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Clothes For Breast Cancer Patients

Which Bra Is Best

Denver breast cancer survivor launching clothing line for women impacted by mastectomies

It depends on your treatment. Some people can go without extra support for a while, Frey says. But check with your health care team. You might need to wear a surgical bra.

âMedical-grade bras are typically softer and donât have underwire,â Lustberg says. âThey usually have a zipper up front. And if you have drains, some of these undergarments have a place where you can more easily access .â

When you switch back to a personal bra, keep comfort in mind.

âItâs particularly important to wear a seamless bra — one thatâs smooth on the inside and outside — if youâre getting radiation,â Weiss says. Avoid underwire bras, lacy bras, and any bras with elastic bands that have zig-zag stitches during this time for your skinâs sake.

What Options Do We Have In India

In India, you can order post-surgery bras in cotton in the price range of INR 350 INR 3000 from online websites like Amazon.

Among your options, you will find front-open bras, and those padded with micro-fibre filling for post-mastectomy wear.

However, the problem you may encounter is limited choice in available sizes and lack of choice in the patterns. Many women also find the quality of these post-surgical bras to be below what they were used to before surgery.

Most of these post-surgery bras come with front seams, making them unsuitable to be worn with fitted clothes like t-shirts.

These are usually available only in white and their drab look does not help women who are already struggling with body positivity post surgery.

Certain foreign brands like Marks and Spencer also sell their post-surgical bras in India. These products tend to cost more, about INR 3000 per piece, making it unaffordable for many women in India.

Since options are limited, many women opt for buying regular bras and then adding fabric pockets for prosthetics themselves. They usually do this by hand-stitching the pocket themselves or use the help of their local tailor to do so.

pocket for prosthetic

If you are also planning to do this, then here are some pointers to help you.

Camp Kesem Free Summer Camp

Camp Kesem is wonderful! This summer, our kids went to Camp Kesem for the first time. Camp Kesem provides a free week of summer camp for kids of parents with cancer.

There are various camps around the country run by volunteers including 3,000 passionate college student leaders.

If you are looking for ways to get free vacations for cancer patients, then look at all of these options.

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How Clothing Can Make A Difference During Cancer Treatment

While undergoing treatments, recovering at home, receiving visitors, or interacting with medical teams, I learned that wearing clothing and accessories that provided comfort, style, and functionality really made a difference in my dignity and emotional well-being. Initially, it was difficult to understand why a simple article of clothing could have such a profound impact on my well-being. But after a bit of research, it seemed like the impact of hospital clothing on patients well-being has been widely overlooked, despite the known impact of clothing on social identity and self-expression.

Feeling unkempt or uncomfortable in clothing that isnt suited to a body with surgical incisions, swollen arms or legs, distended abdomens, drains, or catheters and ports adds unnecessary discomfort and stress. Yet despite the financial, emotional, physical, and every other possible toll that people with cancer face, it felt like their needs were being left out of the equation when it came to medical clothing.

The more I researched, the more I discovered how hospital gowns are not designed for todays medical necessities, let alone the needs of people with cancer. In fact, the current backless style of hospital gowns dates back to 1910 and was designed with 1 clear function in mind: to make it easier to use bedpans. Today, Ive seen how these gowns continue to leave people with cancer feeling exposed, self-conscious, vulnerable, uncomfortable, cold, embarrassed, and disempowered.

Finding The Right Clothing And Swimwear After Breast Cancer Surgery


Its not unusual to wonder what your appearance will be like after surgery or if your clothes will still look the same. With time, most women regain their confidence by knowing what works for them and what makes them feel more comfortable.

You may also want to look at our information on bras after surgery for breast cancer.

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A woman with breast cancer has created an accessible clothing line for other patients who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Alexia Baron, who was diagnosed with the disease in March 2020, underwent a double mastectomy and 18 sessions of chemotherapy.

After struggling to find accessible clothing to wear during her own treatment, she set up a company which makes tracksuits with zips, pockets and holes to make inserting a chemotherapy port easier and more comfortable.

A port is a small implant with a thin silicone tube that attaches to a vein to administer chemotherapy treatment without a needle.

