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Free Breast Cancer Stuff By Mail

Welcome To Cancer Horizons

Tech in the OR: X-ray images of breast cancer tissue being removed in real time

Welcome to Cancer Horizons on, where youll find information about various cancer types and answers to questions about your diagnosis and beyond. A cancer diagnosis can transform a persons life in an instant, forcing you to become an educated patient overnight in order to be involved in the decision-making process of your care. The resources at Cancer Horizons will provide patients and caregivers with a thorough overview of the cancer type, potential diagnosis, available treatments, and guidance on living with cancer.

These resources are here to help you learn more about various cancer types so you can have more informed conversations with your care team. At Cancer Horizons, youll also find inspirational lifestyle articles covering topics such as diet and exercise, mental health, finances, and general wellness. We hope youll be inspired and empowered with the information provided here at Cancer Horizons.

Free Stuff For Breast Cancer Patients

  • Breast Cancer Resource Center provides services free of charge to anyone affected by breast cancer. They provide great help at breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.
  • Fight Club Survivor is an organization that lets breast cancer patients know theyre not alone, loved, and that their well-being is of utmost importance, by shipping care packages.
  • National Breast Cancer Patient Services provide help and inspire hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education, and support services. They provide mammograms for women who are uninsured or cannot afford them.

Ballet Austin Pink Pilates

For free pilates classes, check out Ballet Austins Pink Pilates. This class is a post-operative workout for women recovering from breast cancer. This is an awesome FREE 10-week program at Ballet Austin and the instructor, Vlada Sheber, is compassionate, fun, and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend this program! The Pilates for Breast Cancer class is valued at $600.

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Camp Kesem Free Summer Camp

Camp Kesem is wonderful! This summer, our kids went to Camp Kesem for the first time. Camp Kesem provides a free week of summer camp for kids of parents with cancer.

There are various camps around the country run by volunteers including 3,000 passionate college student leaders.

If you are looking for ways to get free vacations for cancer patients, then look at all of these options.

Free Stuff For Cancer Patients

Free Bottle Cap Images: Breast Cancer pink ribbon Awareness free bottle ...

So since being diagnosed I have come across so many FREE things for those who have cancer. Guess there’s an advantage to this whole cancer thing lol j/k. But I wanted to share this with others so they could take advantage of it. My number one and most favorite thing I have come across is a program called Good Wishes. This program is through the France Luxe Company. This company sells all sorts of hair supplies and has a program that offers one free head scarf or head wrap to cancer patients. The head scarves are about $70 dollars a piece so its an amazing deal. If you can afford it I would suggest purchasing something from them and contributing to this great foundation. The head scarves are AMAZING…I can not say enough great things about it. Here’s a pic below of the I the one I got.My second favorite program I have come across is calledChemo Angels. If you are in active treatment you can sign up for the awesome program. Usually one or two people “adopt” you and send you fun and uplifting cards and things to bringten your day. I know it has really helped me on many of my gloomy days. 🙂Heavenly Hats is a program started by a young boy who had cancer as teenager. Many of hats are donated and so in turn you can not choose what type of hats you want but you can tell them what you want and they try and accomadate you. But remember your not gonna get $100 dollar hats but you are still going to get some great hats 🙂 Fill A HeartCleaning for A ReasonMy favorite was the

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Free Services For Women With Cancer

Breast Cancer Freebies Links to a wide range of free services for all those undergoing treatment and cancer survivors.

EBeauty Provides free wigs for cancer patients and accepts wig donations.

Cleaning for a Reason Provides free housecleaning for women undergoing cancer treatment.

Good Wishes Beautiful scarves to anyone experiencing hair loss as a result of illness.

Hope Scarves Each recipient of a Hope Scarf receives a cancer survivors story.

Helens Room Provides resources for lower-income or uninsured women going through cancer treatments.

What Is A Mastectomy Pillow

It is a small pillow that fits nicely in the armpit to help ease the pain after a mastectomy and/or lymph node surgery. After having your breasts removed and having had a surgeon dig around in your armpit for lymph nodes, sitting like a normal person with your hands at your sides is quite painful. The pillow provides a buffer.

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Carebox Supplies That Offer Comfort To Cancer Patients

CareBox is a one-stop shop resource for cancer patients. Patients can sign up on the site and make a list of items from which they could benefit.Common CareBox products and supplies include:

  • Heating pads and neck pillows to help with muscle aches or pains
  • Masks and gloves for personal protection against infections.
  • Sick bags and ointments to treat the unfortunate side effects of some cancer treatments.

Many cancer patients quickly discover the cost of medical bills as well as the indirect, out-of pocket expenses of cancer add up quickly, often times leading to debt. Even though the free items in each CareBox are mostly low-cost, every dollar saved can be a big help to your loved one.

How do Cancer Patients Receive a CareBox?To participate in the CareBox program each cancer patient follows a few simple steps.

