then you treat the animal by local injection of a drug into its brain. This is the model that has been developed quite recently and its very promising.

The second one that we did was colon cancer and the third one was bladder cancer in mice, where large tumours can develop quite rapidly. And if we inject HAMLET, or our now second-generation synthetic drug, into these mice, we can see a very potent, dose-dependent therapeutic effect.

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Breast Milk For Cancer Treatment

Nutritious Qualities

Looking at the nutritional facts of breast milk, it is full of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that are required for the body. Breast milk contains stem cells that help in regeneration of the damaged cells in the body due to cancer. It also contains essential hormones, & proteins required for digestion as well as essential minerals and vitamins.

Though breast milk cannot be used as the single remedy for treating cancers, it can be a treatment method that can be undertaken along with your regular chemo sessions and radiation therapy in order to strengthen the body, if not destroy the cancer cells.

Destruction Of Cancer Cells

A study conducted in Sweden about the power of breast milk in destroying cancer cells opened up new discoveries about the potency of breast milk in cancer treatment.

A Swedish biologist who was looking at ways to destroy cancer cells mixed breast milk along with the cancer cells and found that the cancer cells were actually being destroyed by the breast milk.The finding is still in its research stage.

However, patients can still benefit by trying to include breast milk in their daily diet to check its efficiency. Since breast milk is completely pure and free from side effects, this is a clinical trial that can be safely administered for one and all.

Substance In Breast Milk Kills Cancer Cells Study Suggests

A substance found in breast milk can kill cancer cells, reveal a new study.

A substance found in breast milk can kill cancer cells, reveal studies carried out by researchers at Lund University and the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Although the special substance, known as HAMLET , was discovered in breast milk several years ago, it is only now that it has been possible to test it on humans. Patients with cancer of the bladder who were treated with the substance excreted dead cancer cells in their urine after each treatment, which has given rise to hopes that it can be developed into medication for cancer care in the future.

Discovered by chance

HAMLET was discovered by chance when researchers were studying the antibacterial properties of breast milk. Further studies showed that HAMLET comprises a protein and a fatty acid that are both found naturally in breast milk. So far, however, it has not been proven that the HAMLET complex is spontaneously formed in the milk. It is speculated, however, that HAMLET can form in the acidic environment of the babies´ stomachs. Laboratory experiments have shown that HAMLET kills 40 different types of cancer, and the researchers are now going on to study its effect on skin cancer, tumours in the mucous membranes and brain tumours. Importantly, HAMLET kills only cancer cells and does not affect healthy cells.

Studying the integration of the substance

Story Source:

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Could Breast Milk Be A Possible Cure For Cancer

As a mother that is still breastfeeding a toddler, this kind of claim has me feeling more and more like a superhero. Of course, many more studies must be done before I can officially feel like my breasts are carrying a cure for the world.For now, I am happy to be accommodating my LO with supplemental nutrition his little body needs and a possible super substance.

This fairly recent discovery happened while Swedish researchers were looking for novel antimicrobial agents which fresh breast milk is an excellent source of.

Prof Svanborg claims this realization happened by chance in the lab one day.

During one experiment we needed human cells and bacteria to be present, and we chose human tumour cells for practical reasons. To our amazement when we added this compound of milk, the tumor cells died. It was a totally serendipitous discovery.

The HAMLET research team believes HAMLET produces a reaction with a protein-lipid once it enters the gut called, alpha-lactalbumin, which then begins to target cancer cells. In a matter of a few days, the cancerous cells are attacked, killed and secreted through urine.

Svanborg states in the video that oleic acid and alpha-lactalbumin are found abundantly in human breast milk and together form a tumor cell killing complex with surprisingly broad activity.

How To Prepare Cancer

Could Breast Milk Provide Cancer Treatment In The Future ...

Ive made three huge pots of Cancer-Fighting Soup now for Darcie and for our family. Let me tell you, its absolutely PACKED with flavor thanks to all the seasoning and veggies just as much as its PACKED with nutrition. Heres a 1 minute video showing how easily it comes together

The key to the complex flavor is to saute the aromatics to kick-start their flavor and then to season every step of the way.

