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Can You Get Breast Cancer From Sleeping In Your Bra

Sleep And Cancer Treatment

Can wearing a Bra cause breast cancer? || Cancer awareness || NDUDIM EUNICE

A cancer patients sleep may influence their response to cancer treatment, and a deeper understanding of circadian rhythm may create possibilities for more effective cancer therapies.

Because the process of cell growth and division is affected by circadian rhythm, cancer cells may be more vulnerable or resistant to treatments depending on when treatment is given. Cancer drugs often target specific proteins, enzymes, or receptors on the surface of cells, and most of these are affected by circadian timing.

Though still developing, chronotherapy is a component of cancer treatment that works to optimize radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or immunotherapy based on a persons circadian rhythm. Some researchers hope that chronotherapy can enable treatments to kill more cancer cells while reducing damage to healthy tissue.

Entirely new drugs may also be developed that seize upon knowledge of circadian rhythm to fight cancer. For example, drugs have been identified that manipulate the on/off signals for cell growth that are part of circadian timing, and early-phase studies have shown positive results for several types of cancer.

Sleeping well may affect the way that cancer patients recover and respond to treatment. For example, poor sleep has been connected to higher levels of pain, longer hospital stays, and a greater chance of complications in women undergoing surgery for breast cancer.

Sleep In The Right Bra For You

We now know that sleeping in your bra on may possibly offer some small inkling of help in the fight against sagging boobies. And we also know that it will not increase your chances of getting breast cancer.

Perhaps this newfound bra knowledge has you thinking about giving bra-sleeping a try?

Go for it! But make sure that you choose the right bra to sleep in.

This means picking one that isnt too tight, usually without an underwire, and made from comfortable and breathable material.

Sleeping in a bra thats too tight or stabs your skin with underwires can disrupt your sleep. It can also irritate your breasts and cause nasty rashes.

Camisole tops with built-in bras are a good option. There are also a variety of night-bras on the market.

Myth : Going Braless Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Another myth about going braless is that it could reduce a persons risk of developing breast cancer.

This myth is based on the idea that wearing a bra affects lymphatic drainage, which is the process that helps remove toxins and waste products from the body. A problem with lymphatic drainage can cause these substances to accumulate in the bloodstream, potentially increasing a persons risk of developing cancer.

According to the

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Are Sleep Bras Good For You

If youre still not convinced of the downsides of wearing a bra to bed, then a specially designed sleep bra might be a good option for you. If you feel more comfortable wearing a bra when you sleep, take some time to shop around for a suitable product.

Look for a seamless bra thats made of soft, non-irritating fabric and features wide, comfortable straps. Avoid bras that are overly tight, include a lot of detailing, or that might poke or dig into your skin. In fact, it may be wise to go with a larger-sized sleep bra that offers plenty of freedom and flexibility.

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Wearing A Bra At Night

6 Important Reasons Why You Shouldn

According to an older study from 2000, wearing a bra or other tight fitting garment at night could affect a persons sleep-wake cycle.

The researchers found that nighttime pressure from tight fitting garments caused an increase in core body temperature and a decrease in melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle. A decrease in melatonin can affect sleep quality.

This small scale study monitored 10 participants over a 58-hour period. Further research involving more participants and a longer study duration is necessary to support the findings.

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Myth: Wearing A Bra While Sleeping Prevents Breast Growth

Again, there is no scientific proof that wearing a bra to sleep will prevent your breasts from growing. Some people think that bras can restrict your blood flow and hence the growth of your breast tissue, but you shouldnt be wearing bras that are too tight anyway.

A properly fitted bra will not be uncomfortable or restrict your blood flow, and provide support to your breasts from below. Wearing a bra while lying down will not compress your breasts.

What Is A Bra Pocket

A bra pocket is a fabric pocket sewn into the inside of a bra cup to keep a prosthesis in place.

If you choose to wear a breast prosthesis, a well-fitting bra with a full cup is often all thats needed to hold your prosthesis in place. Many women find this creates a more natural appearance and is secure enough. However, some women prefer to have a bra with a pocket.

Mastectomy bras come with an optional bra pocket. If you prefer, you can adapt an ordinary bra by sewing in a piece of stretchy material loosely across the back of the bra cup to act as a pocket.

You can also buy pockets to sew in yourself. These are available to buy online from most mastectomy bra stockists. Use loose stitches when attaching the pocket as if a pocket is sewn in too tightly it can affect the bras shape. Another alternative is to sew in two strips of evenly spaced ribbon, from the top to the bottom of the cup.

For a small fee, some mail order companies or high-street shops may be able to sew a pocket in for you. Some NHS hospitals will put a pocket into two or three bras free of charge. Ask your breast care nurse if this is available at your hospital.

