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Financial Assistance For Breast Cancer Patients

Applying For Any Governmental Financial Assistance Can Take Up To Six Months And Some Of Those Funding Options Only Last A Few Months

Susan G. Komen makes $50K investment to help breast cancer patients facing financial hardship

Meanwhile the bills pile up and some families are forced to declare bankruptcy, all on top of one members failing health. The costs that go along with the disease can sometimes be so overwhelming that a patient will decide not to have life-saving therapy like a transplant and instead opt to save travel costs by choosing a lesser treatment.

Critical Illness Cover And Breast Cancer

Some insurance policies and employment benefit schemes may cover you for critical illness. If you are unsure, check with your insurance provider or Human Resources department. Critical illness cover pays out a tax-free lump sum to help with the costs of a critical illness. Breast cancer is usually classed as a critical illness.

Government Financial Assistance For Cancer Patients

Cancer is a disease that not only harms a patient but it also affects the whole family. Because of this the financial condition no remains stable and the family has to suffer from emotional as well as financial stress because of its treatment cost.

This disease makes a person confuse because of its stage. Everyone knows that there are too few chances if someone cures this life-threatening disease. For every moment a person stays in confusion and thinks a lot, like how he or she can manage their office work, how their household will be run, and what happens if all the money goes in treatment and lots of other questions. And all these questions come to mind because of this disease, which makes a person weaker emotionally. And he starts to lose his willingness to live more and their disease increased day by day. Thats why the mental health service is giving to the patient and their family so that they can stay emotionally strong.

And it is that they are thinking about how to get a diagnosis and how they can find the best hospital for their treatment and clinics which help them to stop their cancer and eliminate it from the body completely. And lots of other things that they have need to think about to cure the disease and live for their family. But unfortunately, the families also have to face the scenario of hiring a specialty care center.

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Patient Access Network Foundation

Cancer Type: Any

Who Its For: Underinsured people

No one should be discouraged from seeking treatment due to high out-of-pocket health care costs. The PAN Foundation awards grants to patients on a rolling, 12-month basis. The nonprofit gives patients flexibility to make changes to their covered medication, health care providers and pharmacies without altering their grant eligibility. As a result, PAN has been able to provide $3 billion in financial assistance since 2004.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Or Snap

massbaydesign: Breast Cancer Financial Assistance California

Formerly the Food Stamp Program, SNAP is the best known one. It allows people to shop for food in grocery stores using a special Electronic Benefits Transfer card, much like a bank card.

To ask about SNAP by phone, call your state or local health department or social services department, or call 1-800-221-5689 to get the local number.

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Leukemia And Lymphoma Society

A civil society focused on fighting leukemia and lymphoma. For the people who are suffering from blood cancer, leukemia, and lymphoma society provides all the information and financial assistance to them. The society, which has its offices in the whole country in different locations, provides information to people. Along with it, they also offer assistance through their official website One can also make contact with them through a phone call on the number 955-4572 and gets all the information about cancer and also financial assistance.

Additional Financial Assistance & Education

ABCCM, Crisis ministry that provides emergency assistance to individuals and families such as food, clothing, furniture and financial assistance for heat, utilities and rent/mortgage.

Advocacy Connector, Provides financial and advocacy resources searchable by cancer type.

American Breast Cancer Foundation, Assists patients with breast cancer diagnosis

American Cancer Society, A nationwide voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer.

Bikers Against Breast Cancer, Provides mini-grants of up to $300 to breast cancer patients and caregivers on a national level.

The Breast Cancer Charities of America, a general guide for breast cancer diagnosis including education, support, events.

CANCERcare, Resources for cancer including counseling, support groups, education, and financial assistance

Cancer and Careers, How to balance a cancer diagnosis and work with support and transitional resources.

Cancer.Net, The most trusted and up-to-date cancer information, developed by the worlds leading cancer doctors.

Cancer Horizons, is an Internet cancer support community that offers over 1,500 pages of medical/non-medical resources, helpful articles, and information on all types of cancer.

Cancer Support Community, A global network of education and hope.

Cancer Supportive Survivor-ship Care, Provides a list of drug assistance programs from pharmaceutical companies.

Chronic Disease Funds, Helps patients with chronic diseases find access to needed medications.

Susan G. Komen

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Organizations That Help Cancer Patients Financially

For cancer patients, Medicaid is the option that they can choose and also beneficial for them. From Medicaid, families who belong to low-income can get help to reduce the bills of treatment. It is considered very helpful for cancer patients and their families. Even here is the list of organizations are given from there people can get help financial assistance and pay the bills. So, that the people who are suffering from cancer can look for the list of organizations and try to get help from them and reduce their stress for paying treatment bills.

