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Free Bras For Breast Cancer Survivors

Bra Presents On The Way

Survivor Creates ‘Empowering’ Bras For Breast Cancer Patients

Donate Your Bra For A Cause has been gifted with wonderful bras donated by women like you. We view every bra as a special gift, and treat them as such. After sorting, we clean the bras, then begin packing them into boxes for shipping to womens shelters across the USA. Each box is wrapped inside Read more about Bra Presents On The Way

Soma Embraceable Wireless Plunge Lace Trim Bra

If you’ve always been a less-is-more type of bra wearer, you might be wondering if you can still get away with bralette stylesand the answer is yes. This full-coverage, wireless option is made of soft, unlined fabric that is free of latex and wires, making it perfect for post-surgery. The lace trim mimics that of your favorite bralette and the built-up leotard back and wide bottom elastic band offer all the support you need.

“After surgery for breast cancer, I couldn’t wear an underwire bra,” said a customer. “As a 34DDD, I didn’t think I would find a bra that would be comfortable and give enough support. This bra gave me such support that I doubt if I will ever go back to an underwire bra.”

, which one reviewer said lifted their spirits after breast cancer surgery, and was comfy enough to sleep in. Luckily, it’s available in the full size range, S-XXL.)

Why We Fundraise At Donate Your Bra For A Cause

Donate Your Bra For A Cause fundraises to ship bras to breast cancer survivors and women in shelters because: An estimated 4 MILLION women are abused by their partners in the USA. Nearly 3000 women are killed by their husbands or partners every year. Most leave with only the clothes on their backs. Bras are Read more about Why we FundRaise at Donate Your Bra For A Cause

Help us find those in need

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Beautiful Bras For Breast Cancer Survivors

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AnaOno Rachel lace bralette and brief

Courtesy of AnaOno

On my radio show, Launch Pad, I talk with entrepreneurs about their startups, and once a month I choose an Elevator Pitch Of The Month. This month my selection is AnaOno, founded by Dana Donofree.

One of the classic origin stories for a founder is that they find a pain point, look around for a ready-made solution, discover that there isnt oneand start a company to solve their own problem.

This is exactly what Dana Donofree, founder of AnaOno, did, only her pain was literal, not metaphorical, and her entrepreneurial journey points out some of the particular hurdles that women entrepreneurs often face.

Dana was diagnosed with breast cancer the day before her 28th birthday. That was in 2010, seven years ago, now. She did a year of therapy. She underwent a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. She had six rounds of chemotherapy, a year of additional treatment, and shes on continuous hormonal therapy to keep her cancer away.

Dana Donofree, founder of AnaOno

Courtesy of AnaOno

She discovered, during all this, that she couldnt find a bra that worked for her post-cancer body. She was a fashion designer, and she ultimately decided to make the perfect bra herself.

AnaOno Kelly racerback lace bralette

Courtesy of AnaOno

Thats one important point. When we have fewer women founders, we lose the #startups that they might create to meet their own needs. This is a loss for the global economy.

Who Needs A Mastectomy Bra

Amoena Nancy Wire

Following breast cancer surgery, your doctor will recommend that you wear a post-surgical compression bra to facilitate faster healing and prevent complications like lymphedema. A compression bra is crucial for women who have undergone a lumpectomy and lymph node removal because they are at a higher risk of lymphedema.

If you choose to undergo reconstructive surgery, you may need to wear a post-surgery bra to promote drainage and support your breast implants to prevent dislocation.

If you choose not to reconstruct your breasts, you may prefer to wear a breast prosthesis as a temporary or permanent solution. To keep your breast forms secure, you need to wear a pocketed mastectomy bra. The pockets are sewn directly into the cups providing a convenient place to position your breast forms and creating a barrier between the forms and your chest wall.

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Look Good Feel Better Program

Cancer patients can get free makeup and cosmetics. The Look Good Feel Better program gives free makeup to cancer patients.

Just before I started chemo for breast cancer I attended one of these sessions. The Look Good Feel Better program is a 2-hour, hands-on workshop that gives cancer patients tips for hair loss, nail care, makeup, clothing, and more.

I came home with a large cosmetic bag filled with all kinds of beauty goodies.

Unfortunately, The Look Good Feel Better program is no longer funded by the American Cancer Society. Now very few Cancer Centers offer this program. Contact yours to see if they still do. Also, keep in mind these programs can also benefit from donations.

Go to the Look Good Feel Better Program Site Finder for more local information. There is also Live! Virtual Workshops are available through the partnering cancer centers.

Warner’s Easy Does Bra It No Bulge Wire

With over 13,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this top-rated bra proves that you don’t have to break the bank for a solid undergarment. This wireless option is made of soft, breathable fabric that’s comfortable and non-irritating to post-surgery incisions and sensitive skin from radiation treatments. It also has a wide elastic band at the bottom and additional side panels for extra support. Those that have had mastectomies and reconstructive surgeries rave about this bra in the Amazon review section, with one sharing that a doctor actually recommended this style to her friend with breast cancer.