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Does Deodorant Cause Cancer

Using deodorant or antiperspirant does not cause breast cancer.

Claims that deodorants or antiperspirants increase your risk of breast cancer have been around for several years.

Some people have also claimed that aluminium in antiperspirants can increase your risk.

However, theres no convincing evidence of a link between breast cancer and deodorants, antiperspirants or their ingredients.

Does Sleeping With A Bra Cause Cancer Lets Put This Myth To Bed

Breast Cancer awareness/ Healthy Boobs/To wear Bra or Not when sleeping/Open eyes on breast

File that under fake news. Wearing an underwire bra day or night does not cause cancer .

Jones speculates the myth likely developed because underwire became popular around the same time docs got better at diagnosing breast cancer .

There is definitely no association between wearing a bra, sleeping in a bra, or the wires in a bra and breast cancer, Jones says. Thats a widely held misconception, but definitely is not true.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep And Cancer Risk

Does Sleeping With a Light on Increase Cancer Risk?

Though not conclusive, some research indicates that exposure to artificial light at night may have an effect on cancer risk.

Darkness is an important contributor to circadian rhythm it induces the body to produce melatonin, a hormone that facilitates sleep. Beyond its sleep-promoting benefits, melatonin has been found in animal studies to fight tumor growth and help repair DNA damage in cells. Theoretically, then, sleeping with the lights on may interfere with normal circadian signals and create conditions more permissive of cancer development .

In an observational study of people and their artificial light exposure at night, sleeping in a highly illuminated bedroom was associated with an elevated risk of prostate cancer but a . Given these inconsistent findings, considerably more research is needed about light during sleep to determine whether or not it is a significant risk factor for cancer.

Can You Get Cancer by Sleeping Next to Your Phone?

There is no evidence that sleeping next to your phone increases your risk of cancer. The type of energy from cell phones, called non-ionizing radiation, does not cause DNA damage instead, its only established biological effect is heating. Studies of cell phone users have not found any consistent pattern of elevated risk of brain tumors or any other kind of cancer.

Does Sleeping With a Bra Cause Breast Cancer?

How Can I Find Out My Bra Size After Breast Surgery

Most specialist lingerie shops, and some high-street shops or department stores, have experienced bra fitters who will use a tape measure to give you your exact bra size. As your shape and size may change during and after treatment, its a good idea to have your bra size accurately measured before you buy any new bras.

An experienced bra fitter will often have specialist training and experience in helping women who have had or are going to have breast surgery. It might be useful to call ahead and make an appointment to ensure you can be seen by a trained fitter.

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Can Ivf Cause Breast Cancer

Theres no evidence that having IVF treatment affects your risk of breast cancer.

Current evidence suggests women who have received IVF treatment are no more likely to develop breast cancer than women who have not had IVF. However, IVF is a relatively new procedure and more research is needed to be sure of all the long-term health effects.

Bras After Breast Augmentation

Can you get breast cancer if you sleep with a bra?

After a breast augmentation, we advise patients not to wear a regular underwire bra for at least six weeks after surgery. Instead, we ask them to wear soft, loose sports bras until the implants have shifted and settled into their pockets. When a woman wears an underwire bra immediately following surgery, it interferes with the breast implants settling and it can end up looking to high on the chest, causing them to look and feel less natural.

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Risk Factors You Cant Control

  • Sex: Women represent 99% of all breast cancer patients and have a 12.1% chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.
  • Age: The chances of getting breast cancer increase with age. About 65% of women are over 55 years old when they are diagnosed.
  • Race: After age 45, white women are more likely to get breast cancer than black women, but black women have a higher incidence before age 45 and are more likely to die from breast cancer.
  • Family history: Certain inherited gene mutations increase the risk of developing breast cancer. However, these genes account for only 5-10% of overall cases. Even without those genes, having a grandmother, mother, sister, or daughter diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer increases the risk.

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Dangers Of Putting Your Phone In Your Bra

If youre like so many others, your cell phone is your constant companion. You have it with you at all times. When youre on the go, you need a convenient place to put your phone and may think your bra will work just as well as a pocket. Think again and pay attention to five dangers of putting your phone in your bra.

Your Cell Phone Could Cause Breast Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, you could be opening the door to breast cancer if you put your cell phone in your bra. While there is no definitive proof to date, there have been cases of breast cancer in young women who carried their phones in their brassieres. Think about it. Even if the phone isnt being used, it always sends out electromagnetic signals, sending radiation into the fatty tissue of the breast. Do you really want them that close to your body?

Cell Phones May be Dangerous for Your Brain

Women who place their cell phones in their bras open themselves up to the risk of cancer in other parts of their body as well. The rate of brain cancer has gone up considerably with the rise of cell phones. It may not be a coincidence. Alzheimers Disease is another consideration. Exposure to electrical pulses and radiation could make a woman more prone to this dreaded disease.