The brand, Porto & Bello, also makes clothing for patients who require IV treatments or PICC a long, thin tube that is inserted through a vein in the arm.

The Cancer Card Xchange

The Cancer Card Xchange collects and distributes FREE gift cards to cancer patients around the country in the denomination of $10 to $100. They accept donations of restaurant, store, Movie Theater and gas gift cards that people have lying around and arent using. Donors can also make tax-deductible donations of money or gift cards in honor or memory of loved ones.

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Helping Make Breast Cancer And Mastectomy Recovery Journey A Little Easier

Designed for women of all ages who are looking for breast cancer clothing or breast cancer apparel, Jacki® is perfect for Cancer patients who are going through Mastectomy recovery to make post-operative procedures easier. Post-op and cancer patients in recovery can find apparel solutions at all stages of cancer recovery.

What To Wear After Breast Cancer Treatment

Manatee County paramedics raise money for breast cancer survivors


Finding the right kind of bra for you, after youve had a mastectomy, lumpectomy or any kind of breast cancer treatment , can be confusing.

In India, there is very little information and choice available, which makes it even more important to educate yourself on the most comfortable options for you.

After your breast cancer surgery, you are likely to have some swelling and scar tissue. After radiation therapy, your skin could be sore and hurting. The right kind of bra can help ease these side-effects to some extent, till your body heals completely.

  • Involve a friend
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    Why Wearing Comfortable Clothes During Cancer Treatment Matters

    Voices on Cancer is an award-winning Cancer.Net Blog series where advocates share their stories and the lessons they have learned about being a cancer advocate. Cindy Trice is a cervical cancer survivor, veterinarian, and co-founder of KickIt Pajamas, a women-owned small business that designs apparel inspired from personal cancer experience with 1 goal in mind: to provide dignity, style, and comfort to people with cancer and ease of medical access for their caregivers and nurses. You can follow Cindy on and .

    Should You Wear A Bra After Mastectomy

    • Yes, you are required to wear a compression bra for swelling right after surgery and for many weeks. Generally, your surgeon will give you guidelines for how many hours a day you need to wear the hospital compression bra and when you can switch to a softer, more comfortable post-mastectomy bra like the AnaOno options I shared.

    How long do you have to wear surgical bra after mastectomy?

    • The length of time that you will have to wear a surgical bra after your mastectomy will vary on whether you have reconstruction as part of your surgery and whether you have any chest area complications. The general timeframe is 4-6 weeks of recovery bra but many times you can swap the annoying hospital surgical bra for a more comfortable post-mastectomy bra within a few days.

    How does a mastectomy bra work?

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    When Will My Eyelashes Grow Back

    Eyelashes can take several months after chemo ends to grow back in. And they might not grow back just like they were before.

    Some people use lash boosters or artificial lashes, Lustberg says.

    Eyebrows also can come out with chemo. Some people get eyebrow microblading, a type of permanent makeup, ahead of chemotherapy. The main reason is to keep the outline of your eyebrows. âOnce the hair is falling off, youâre less sure about the shape,â Lustberg says.

    You can also learn from online beauty tutorials or at a local makeup counter. Your health care team may have advice on where to go. âThey know whatâs good in your area,â Frey says.

    Over 150 Thousand Patients Already Know That This One Purchase Was The Best Pre

    Breast Cancer Ladies Shirt Crewneck Pink Ribbon Pocket Print Olive ...

    The Healincomfort Mastectomy Shirt is specifically designed to make your recovery from mastectomy or upper-body surgery more comfortable. Our Breast Cancer Shirts are an essential piece in your mastectomy recovery and drain management.

    Whether having a full mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstructive surgery, or explant surgery, you need some adaptive clothing to allow for ease of dressing and to manage your surgical drains.

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    Are You Looking For Post

    You no longer need to use safety pins to hold your hospital gown together. Jacki® is breast cancer clothing that provides the privacy and coverage you need. Surgery recovery clothing should be comfortable and hassle free.

