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Can Putting Your Phone In Bra Cause Breast Cancer

Can Sleeping On Your Stomach Make Your Breast Hurt

Verify: Does putting a cell phone in your bra cause breast cancer?
  • CNN claims that sleeping on your side and sleeping on your stomach can lead to saggy breasts.. Sleeping on your side can cause you to get wrinkles, Glaser says. Blame all that smushing of one side of your face into the pillow. This pose also contributes to breast sag, since your girls are dangling downward, stretching the ligaments, says Health magazines Medical Editor Roshini Rajapaksa, M.D
  • When women add to this problem by sleeping on their chest or side, the breasts are not given the opportunity to decongest. Depending on her sleep position, a woman may exacerbate breast congestion by leaning on her breasts, and if one is leaned on more than the other this may cause breast cancer in one breast more than the other
  • No research suggests breast injury can cause cancer. If a person is riding in the front seat and the airbag also deploys, they can experience chest trauma, as a result of the blow from the ba
  • 2. Breast cancer treatments have oral health side effects. Breast cancer treatment can also directly impact your oral health. To treat cancers, chemotherapy targets cells that multiply quickly, like cancer cells do. The cells in your mouth also regenerate very rapidly, so chemotherapy often affects them as well, causing number of unpleasant and.
  • However, doctors do want to see women if they have any of the other signs and symptoms of breast cancer, vaccination or not, Parkinson said. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and.
  • Does Cell Phones Cause Cancer

    Cell phones emit low levels of non-ionizing radiation when in use. The type of radiation emitted by cell phones is also referred to as radio frequency energy. As stated by the National Cancer Institute, there is currently no consistent evidence that non-ionizing radiation increases cancer risk in humans.

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    Risk Factors You Cant Control

    • Sex: Women represent 99% of all breast cancer patients and have a 12.1% chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.
    • Age: The chances of getting breast cancer increase with age. About 65% of women are over 55 years old when they are diagnosed.
    • Race: After age 45, white women are more likely to get breast cancer than black women, but black women have a higher incidence before age 45 and are more likely to die from breast cancer.
    • Family history: Certain inherited gene mutations increase the risk of developing breast cancer. However, these genes account for only 5-10% of overall cases. Even without those genes, having a grandmother, mother, sister, or daughter diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer increases the risk.

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    Anywhere In Your Bathroom

    Although cell phones could arguably be the new newspaper, its not a good idea to take yours into the bathroom. Even if you keep your device on a counter or away from the toilet, anything within three feet of a flushing one could end up with bacteria or viruses in the air, according to a study published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology. The detection of bacteria and viruses falling out onto surfaces in bathrooms after flushing indicated that they remain airborne long enough to settle on surfaces throughout the bathroom, wrote the study authors. Next, check out 13 easy ways to speed up your cell phone.

    Westchester Magazine

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    Theres just no evidence that any type of bra, or a tight-fitting bra, is harmful in any way, says Holly Pederson, M.D., director of medical breast services at the Cleveland Clinic.

    One of the most common myths is that theres a link between wearing a bra at night and an increased risk of breast cancer. Like we said, theres nothing to back that up. In fact, a 2014 case study done at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found that no aspect of bra-wearing had any link to breast cancer.

    So, now that weve gotten that out of the way, are there any health benefits to wearing a bra while you sleep? Some women believe that wearing a bra day and night will maintain perkiness and a round shape. Pederson says that as our breast tissue is replaced by fat as we age, our boobs naturally become a bit droopy. Plus, not even the best bra can prevent gravitys pull. Womp, womp.

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    Even Phone Companies Tell You Not To Carry Your Phone Next To Your Body

    If you read the fine print thats tucked away in the manual of your smartphone or other device, youll notice something very interesting. Even the manufacturers themselves tell you not to hold it directly near your body.

    If you, say, carry your phone in your pocket, your EMF exposure can exceed FCC guidelines .

    For example, heres a legal notice from Samsung for the Galaxy S10:

    Body-worn SAR testing has been carried out at a separation distance of 1.5 cm. To meet RF exposure guidelines during body-worn operation, the device should be positioned at least this distance away from the body.

    That means youd need to keep your cell phone 15 mm away from your body just to be within the exposure limits!

    If, on the other hand, you keep your phone nestled close to your skin as you would with it in your bra the results could be extremely dangerous. Lets take a look at some of the research thats been done so far.

    How Cell Phone Radiation Affects Breasts

    In a 2013 University of California study, four women between the ages of 21-39 were found to have multi-focal invasive breast cancer or breast cancer that arose from more than one location on the breast tissue.

    These woman had no family history of breast cancer and tested negative for BRCA1 and BRCA2 and other known genetic breast cancer risks.