Blue Badge Parking Permits

Pink Fund helps breast cancer patients with financial support so they can focus on healing

You may be able to get a Blue Badge if your mobility is affected. You may be given it temporarily if you have primary breast cancer.

People with secondary breast cancer may be eligible for a Blue Badge long-term due to ongoing symptoms such as fatigue or pain. You will need to renew your Blue Badge every three years.

The Blue Badge scheme provides parking concessions for people with severe mobility problems. It can help the holder park close to a destination, whether they are the driver or passenger.

In England and Wales you can apply for a Blue Badge through your local authority and at

There are separate websites for applications in Scotland and in Northern Ireland.

Your local Citizens Advice or Macmillan benefits adviser may be able to help you apply for the Blue Badge.

There are alternative badge schemes for people with restricted mobility who are in areas where the Blue Badge scheme doesnt apply.

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Where Can A Cancer Patient Get Financial Help

Around us, lots of people are suffering from cancer and they also do not have money for their treatment. Even we also listen from them that they are suffering from cancer, but they also have a lack of money. But fortunately, there are lots of civil associations and organizations that provide financial assistance to a patient who is suffering from cancer.

The assistance from those organizations has also come in various methods such as professional advice, discounted medications, support at all times, psychological assistance, and also come in cash. The cash they can transfer to pay for the treatments or surgeries for the cancer patients.

These programs are organized by the organizations and foundations to help the people, these programs are helping both who are suffering from cancer and along with them their family and friends. These programs help them emotionally and physically.

They give them the strength and energy necessary to face the up and downs of their life which belongs to financial and emotional stresses. This helps the family members and patient to fight their tough times and stay strong in that time, and it also generates the diagnosis or we can say very helpful.

Disability Living Allowance For Adults

Disability Living Allowance for adults was a benefit for people aged under 65 who had problems:

  • walking
  • moving around outdoors safely
  • looking after themselves.

DLA for adults has now been replaced by Personal Independence Payment . If you live in England, Scotland or Wales and claimed before June 2013, you may still be getting DLA for adults.

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How Can I Apply For A Free Laptop From The Government

You can ask your doctor which medicines they tell you for the treatment and write down them. You can call the company and tell them the medicines that your doctor prescribed you. Because the pharmaceutical companies usually offer compassionate care programs. With this program, they offer to help you with your chemotherapy and offer the medicines at the best prices.

However, you can contact the hospitals for the treatment of cancer and the grants. You can go there and ask to meet with the financial counselor. After that, you can consult with them about your case. If you are eligible then they may reduce the cost of the treatment for you. If you are low-income and need help with breast cancer treatment then you can get help with the reduced cost of the cancer treatment.

But in case, if the hospitals did not offer you such services, then no issue, because if you dont get help, then at least you will get the estimate for the treatment. In this way, you can get an estimate for breast cancer treatment and then think about how you can get treatment for breast cancer from other sources.

Association Of Community Cancer Centers

How To Get Financial Help For Breast Cancer Patients / Filipina Teacher ...

Association of Community Cancer Centers is an organization that has a database of cancer treatment centers. You can contact them and get the big database of the cancer centers. From those centers, you will get help for various reasons such as house cleaning, child care, home care, and lots more. If you need help for any of the reasons for cancer patients then you can contact those cancer centers.

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Many Women Seek Help Paying For Their Breast Cancer Treatment Weve Collected Some Resources That Can Help

The financial challenge of having breast cancer in this country is one that is often overlooked but that many women face, whether or not they have health insurance. There are financial assistance programs available for breast cancer patients, but they can be hard to find and, fair warning, sometimes require a lot of time and diligence to receive the benefits.

But if you and your supporters make the effort, there are charities and organizations willing to help. We have gathered a list of some resources here.

Disability Benefits And Breast Cancer

You may be able to claim the following disability benefits:

  • Personal Independence Payment a benefit for people who struggle with daily tasks or mobility. You may be able to claim PIP if you have breast cancer and are aged over 16 and under state retirement age.
  • Attendance Allowance a benefit for people over state retirement age who have difficulty looking after themselves because of an illness or disability. You dont have to be receiving care to qualify for this benefit.

Both Attendance Allowance and PIP are tax free and non-means tested. Non-means tested benefits dont take into account your income and savings. Attendance Allowance and PIP can be paid on top of almost all other benefits. If you are awarded Attendance Allowance or PIP you may be entitled to extra benefits as a result.

Many people with secondary breast cancer are entitled to PIP or Attendance Allowance.