    Make Jacki® a part of the cancer care package or care plan to give your loved ones a solution for the challenges they are facing. If you are looking for gifts for cancer patients, getting a Jacki® will help make their life easier.

    Jacki® is beneficial for other cancer patients who are looking for cancer clothing for their recovery process. This mastectomy recovery shirt has easy access points so nurses can do their daily tasks without making the patient go through difficult and painful movements. It has been said to be an essential recovery garment, worn 24/7.

    Internal Pockets To Manage Mastectomy Drains

    If you return home with drainage tubes after your surgery, how do you effectively and painlessly manage them? Healincomfort founder and shirt designer, Cherie B. Mathews, discovered after her double mastectomy that managing her drains was problematic. With this issue in mind, Cherie designed The Recovery Shirt with four internal pouches, concealing drains and increasing mobility.

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    The Breast Cancer Shop

    Chic Cancer Couture is thrilled to be featured in Gannett newspapers Paint it all Pink Coping with Cancer magazine.

    Lets get started:

    What are good gifts for breast cancer patients?

    What essentials do you need going through breast cancer treatment?

    If you, a friend, or a loved one is going through breast cancer surgery or treatment there are very specific and helpful clothing that will help ease the recovery process.

    We interviewed breast cancer patients and asked them what they loved to wear, what they wished they had, or what they ended up buying after surgery.

    We interviewed doctors, surgeons, and read experts recommendations.

    We took all these suggestions, scoured the internet and found affordable clothing, devices, gifts, and supplies that are comfortable, fashionable, yet practical for breast cancer patients.

    And we created Chic Cancer Couture: One-stop shopping for some of the essentials breast cancer patients need.

    Just click on the SHOP button on the drop-down menu above.

    Most of the items are machine washable. If something gets ruined, the price point isnt such that someone would feel too guilty tossing it.

    Sure, gifts like essential oils, lotions, and beauty baskets are nice for breast cancer patients, but specific kinds of clothing, devices, and products are essential.

    Give her something she could really use to help fight in this fight!

    We want women to be able to heal in style and comfort. We want to empower patients.

    How Does Jacki Help

    Boutique at Miami Cancer Institute a Perfect Fit for Breast Cancer Patients
    • Patient Designed with your Dignity in mind for Post-op rotator cuff and other shoulder surgeries
    • Perfect Recovery Shirt to leave the hospital in
    • Gives you privacy and simplifies your life
    • Hidden pockets for post-surgical drains and other medical pumps and packs
    • Easy Access Sleeves that completely open and allows for One-Handed Dressing and easy access to IV lines
    • Button at shoulder to drop down for easy port-a-cath access
    • Attractive and comfortable garment to wear at home, errands, daily living, and sleepwear
    • Reduces the need for painful arm lifting after surgery
    • Great gift for breast cancer patients
    • Comfort & Freedom – improved post-surgical management of drainage bags allowing wearer to resume activities of daily living
    • U.S. Medicare Eligible

    Jacki® provides post surgery relief for Cancer patients who have undergone double mastectomy or a bilateral mastectomy. Mastectomy recovery is challenging, Jacki® offers independence, warmth, and dignity to help a patient feel comfortable. It is also a great alternative to conventional hospital gowns that are revealing and uncomfortable to wear.

    • Jacki’s® unique design hides IV lines
    • Hidden pockets hold surgical drains
    • Keeps you covered and your dignity intact

    Jacki’s® features can help Cancer patients who have gone through any of the five different types of mastectomy: “simple” or “total” mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, radical mastectomy, partial mastectomy, and subcutaneous mastectomy.

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    Look Good Feel Better Program

    Cancer patients can get free makeup and cosmetics. The Look Good Feel Better program gives free makeup to cancer patients.

    Just before I started chemo for breast cancer I attended one of these sessions. The Look Good Feel Better program is a 2-hour, hands-on workshop that gives cancer patients tips for hair loss, nail care, makeup, clothing, and more.

    I came home with a large cosmetic bag filled with all kinds of beauty goodies.

    Unfortunately, The Look Good Feel Better program is no longer funded by the American Cancer Society. Now very few Cancer Centers offer this program. Contact yours to see if they still do. Also, keep in mind these programs can also benefit from donations.