  • Provides your photo
  • How Do Carebox Packages Help Cancer Patients

    Early Signs of Breast Cancer

    When cancer patients are undergoing treatment, they need to keep both their bodies and minds strong to fight off the illness. However, thats often easier said than done. Treatments like chemotherapy can weaken immunes systems. Many cancer patients worry that exposure to someone with a minor cold could be debilitating, or could even prove deadly. Patients need to be both alert and prepared to fend off sickness. Although many prepare for chemotherapy and cancer treatments, the side effects of many cancer treatments, there are many unexpected adjustments that must be made to their daily routines. To help patients meet those challenges, CareBox delivers free care supplies to cancer patients at home to prevent malnutrition, infections & injuries.

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    Free Hotel For Cancer Patients

    • Hope Lodge offers cancer patients and their caregivers a free place to stay when their best hope for effective treatment may be in another city. Not having to worry about where to stay or how to pay for lodging allows guests to focus on getting better. Hope Lodge provides a nurturing, home-like environment where guests can retreat to private rooms or connect with others. Every Hope Lodge also offers a variety of resources and information about cancer and how best to fight the disease.
    • Ronald McDonald House Charities offers free or reduced-cost lodging for families of seriously ill children who are receiving treatment at nearby hospitals.
    • American Brain Tumor Association provides low or no-cost housing assistance to brain cancer patients and families near the treatment facilities.

    Here Is How This Works:

    • The person you are nominating must actively be in treatment for breast cancer
    • We will send an email confirming the nominee has been selected
    • If a 3rd party nominated a person, both people will receive an email. Sorry, but because we are sourcing personal information , the person nominating someone may not remain anonymous
    • The nominee will receive a Tutu Care Package in the mail
    • At this time cheer packages can only be shipped within the United States
    • Please note that we send out a maximum of five packages per month
    • There are no guarantees that someone nominated will receive a package but as we grow we will continue to increase the number of packages that go out!

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    Linda Our Founder Remembers Using The Healing Energy Of The Cards She Received In The Mail When She Was First Diagnosed She Called Them Covers Of Love That Always Made Her Feel Better We Want To Help Pass That Feeling On To Someone Else

    The nominee will receive a set of postcards with a special note from Linda, along with some other treats. We cant tell you what it is but we will get something to randomly selected individuals on this list.

    Dont sell yourself short if you are going through breast cancer, get yourself on our list. You deserve a little extra love too!

    More Resources For Breast Cancer Patients And Survivors

    FREE Breast Cancer Awareness Stuff  FREE Stuff for Breast Cancer ...

    1UponCancer put together a list of Freebies and Discounts for Cancer Patients. The list includes a variety of free and discounted goods and services such as basic needs, prostheses, classes, gas, housecleaning, pampering, retreats, and more.

    For example, Air Care Alliance ACA flies patients to treatments at no charge. Breast Cancer Charities gives qualifying breast cancer patients up to $500 towards rent or utilities. Cricketts Answer For Cancer gives breast cancer patients free Mastectomy massage, other massage therapies, facial, manicure, a basket of pampering products.

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    Free Cancer Support For Cancer Patients

    • Imerman Angels provides personalized connections that enable one-on-one support among cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers.
    • Cancer and Careers Resume Review offers free, personalized feedback on your resume from one of their professional career coaches. They offer this service completely free of charge to cancer patients and survivors.

    Look Good Feel Better Program

    Cancer patients can get free makeup and cosmetics. The Look Good Feel Better program gives free makeup to cancer patients.

    Just before I started chemo for breast cancer I attended one of these sessions. The Look Good Feel Better program is a 2-hour, hands-on workshop that gives cancer patients tips for hair loss, nail care, makeup, clothing, and more.

    I came home with a large cosmetic bag filled with all kinds of beauty goodies.

    Unfortunately, The Look Good Feel Better program is no longer funded by the American Cancer Society. Now very few Cancer Centers offer this program. Contact yours to see if they still do. Also, keep in mind these programs can also benefit from donations.

    Go to the Look Good Feel Better Program Site Finder for more local information. There are also Live! Virtual Workshops available through the partnering cancer centers.

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    *free Gift With Your Order Of $200 Or More


    Embroidered Beanie

    You’ll receive this outstanding value FREE with your order of $200 or more

    A $21.76 Value!

    Note: * Free gifts are subject to availability and may be substituted with a product of equal or greater value. Order value is net of any other discount offer. Limit: One per customer

    Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October is a time to come together to raise awareness promote education, screening, and early detection raise money, honor the fallen, and support patients and survivors. Positive Promotions is proud to help you educate and also support those impacted by breast cancer with our large selection of promotional products and educational resources. Working together, we can make a difference and rise to the challenge of finding a cure!

    Breast Cancer Awareness Apparel

    Positive Promotions is one of the largest sources for educationsl, awareness, and promotional products for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and breast health awareness initiatives throughout the year. In addition to an enormous array of breast health items, we provide essential tools for education and fundraising including calendars, handbooks, breast self-exam guides, apparel, bracelets, totes, drinkware, gift sets, and more.

