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Does Breast Cancer Ever Hurt

Armpit Pain And Breast Cancer

Do Mammograms Have To Hurt?

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Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

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You Could Have Inflammatory Breast Cancer

This is one of the few times breast cancer may actually involve pain. Inflammatory breast cancer is a rare and aggressive form of the disease that accounts for about 1% to 5% of all breast cancers.

In people with inflammatory breast cancer, the cancer cells obstruct the lymph vessels in the skin of the breast, causing redness, swelling, and inflammation over about a third of the breast. The skin may also look pitted due to the buildup of lymph fluid. Sometimes you might feel a lump, but usually not.

Inflammatory breast cancer is more common in younger women, African-American women, and obese womenand its usually treated with surgery, chemo, and/or radiation. Targeted therapies are also sometimes used.

Many of these symptoms could also be from an infection or injury. Dont panic, but do get checked out.

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    Do All Breast Cancer Lumps Cause Pain?

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    What Causes Breast Pain

    There are a number of harmless causes for breast pain and tenderness that may primarily be related to changes in hormone levels. These can include:

    • Puberty in girls and sometimes for boys, too
    • Menstruation and premenstrual syndrome
    • Pregnancy more often during the first trimester
    • Days following childbirth as milk comes in Breastfeeding Mastitis, which is caused by a milk duct that is not properly draining and becomes infected, should be treated. It has no correlation with cancer, but it can become a serious infection if left untreated.
    • Menopause
    • A benign cyst

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    How To Feel For Changes

    Life After Breast Cancer Can Be Better Than Ever

    Using the following steps, a person can feel for changes such as lumps, thickening, or pain:

  • Using the pads of the fingers, move in a circular motion from the inside, near the nipple, outward.
  • Cover the entire breast area from the cleavage line to the surrounding chest, collarbone, and armpit area.
  • Do this both from side to side and up and down.
  • Apply light pressure closer to the surface of the breast and nipple.
  • Apply medium and firm pressure to check deeper tissue and tissue closer to the rib cage and back muscles.
  • To examine the nipple, squeeze gently and check for discharge, lumps, and pain.
  • Carry out the same routine while lying down, allowing the breast tissue to rest evenly against the chest wall.

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    What Do Lumps In My Breast Mean

    Many conditions can cause lumps in the breast, including cancer. But most breast lumps are caused by other medical conditions. The two most common causes of breast lumps are fibrocystic breast condition and cysts. Fibrocystic condition causes noncancerous changes in the breast that can make them lumpy, tender, and sore. Cysts are small fluid-filled sacs that can develop in the breast.

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    Signs Of Breast Cancer Recurrence

    Despite initial treatment and success, breast cancer can sometimes come back. This is called recurrence. Recurrence happens when a small number of cells escape the initial treatment.

    Symptoms of a recurrence in the same place as the first breast cancer are very similar to symptoms of the first breast cancer. They include:

    • a new breast lump
    • redness or swelling of the breast
    • a new thickening near the mastectomy scar

    If breast cancer comes back regionally, it means that the cancer has returned to the lymph nodes or near to the original cancer but not exactly the same place. The symptoms may be slightly different.

    Symptoms of a regional recurrence may include:

    • lumps in your lymph nodes or near the collarbone
    • chest pain
    • pain or loss of sensation in your arm or shoulder
    • swelling in your arm on the same side as the original breast cancer

    If youve had a mastectomy or other surgery related to breast cancer, you might get lumps or bumps caused by scar tissue in the reconstructed breast. This isnt cancer, but you should let your doctor know about them so they can be monitored.

    As with any cancer, early detection and treatment are major factors in determining the outcome. Breast cancer is easily treated and usually curable when detected in the earliest of stages.

    The best way to fight breast cancer is early detection. Talk with your doctor about when you should start scheduling regular mammograms.

    What Is Invasive Breast Cancer

    Do Mammograms Hurt?

    The term invasive breast cancer refers to breast cancers that have spread into surrounding breast tissue. Most breast cancers are invasive, but there are different types, with the two most common being invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma.