    However, these woman all regularly carried their smartphones directly against their breasts in their brassieres for up to 10 hours a day for several years. Each developed tumors in the areas of their breasts, immediately underlying their phone placement.

    In the study, all four cases showed striking similarity. All tumors were hormone-positive, low-intermediate grade, and possessed nearly identical morphology. Lesions were found in the breast tissue. MRI scans lit up and showed dense masses.

    Due to the similarity of the disease and cases, the authors strongly emphasize the need for more safety data on the effects of prolonged direct contact with cell phones. They point out that breast cancer is typically uncommon for woman in their 20s and 30s, as less than 5% of woman in this age range typically get the disease.

    Usually, when one has this disease, it is associated with a genetic predisposition, of which, none of these woman had. The researchers concluded that there is probable evidence that the non-ionizing cell phone radiation causes breast cancer.

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    Why You Absolutely Shouldnt Put Your Mobile Phone In Your Bra

    By WH Staff | Apr 26, 2021

    Dont have pockets? Ah, Ill just put it in my bra. Want quick and easy access? Pop it in my bra. Trying to avoid pickpockets? I guess I can put it in my bra.

    Its safe to say there are more than a few of us are guilty of using our bras as a go-to stowaway for all sorts of things, but the decision to put your phone in your bra is absolutely the wrong one.

    A Melbourne researcher from Monash University, Dr Mary Redmayne, says that women should not be letting their phone touch their breasts, or be anywhere else on their skin, as many studies have pointed to an increased risk of brain tumours from extended mobile phone use.

    While the information on whether smartphone exposure has links to breast cancer is lacking, she explains that people should play it safe and ensure they do not store their smartphones directly against their bodies.

    The warning comes after a Monash University study revealed that a quarter of women surveyed had carried their smartphone tucked into their bra, and that while they had concerns about whether smartphone use was linked to sleep issues, cancer and headaches or dizziness, this didnt translate to how closely they kept the phone to their chest.

    Its also interesting to note that a number of smartphone manufacturers, such as Apple, warn against storing your smartphone touching your skin.

    Cell Phones Emit Emf Radiation

    Cell phones carried in your bra causes CANCER!

    For any cell phone to work, it must be generating electromagnetic radiation . And in truth, your phone is a source of multiple different types of EMF cellular data, WiFi, Bluetooth, and possibly others like NFC and wireless charging.

    Heres more about what EMF is, but to put it simply, this radiation being emitted by our devices is not natural. Human bodies didnt evolve with it and have become exposed to a very large amount of it in a very short space of time.

    So while the type of EMF emitted by your cell phone falls under the category of non-ionizing radiation , that doesnt mean its safe.

    In fact, theres a lot of research out there to suggest that non-ionizing radiation can cause negative health effects. These range from DNA damage to infertility to cancer. And EMF exposure for women has been shown to cause unique problems like miscarriage as well.

    The body of evidence for such health effects is impressive and growing. Which, in light of what we noted above about how difficult it is to study the causes of such diseases, is really saying something.

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    In Response To Dr Oz Dec 6th Show On Cell Phone Radiation Causing Breast Cancer Rf Safe Adds Pink To The Colors Of Their Line Of Rf Radiation Shielded Cell Phone Pouches For Breast Cancer Awareness

    Wired vs Rf Safe Air-tube Headset

    There definitely seems to be a link between breast cancer rates and where you keep your cell phone.

    Palo Alto, CA December 15, 2013

    Dr. Oz said women who keep their cell phones in their bras are putting themselves at risk for breast cancer.

    On the Dec. 6 episode of the Dr. Oz Show , Dr. Oz said he believes there’s a definite link between cell phones and cancer.

    “When it comes to cell phones, the bra has become the new purse,” said Dr. Oz, who said millions of women are unknowingly endangering themselves for the sake of convenience.

    Dr. John West comes on the show and he says, “There definitely seems to be a link between breast cancer rates and where you keep your cell phone,” he thinks there is strong evidence that this could be a factor. Tiffany had no family history of breast cancer, she does not have the breast cancer gene, and she was young and healthy. This put her at a very low risk for getting the disease.

    According to John Coates, Founder of RF Safe . “It’s very easy to shield cell phone radiation exposure when storing a phone near one’s body by using a simple pouch that contains a shielding fabric to deflect cell phone radiation away from the cell phone user.”

    When a cell phone is in your pocket or purse, radiation can penetrate the area near the cell phone handset much deeper into your body.

    View article via:

    What Smartphones Do To Your Brain

    Smartphones Can Make Your Brain Lazy Research shows this overreliance on your smartphone can lead to mental laziness. If you give people the ability to store information remotely, outside of their brain, they become more dependent on that, which actually can have a negative effect on peoples memory, Dr.