    Go to the Look Good Feel Better Program Site Finder for more local information. There is also Live! Virtual Workshops are available through the partnering cancer centers.

    More Resources For Breast Cancer Patients And Survivors

    1UponCancer put together a list of Freebies and Discounts for Cancer Patients. The list includes a variety of free and discounted goods and services such as basic needs, prostheses, classes, gas, housecleaning, pampering, retreats, and more.

    For example, Air Care Alliance ACA flies patients to treatments at no charge. Breast Cancer Charities gives qualifying breast cancer patients up to $500 towards rent or utilities. Cricketts Answer For Cancer gives breast cancer patients free Mastectomy massage, other massage therapies, facial, manicure, a basket of pampering products.

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    Do You Need Prosthetics

    If your one breast now has a noticeably different shape or size to the other breast, then you might consider using prosthetics for comfort.

    Some women may have breast reconstructive surgery after breast cancer treatment, and after that, they will not require prosthetics. However, some women choose to avoid breast reconstructive surgery and in some cases, their oncologist might advise them against it for certain medical reasons. In such cases, prosthetics can help you regain your confidence.

    There are many different types of prosthetics available in the market and they come at very varied price ranges. The materials used vary from silicon to microfibre.

    Knitted Knockers is a charity that delivers hand-made, prosthetics made of cotton yarn. These are also washable and their size and shape can be altered as required.

    Knitted prosthetics

    If using prosthetics, heres what you need to remember when choosing your bra:

    • Go for bras with cup pockets if using prosthetics so that they can be inserted into your bra.
    • Choose bras with cup separation. This means the middle part of your bra should be flat against your body. This ensures that your prosthetics stay in place.
    • Choose full coverage bras so that your prosthetics stay covered and in place.

    Ballet Austin Pink Pilates

    Breast Cancer Shirts For Women

    For free pilates classes, check out Ballet Austins Pink Pilates. This class is a post-operative workout for women recovering from breast cancer. This is an awesome FREE 10-week program at Ballet Austin and the instructor, Vlada Sheber, is compassionate, fun, and knowledgeable.

    I highly recommend this program! The Pilates for Breast Cancer class is valued at $600.

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    How Is Jacki Better Than The Traditional Hospital Gown

    Traditional Johnny gowns are uncomfortable and revealing. As a Cancer patient, Cathy McGrath designed an alternative to traditional hospital gowns, also known as johnny gowns, while helping her children cope with her own mastectomy. No one wants to feel like a patient, you want to feel and look normal every day while overcoming daily struggles associated with surgery recovery. Do you know anyone who is undergoing recovery after mastectomy? Jacki® is a recovery product for cancer patients that can prove to be extremely helpful. This mastectomy wear can also be a great gift idea for women with cancer.

    What Clothes Should You Wear

    You can search for cancer-specific clothes online. Or reach out to other people whoâve gone through the same thing. You can find like-minded folks through social media or organizations such as and the American Cancer Society.

    You can also:

    Meet with a tailor. If possible, visit a cancer-focused shop. Theyâll measure you and give you tips for how to dress your body as it is now, which may be bigger or smaller than before.

    Wear cozy clothes. You might have more sensitivity if youâve had extensive breast surgery, such as a mastectomy or reconstruction. But in general, wear soft garments that are easy to take on and off.

    Dress for treatment. If you have a port, try a V-neck shirt or something with buttons or a zipper down the front, says Patti Frey, an oncology nurse with Northwestern Medicine Cancer Center.

    Short sleeves are a good choice if you get chemo through a vein in your arm. And wear layers. You might get hot or cold during treatment. âYou never know how youâre going to feel,â Frey says.

    Create your power wardrobe. Wear clothes that help you feel âput together,â says Marissa Weiss, MD, founder and chief medical officer for

    Avoid wearing things that are too tight. You donât want to feel physically uncomfortable. âGently-fittedâ clothes also give you more privacy. âYou might have surgical drains or other asymmetries you donât want to reveal,â Weiss says.

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