    Symptoms more specific to invasive breast cancer include:

    • A breast lump or thickening
    • Change in breast color
    • Changes in touch
    • An increase in breast size or shape
    • Irritated or itchy breasts
    • Peeling or flaking of the nipple skin
    • Redness or pitting of the breast skin .

    Having these symptoms does not mean you have invasive breast cancer as other conditions, such as eczema or infection can cause similar changes, but it is important to see your doctor as soon as you can for an evaluation.

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    Breast Or Nipple Pain As A Symptom Of Breast Cancer

    Breast or nipple pain is a feeling of discomfort, tenderness, or affliction in any part of the breast or underarm region. It may occur for numerous reasons, and is usually not related to cancer. Although many women with pain in one or both breasts may be concerned that it is breast cancer, breast pain is NOT commonly a symptom of cancer, the National Breast Cancer Foundation reports. There are a number of harmless causes for breast pain and tenderness that may primarily be related to changes in hormone levels.

    Causes of breast or nipple pain include puberty, menstruation and premenstrual syndrome , pregnancy, recent childbirth, menopause, fibrocystic breasts, or the use of certain medications. When breast or nipple pain is related to cancer, it is the result of some degree of inflammation. Patients should consult with a healthcare provider when breast or nipple pain is accompanied by other symptoms, including a breast lump or mass, swelling of all or part of a breast, skin irritation or dimpling, nipple retraction, nipple discharge other than breast milk, or redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple or breast skin.

    Early Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

    Common symptoms of breast cancer include:

    • A lump in your breast or underarm that doesnât go away. This is often the first symptom of breast cancer. Your doctor can usually see a lump on a mammogram long before you can see or feel it.
    • Swelling in your armpit or near your collarbone. This could mean breast cancer has spread to lymph nodes in that area. Swelling may start before you feel a lump, so let your doctor know if you notice it.
    • Pain and tenderness, although lumps donât usually hurt. Some may cause a prickly feeling.
    • A flat or indented area on your breast. This could happen because of a tumor that you canât see or feel.
    • Breast changes such as a difference in the size, contour, texture, or temperature of your breast.
    • Changes in your nipple, like one that:
    • Pulls inward
    • Develops sores
  • Unusual nipple discharge. It could be clear, bloody, or another color.
  • A marble-like area under your skin that feels different from any other part of either breast.
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    Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symptoms

    Pin on Ovarian Cancer Awareness

    Unlike other breast cancers, inflammatory breast cancer rarely causes breast lumps and may not appear on a mammogram. Inflammatory breast cancer symptoms include:

    • Red, swollen, itchy breast that is tender to the touch
    • The surface of the breast may take on a ridged or pitted appearance, similar to an orange peel
    • Heaviness, burning, or aching in one breast
    • One breast is visibly larger than the other
    • Inverted nipple
    • No mass is felt with a breast self-exam
    • Swollen lymph nodes under the arm and/or above the collarbone
    • Symptoms unresolved after a course of antibiotics

    Unlike other breast cancers, inflammatory breast cancer usually does not cause a distinct lump in the breast. Therefore, a breast self-exam, clinical breast exam, or even a mammogram may not detect inflammatory breast cancer. Ultrasounds may also miss inflammatory breast cancer. However, the changes to the surface of the breast caused by inflammatory breast cancer can be seen with the naked eye.

    Symptoms of inflammatory breast cancer can develop rapidly, and the disease can progress quickly. Any sudden changes in the texture or appearance of the breast should be reported to your doctor immediately.

    For women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, redness, swelling, itchiness and soreness are often signs of a breast infection such as mastitis, which is treatable with antibiotics. If you are not pregnant or nursing and you develop these symptoms, your doctor should test for inflammatory breast cancer.

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    Why Is Breast Cancer Screening So Important

    Mammograms are low-dose X-rays of the breast that can help detect a tumor in the breast long before its big enough to feel or see. Tumors may be as small as the tip of a pencil or as big as a lime .

    Regular mammograms are the most reliable way to catch breast cancer early, when they are more easily treated, according to the American Cancer Society. Mammograms are around 87% effective at picking up breast cancer and are more effective in women over the age of 50 or in those who have fatty breasts. Because mammograms are not 100% effective its important to pay attention to changes in your breasts, because you know your body best.


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