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    Verify: Can You Get Breast Cancer By Keeping Your Phone In Your Bra

    A viewer reached out to us worried, asking if we can verify if putting a cell phone in your bra causes breast cancer?

    We looked at several large research studies about the link between cancer and phones and all of them found no connection between cancer and cell phone use.

    We spoke with a doctor who said, At this point, there is no evidence for it causing any problem. It has been extensively studied.

    And the FDA agrees with the doctor saying, We believe the current safety limits for cell phones are acceptable and protecting public health.

    So, to answer the question: Does a mobile phone under your bra strap cause cancer? The answer is NO!

    In Other News

    Yes Phones In Bras Are A Thing

    Why You Shouldn

    Like it or not, womens clothing design often favors form over function. Pockets can ruin the lines of a garment, so designers simply do away with them. Sportswear is a great example how many women, heading out for a jog on their own, opt to stash their cell phone in their sports bra rather than risk being without it?

    Other women simply find that slipping their phone into their bra is a handy way to keep it safe and close at hand. Some bras and sports bras these days are even deliberately designed with cell phone pockets built in to cater to this habit.

    In one 2017 study from Australia, 25% of women surveyed had carried their phones in their bras at one time or another, with 15% having done so in the past week. The youngest age groups had the highest rates of phone-in-bra use.

    To think about it another way, thats 15 women out of every 100 regularly carrying their cell phone directly against their chest and breasts.

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    According to the CDC, breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the United States. Hence we arrive at the question of whether its safe to carry your phone in your bra.

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    Can Squeezing Or Being Hit In The Breast Cause Cancer

    An injury, such as falling or being hit in the chest, will not cause breast cancer. Squeezing or pinching the breast or nipple will not cause breast cancer either.

    It may cause bruising and swelling to the breast, which can be tender or painful to touch.

    Sometimes an injury can lead to a benign lump known as fat necrosis. This is scar tissue that can form when the body naturally repairs the damaged fatty breast tissue.

    Young Women Breast Cancer Statistics

    Doctors agree they are seeing more breast cancer cases in younger women than they have in the last forty years. Many young women diagnosed with cancerous tumors where astonished when they realized that the tumor was in the same place they carried their phones. In fact for some women the cancer was the exact size and shape of their cellphone they carried in their bras for years. Yet despite stories like these, many women continue to carry cell phones in their bras and the practice is becoming even more popular. In fact bra manufactures are producing bras dubbed the pocket bra with specially designed storage pockets to hold small items including cell phones.

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    How Can You Protect Yourself From Cell Phone Radiation

    How-To Protect Yourself From Cell Phone RadiationUse airplane mode as often as possible. Do not sleep with your cell phone near you. Keep the phone away from your body. Keep the phone away from your head. Avoid products that claim to block radio frequency energy. Reduce cell phone use when the signal is weak. Remove your headsets when not on a call.Feb 6, 2018

    Can Wearing A Bra Cause Breast Cancer

    Carrying Your Cell Phone in Your Bra Is Dangerous Linked To Breast Cancer

    There are several persistent email and internet rumors about potential causes of breast cancer. One is that wearing a bra, or wearing an underwire bra, causes the disease.

    The idea that bras may cause cancer was fueled by the 1995 book called Dressed to Kill by Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer. It claims that women who wear underwire bras for 12 hours a day have a much higher risk of developing breast cancer than women who do not wear bras.They maintain that bras restrict the lymph system, which results in a build-up of toxins in the breasts. However, according to the American Cancer Society, there is no evidence that compression of the lymph nodes by bras causes breast cancer in reality, body fluids travel up and into the underarm lymph nodes, not towards the underwire. Similarly, there is no sufficient evidence that going braless will help reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.

    Even if women who wear underwire bras are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, a likely explanation would be that many women with larger breasts also tend to be heavier. Being overweight or having a lot of body fat puts a woman at increased risk for breast cancer. It would make sense that women with larger breasts are both more likely to wear underwire bras and more likely to develop breast cancer. But this doesnt mean that underwire bras cause breast cancer!

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    Dont Use Cell Phone Bra Holders Or Pockets And Dont Tuck Your Phone Into Your Bra

    Radiologists are diagnosing many younger women in their 20s with breast cancer and not just small tumors but extensive breast cancer. Many of the women diagnosed are adamant that they tucked their cell phone into their bra over the area that subsequently developed breast cancer. And most admit to this practice on a routine and regular basis. Doctors advise women to keep their cell phones away from their bras along with other parts of their bodies until studies conclude a direct correlation between the close proximity of a cell phone causing cancer.


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