An additional mobility component can also be paid as part of PIP if you have problems planning and going on journeys or moving around. If you are approaching state retirement age it is important to begin the claim before then, as there is no mobility component in Attendance Allowance. Neither benefit can be backdated.

For more information on these benefits, see the website.

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The American Cancer Society

Likely one of the most well-known names in the world of cancer, the American Cancer Society provides a wealth of assistance and resources, including information about treatment options, advice regarding coping with side effects, or guidance with health insurance.

In addition, the organization provides assistance with transportation to and from treatment for those who do not have a ride or are unable to drive themselves. And because treatment can also often involve traveling away from home, which is an additional financial burden on patients and their caregivers, the American Cancer Society offers a lodging program as well.

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

Komen San Diego’s Financial Assistance Fund for Breast Cancer Patients

Cancer Type: Any

Who Its For: U.S. Coast Guard families

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance is an independent nonprofit charitable organization that supports the U.S. Coast Guard and its families. The CGMA has numerous programs to assist families such as education programs and family support assistance. In addition, the Coast Guard is able to provide short-term interest-free loans and financial grants that could be used to help with cancer-related costs.

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Breast Cancer Financial Assistance For Cancer Patients

In the United States alone, approximately 1 in every 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

With breast cancer care costs regularly rising, it is no surprise that those facing treatment are over 2.5 times more likely to file for bankruptcy than their counterparts. A diagnosis can be stressful enough by itself, without considering the financial burden it can pose to the patient and their family.

But fear not! We at American Life Fund regularly work with breast cancer patients to help them financially, which is why we put together this comprehensive list of financial assistance and free money for cancer patients including breast cancers.

Here are 6 of the best resources for breast cancer patients to get free money and financial assistance.

We Bridge The Gap Between The Financial Reality Faced By Breast Cancer Patients And The Limited Financial Assistance Availablethe Funds We Raise Directly Support Breast Cancer Patientswe Encourage You To Donate Today Every Donation Has A Significant Impact On A Very Vulnerable Community

“We are all hoping for a world where breast cancer doesn’t exist, but right now, we help breast cancer patients with the short-term financial support they need so they can focus on getting well. ~ Donna Sheehan Founder, breast cancer survivor

Women Share Their Stories

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, it touches everyone in her life.

A new program that provides nutritious prepared meals to breast cancer patients.


The Meal Support Program is a new program developed to provide healthy, nutritious meals to low-income breast cancer patients who are struggling with a critical economic burden because of their breast cancer diagnosis. The program provides free healthy, nutritious meals during the time they are in treatment.The Program supports patients who live in the community where they are being treated and for patients who have to travel from out-of-town for treatment.

We provide financial assistance to daughters, wives, sisters, friends and colleagues, working women, young mothers, single mothers, students, single women, the self-employed.

Many patients are living on social assistance and are living without the benefit of extended family or support networks.

The patients we support are in many different stages of breast cancer including Stage IV metastatic breast cancer.

Who We Help

Almost half of the women we

support are under 50 years of age

and forty percent are single mothers.

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Financial Assistance For Breast Cancer Patients Type #: Fundraising

One of the quickest, easiest ways to supplement financial assistance for breast cancer patients is fundraising. With a little upfront investment of your time and a good social network, fundraising can be an effective tool for harnessing financial funds.

Online fundraising platforms such as GoFundMe, allow you to post your need/cause and share that need/cause with others. However, the downside is that you only receive a portion of the funds raised.

A second method of fundraising worth consideringand from which youll get to keep all profits is known as a personal fundraiser. With this type you, your friends, and your family raise funds by offering something to the community, such as a bake sale or car wash, for example. Feel free to check out MedGift Advocacy Services for a whole list of fundraising ideas.

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme And Medicare

Financial assistance applications open for breast cancer patients in ...

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme is an Australian Government scheme that subsidises the cost of some medicines. If you have a Medicare card you will be covered by the PBS.

While most breast cancer medicines are subsidised through the PBS, some are not and so you will be required to pay the full cost of them. It is a good idea to ask your doctor if there are subsidised medicines suitable for you.

To find out if the medicines you use are covered by the PBS, visit the Australian Government Department of Human Services website.

Under the PBS Safety Net, when you have paid a certain amount for prescription medicines in less than one calendar year, you will be eligible to pay less, or in some cases nothing, for in the rest of your PBS medicines for that year. Ask your pharmacist, Medicare or Centrelink how to register for the Safety Net. For more information, visit the PBS website.

The Medicare Safety Net works in the same way. Once you have paid a certain amount in medical fees, you won’t have to pay as much for the rest of the year. Services which count towards the Medicare Safety Net include GP and specialist consultations, ultrasounds, scans, X-rays and blood tests.

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