“At 48 years old, I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, which resulted in a mastectomy with ALND. After 3 1/2 months, still living with my expander, I continue to suffer numbness, mild swelling and general uncomfortableness in my armpit area. Nearly every one of my currently owned 40+ bras is hard to wear. This is the ONLY bra I have found that is not binding in my armpit. It does not have the typical ‘trim’ or seams that other bras have so it just lays nicely on my skin without pressing into it. I have since purchased 8 of these in various colors, because this is the only bra I wear noweven to Barre class,” wrote a customer.

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Free Products And Services For Breast Cancer Patients

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. From planning care to obtaining support services, getting everything lined up can be a real challenge. The programs, products, and services are available at no cost specifically to breast cancer patients and their families. Get the help you need from the nonprofit and governmental programs below.

These free resources specifically support breast patients along the cancer journey. Here youll find no-cost financial assistance programs for breast cancer patients to help pay for travel, housing, treatment, copays, deductibles, and prescriptions. Free programs are also included for peer and professional counseling and free gifts to help breast cancer patients with the many burdens that accompany a diagnosis. All support services are provided free of charge for patients, caregivers, and family living here in the USA.

What Bras Should I Wear In The First Year After Breast Surgery And Beyond

Bra designed for breast cancer survivors now for sale

In the first year after breast surgery , its best to wear a bra that has:

  • soft seams
  • a wide underband
  • deep front and side panels
  • full cups
  • cup separation
  • fully adjustable straps
  • minimal detailing
  • no underwires

It may take up to a year for the area to recover from surgery, the nerves to repair and any skin changes from radiotherapy to settle down. The type of bra you need may also change because of weight and other treatment-related changes during this time.

Its best to avoid wearing an underwired bra while the area recovers after surgery because the underwires can be uncomfortable.

Initially after breast surgery you may have swelling. Try to find a bra that fits on the loosest hook so it can be worn looser to begin with and then gradually tightened as the swelling goes down.

Where possible, choose bras that have a high cotton content. These will be gentler on your skin while it heals and will help you stay cooler if youre experiencing hot flushes.

Bra strap cushions can make the straps more comfortable on your shoulder and help the bra stay in place. You can buy these from lingerie shops or online.

Once the skin in the chest area has healed and settled down, which may take up to a year, you can wear less restrictive bras. However, if youre planning to wear a breast prosthesis they should still be well-fitting and have a full cup.

You can also watch our video about choosing a suitable bra after surgery.

This video was made in collaboration with George at Asda.

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Post Mastectomy Clothing For Recovery Recap

There is a lot to think about when it comes to preparing for your recovery but I don’t want your post-mastectomy clothing and bra choices to be something causing you stress. Alos, I hope these recommendations for what to wear home from the hospital as well as what clothing will aid your recovery are helpful as you navigate your breast cancer surgery. So, check out the FAQ below for more post-mastectomy clothing & bra information.

How Can I Find Out My Bra Size After Breast Surgery

Most specialist lingerie shops, and some high-street shops or department stores, have experienced bra fitters who will use a tape measure to give you your exact bra size. As your shape and size may change during and after treatment, its a good idea to have your bra size accurately measured before you buy any new bras.

An experienced bra fitter will often have specialist training and experience in helping women who have had or are going to have breast surgery. It might be useful to call ahead and make an appointment to ensure you can be seen by a trained fitter.

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Breast Prostheses Instead Of Reconstruction

Under the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act , health plans that cover mastectomies must also provide coverage of certain services or products related to the surgery. This often includes a post-mastectomy breast prosthesis or mastectomy form , breast prosthesis garment and/or mastectomy bras.

The law also covers the replacement of a prosthesis, mastectomy form or breast prosthesis garment when the life span of the item has lapsed. Insurer policies on this vary but many will replace:

  • Silicone prostheses every 2 years
  • Mastectomy forms made of fabric, foam or fiber-fill every 6 months
  • When medically appropriate due to a change in condition, or
  • If the prosthesis becomes defective despite normal use

Most plans also cover an external breast prosthesis garment used after surgery but before the permanent breast prosthesis, or as an alternative to a mastectomy bra and/or breast prosthesis.

A prescription from your doctor is typically needed for a breast form. Some health insurers require a referral or pre-authorization just like they do for specialists or other medical procedures referred from a primary care doctor.

WHRCA does not require 100% coverage by health insurance so copays, coinsurance and deductibles may apply.

‘we Need To Be At The Table’ Patient Advocate Says

Amoena Nancy Wire

As a plus-sized woman, Harris says finding bras was always a challenge, and that was what ultimately led her to pursue bra-making. She says she wants to design a post-surgery bra with healing, comfort, affordability, and women’s different body shapes, in mind.