Another tip is to chop all of the vegetables about the same size so they cook evenly and are bite-sized. Its actually a pet peeve of mine when vegetable soup contains pieces that are too big to enjoy in one bite. Its worth taking the time to chop them perfectly. My recipe will guide you to the perfect soup, so dont worry!

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Use Of Breast Milk For Cancer Treatment

Breast milk contains a variety of nutrients that help develop immunity in a baby. This is something which we are all used to hearing from doctors and health workers worldwide. One would start wondering what the connection between cancer treatment and breast milk is.

Recent researches on the subject have been encouraging and suggest that breast milk can in fact help in destroying cancer cells in the body and retracting the disease tremendously.

Since it is too early to predict its effectiveness, it can be tried as an alternative treatment option for terminally ill patients. Here are some facts about breast milk and how it could help in the treatment of cancer.

Things You Should Know About Breastfeeding And Breast Cancer

– October 13, 2020

Nearly one in eight women will develop some form of breast cancer within their lifetime. Those who are breastfeeding or pumping may find that they are more aware of their breast health than they are at any other point in their life, due to the rapid changes that occur in the breasts while lactating.

Although you may know that breastfeeding or pumping can have protective health benefits for both mother and baby, there are other important facts to be aware of related to breastfeeding and breast cancer. Here, we tackle some of the most commonly asked questions on the topic.

Can breastfeeding lower my risk of breast cancer?There are a variety of risk factors for the development of breast cancer, many of which a woman cannot control. When it comes to reproductive risk factors, breastfeeding has been shown to reduce a womans risk, said Dr. Susan Hoover, a surgical oncologist in the Breast Oncology Program at Moffitt Cancer Center.

One very large study showed a 4.3% reduction in relative risk of breast cancer development for every 12 months a woman breastfeeds, said Hoover. Another large review demonstrated a 14% lower risk in women who had breastfed, compared to those who never breastfed.

Hoover adds that just like with breast cancer, the longer a woman breastfeeds, the lower her risk becomes.

Can I breastfeed during cancer treatment?Many therapies used to treat breast cancer can be passed on to the nursing baby through breastmilk.

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Entree Vegetarian Kid Friendly Spring Breakfast

This recipe was specially crafted to support cancer prevention and survival. It adheres to . Learn more about our .

Start your morning off right with this fresh fruit oatmeal. Rolled oats, like all whole grains, contain vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fiber. Research has shown that eating whole grains lowers your risk of colorectal cancer and the soluble fiber found in oatmeal can also help lower blood cholesterol. Seasonal fruit, flaxseed and chopped walnuts add extra nutrition and beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

How To Make Ahead And Freeze Cancer

Breast Milk to Treat Cancer?

This soup is perfect for making ahead and taking to a friend. If you want, just change the name to Immune-Boosting Soup if your friend has a cold. It has now been tested from fresh, reheated from the fridge as leftovers, and reheated after being frozen. It delicious and works great in all these situations!

If you want to deliver it to a friend as a fresh meal or freezer meal, you can deliver it in one of these freezer containers, including a freezer container with lid or mason jars . I love using mason jars, since the soup can be divided into single servings. Just be sure to leave at least 1 inch of headspace at the top if freezing.

My hope is that you can make this recipe for yourself and/or take it to anyone else who is battling cancer or an illness. This Cancer-Fighting Soup fights inflammation in the body and provides warmth and comfort when healing.

You may even want to add a word of encouragement to the container you deliver it in, too. I quickly scribbled out a few favorite encouraging Bible verses in sharpie on the freezer containers of the soup for Darcie.

Or you may want to include a set of our printable Truth for Trials verse cards.

To make your meal a little more fancy-schmancy than mine with these Printable Freezer Meal labels to go on top.

I hope this recipe is a blessing to you or someone else. Please leave a comment for me, and Id love to pray for you or a loved one who is battling cancer.

  • Yield:1216 servings 1x
  • Category:Soup

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