Your Cell Phone Could Lead to Osteoporosis

Cell Phones are a Fire Hazard!

Cell Phones Could Pose a Risk to Fetuses and Fertility

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What About When Youre Not Sleeping

Now that you know that sleeping in a bra cant significantly positively or negatively affect your breast health, you might be wondering if the same is true of wearing one during the day. And, despite what many lingerie companies would have you believe, Richardson says that, other than cosmetic issues, there is no reason to think you need to wear a bra in an attempt to avoid more serious breast health concerns.

So, once again, it comes down to personal comfort. This is especially true if youre bustier. For those with larger breasts, bra wearing can help with back and neck pain, however some point out that posture and whether or not someone shrugs and stoops their shoulders has more influence over back and neck pain than the size and weight of breast tissue itself, Richardson says. Whether we wear a bra or not may make us feel more self-conscious about our breasts and how people see us, which spills into other areas of stance and comfort.

And, while larger busts are on the brain, its worth mentioning that, as Richardson points out, women with very large breasts may see further benefits, as fabric between the bottom of the breast and the top of the upper abdomen prevents moisture from getting trapped, which could otherwise cause yeast and potentially skin fungi to grow. So, by keeping the cozy barrier, youll be able to reduce any possible skin irritation, which again brings us full circle to comfort.

Sleep And Cancer Survivorship


Being diagnosed with cancer can bring about a variety of significant life changes. The physical and emotional effects of having cancer and going through cancer treatment can be long-lasting, creating diverse challenges for cancer survivors.

In one study of breast cancer survivors who were between six months and five years post-diagnosis, 78% had above-average sleep difficulties. Survivors have also listed sleep as one of the most important issues for their health.

Addressing sleep problems can be especially important for survivors of childhood cancer . Childhood cancer and its treatment often lead to long-term effects, including impacts on both mental and physical development. Quality sleep may help reduce these effects and bolster the immune system to strengthen their overall well-being.

Cancer survivors should talk with their doctor about creating a wellness plan that covers not just sleep but also other important health concerns like diet, exercise, and follow-up care. This plan can include steps for effective sleep hygiene to promote positive sleep habits.

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Does Wearing A Bra At Night Prevent Sagging

Sorry, your boobs *will* sag over time whether you wear a bra to bed or not. Its just the way of gravity and mother nature.

According to a study, the most significant breast sagging factors include age, body mass index , number of pregnancies, and breast tissue weight.

We dont have any studies to say sleeping in a bra prevents sagging, Downing says. Gravity is the main contributor to breasts sagging over time, so sleeping in a bra just isnt likely to make a big difference for most women.

Breast tissue is supported by connective tissue called Coopers ligaments, Downing adds. These tough, collagen-rich ligaments are located under your skin and stretch and weaken over time like other ligaments in your body, making your breasts sag.

Other contributing factors to breast sagging include:

  • genetics

The worst that could happen is you wear something too tight or improperly fitted and wake up sore or uncomfy. The best that could happen is you wake up feeling great and supported!

For some peeps especially those with back pain or posture probs Jones notes that wearing a bra that fits well may be beneficial for health and well-being in general. The added support can go a long way to help alleviate pain and aid in comfort.

Find Your Perfect Fit

In a small 2008 study, researchers found that 80 percent of women were wearing the wrong bra size. While that study cant speak for all it might be worth reassessing how your bra fits.

If youre unsure of your Goldilocks fit, measure your cup size or visit a lingerie associate to help you out.

Making sure your bra fits well and isnt too tight will prevent skin irritation and disrupted sleep, Downing notes.

Although some people think tighter bras = more support, Sarkar advises against super tight fits: The tighter the bra, the more likely you are to get chafing, skin irritation.

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How To Avoid Fungal Infections

Excess sweat, yeast or fungus can make wearing a bra quite uncomfortable. These things can lead to rashes, blisters, cracks, discoloration and irritation in general. Dr. Blake says much of this can be avoided if your breasts are correctly positioned in your bra.

You want to be mindful of how you position your breasts in a bra, particularly during warmer months. When you wear a larger cup size, skin rubbing can occur along the inframammary fold . If you experience rubbing with moisture, you can develop a fungal infection. You can prevent this by positioning your breasts in the bra so that it doesnt happen. You can also apply antiperspirant under and between your breasts to decrease perspiration.

As for other methods of preventing irritation, Dr. Blake suggests trying a wireless bra or applying cornstarch under your breasts to prevent moisture from forming. If you have any irritation or discoloration, it might clear up once the moisture issue is addressed.


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