Next week, Simpson and Harris will start to review existing post-surgery bras, and the benefits of a properly-fitted bra for breast cancer patients. Within one year, they’ll speak to multiple patients, collaborate on a design and are hoping to end up with a bra ready to bring to market.

Harris is hoping to create a bra that features a drainage pouch, prosthesis insertion slot and moisture wicking lining. Her design was chosen by a panel of experts after she interviewed patients and put together a proposal.

Schultz, who has been working with Simpson for years as a breast cancer expert in Unity Health’s Patient as a Teacher program, hopes to provide feedback during the design process.

“At the end of the day, this is for patients. We need to be at the table also.”

The director of the HUE lab, Jessica Mudry, helped oversee the competition and select the winning applicant. She says the program shows why students and industry need to collaborate.

“Taking two seemingly disparate ideas one in medicine and one in creativity and design is always going to result in something better,” said Mudry.

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Meet Mee Making A Difference Throughout The World From New York City

My journey with Knitted Knockers started as a birthday gift to myself in 2017. As I looked for the yarn at my LYS in NYC, Knitty City, I learned the founder of Knitted Knockers had recently spoken there. I felt this was Kismet. In the beginning, I brought all the yarn and tools from Knitty City and gave them the knockers until April, 2018 when they asked to me stop delivering them knockers because they had too many.

Hearing this request totally shocked me and it was then I decided to ship them to the Bellingham office. At this time I sent an email to learn what cup sizes were needed Christel nicely responded A and B cups would be appreciated. These were sent for the next 3 years until November 2021 when the need changed to D, E and F cups. What a surprise it was to see my knocker count at 1,000 on 2/5/22 4-1/2 years since the starting date.

What Is A Bra Pocket

A bra pocket is a fabric pocket sewn into the inside of a bra cup to keep a prosthesis in place.

If you choose to wear a breast prosthesis, a well-fitting bra with a full cup is often all thats needed to hold your prosthesis in place. Many women find this creates a more natural appearance and is secure enough. However, some women prefer to have a bra with a pocket.

Mastectomy bras come with an optional bra pocket. If you prefer, you can adapt an ordinary bra by sewing in a piece of stretchy material loosely across the back of the bra cup to act as a pocket.

You can also buy pockets to sew in yourself. These are available to buy online from most mastectomy bra stockists. Use loose stitches when attaching the pocket as if a pocket is sewn in too tightly it can affect the bras shape. Another alternative is to sew in two strips of evenly spaced ribbon, from the top to the bottom of the cup.

For a small fee, some mail order companies or high-street shops may be able to sew a pocket in for you. Some NHS hospitals will put a pocket into two or three bras free of charge. Ask your breast care nurse if this is available at your hospital.

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Cosabella Never Say Never Post

Inspired by Cosabella’s founder, Valeria Campello, an 8-year breast cancer survivor, this post-mastectomy bralette makes anyone wearing it feel gorgeous. “I hoped it would allow women to feel comfortable and beautiful as they undergo the treatment process and afterward,” Campello told Health. “Designed in our classic, floral Never Say Never lace, it has a supportive racerback style for post-surgery wear after a mastectomy.” The delicate-looking yet durable lace is soft and stretchy to accommodate changing breast sizes and prosthetics. The bra also has convenient front closures, pockets for breast forms, and a drainage opening, proving the Italian brand has thought of everything.

Faq : Post Mastectomy Clothing & Bras For Recovery

Bra designed for breast cancer survivors now for sale

What should I wear immediately after a mastectomy?

  • Following your breast surgery, your tissue will be removed and you may or may not have expanders placed or immediate reconstruction. So, you will be placed in a compression bra at the hospital to hold your dressings in place. Also, when moving around you will want to wear a robe over your compression bra and have a comfortable belt to hold your surgical drains when you walk so they do not pull on your chest area.

What should I wear home from hospital after mastectomy?

  • When it is time to leave the hospital, you will want to wear clothing that is soft on your sensitive skin and can easily be put on without raising your arms. Also, you will have a limited range of motion and will have to wear the compression bra for some time so it’s great to have a wrap dress, larger button-down shirts, and loose lounge pants you can easily pull on. So, you will also want shoes you can slip on because you may not be able to fully bend to tie or adjust your shoes.

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Who Does The Fitting

Your breast care nurse or a trained mastectomy fitter will do the fitting for you. You may need to make an appointment. Your local fitting centre may also be able to give you advice about paying for a prosthesis and help you fill in forms to claim back money.

If you need help finding a fitter, ask your breast care nurse or call our Support Line on 1800 200 700.

Special Bras For Breast Cancer Patients

After breast cancer surgery, many women rely on the comfort and support of a mastectomy bra. Designed with the needs of breast cancer patients in mind, mastectomy bras can help women regain a balanced, natural silhouette and feel protected and attractive in their new body after breast surgery.

Learn what makes a mastectomy bra unique and explore the features to look for when deciding on the right post-surgical bra for you.

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