    Free Care Packages For Cancer Patients

    Breast cancer survivor said they need support, even past cancer-free status

    The organizations listed below generously free care packages and products to cancer patients in all stages of the disease, from those who have been recently diagnosed, to those currently in treatment, and to those well beyond. For hundreds more free cancer care packages and programs, please see our updated links here: .

    The American Childhood Cancer Organization provides comfort kits for children and teenagers who have received a cancer diagnosis. These kits include a large collapsible duffel bag for transporting items to and from the medical facility, a blanket a pillow case emblazoned with ACCOs mascot Cozy, and a pack of playing cards. With the goal of easing the patients transition to treatment in mind the kit is designed to provide education and comfort to childhood and teenage patients. For more on this free kit and other free resources for kids and parents, please visit the ACCOs website: .

    The Stronghold Ministry gift basket contains educational materials and items to support someone after diagnosis.

    The free care package includes a tote, faith-based inspiration, and Subway gift card for people fighting cancer. To find out more about this generous program or to request a care package for yourself or someone else, please visit .

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    I Wish I Knew About That When I Went Through Treatment

    Thats what I hear all the time when I tell women about all the Breast Cancer Freebies available.

    Thats why I created this site. Like many of you, I had surgery, chemo and radiation for breast cancer.

    Along the way I got a FREE wig from the American Cancer Society and a FREE bag of goodies from the Lydia Project.

    As a journalist I began to search the internet for other wonderful freebies. But there was no central place to find them.

    Until now. This site is my way of paying it forward in gratitude to my health and to all the people who helped me.

    FREE is my favorite 4-letter word — after LOVE!

    — Bethany Kandel

    Freebies For Cancer Patients

    One of the most remarkable aspects of the cancer experience is the discovery of just how many compassionate people there are in the world. Just when a cancer patient is feeling most alone, most economically stressed, and most unable to find anything positive in their life, somebody steps forward to offer a helping hand, a kind word, and something to make them feel special. Some of the individuals and organizations that offer help and services are inspired by their own encounters with cancer, while others are simply motivated by the desire to reach out and help those who are most in need. In addition to offering support with day-to-day services such as food shopping or house cleaning, there are a remarkable number of generous offerings such as massages, trips, make-up, and more, all specifically designed to make the cancer journey a little easier financially, emotionally and spiritually.

    Casting for RecoveryCasting for Recovery was founded by a breast cancer reconstruction surgeon, who felt that by offering breast cancer patients the opportunity to spend a weekend fly fishing, they would learn valuable coping skills and connect with others who were sharing their experience.

    Yoga BearYoga Bears mission statement is connecting cancer fighters and survivors with healing yoga, and though the organization was originally started in San Francisco, it now offers free yoga classes in 25 states, through over 200 studios.

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    Free Products And Services For Breast Cancer Patients

    Getting diagnosed with breast cancer can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. From planning care to obtaining support services, getting everything lined up can be a real challenge. The programs, products, and services are available at no cost specifically to breast cancer patients and their families. Get the help you need from the nonprofit and governmental programs below.

    These free resources specifically support breast patients along the cancer journey. Here youll find no-cost financial assistance programs for breast cancer patients to help pay for travel, housing, treatment, copays, deductibles, and prescriptions. Free programs are also included for peer and professional counseling and free gifts to help breast cancer patients with the many burdens that accompany a diagnosis. All support services are provided free of charge for patients, caregivers, and family living here in the USA.

    Free Hats For Cancer Patients

    Free: Breast Cancer Awareness Bottle Cap Image Sheet
    • Breast Friends provides complimentary hats to breast, ovarian or gynecological cancer patients who are in active treatment and experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy.
    • Heavenly Hats collects and distributes brand new hats of all kinds to those who lose their hair due to the treatment of cancer or the many other medical conditions which may cause hair loss.

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    Get Free Baby Stuff By Mail

    Here are some baby products you can get for free and where to get them.

  • Free baby diapers.
  • Some estimates hint that households are likely to spend approximately $2,100 for diapers before the babies finish their potty-training. Thankfully, there are some great resources where you can find this free baby stuff by mail, such as:

  • Simply Right usually will send a family five diapers for free.
  • National Diaper Bank Network makes an ideal choice for low income families. This is a non-profit organization that will set you up with a supply of diapers donated for free.
  • Free baby products from Target.
  • One of the largest retailer chains, Target, will gift you a gift bag once youre fine setting up your gift registry. The gift bag contains with baby product samples and coupons that worth more than $60. The coupons youll receive are from various brands marketing and manufacturing baby products, such as Pampers and Honest, and even other products such as Starbucks. Typically, the free samples youll receive are prenatal multivitamin, diaper rash cream, pacifier, breastfeeding storage bags, diapers and wipes, and baby bottle.

  • Free nursing cover.
  • Free baby leggings.
  • Baby leggings can be considered as an essential for babies. Luckily, you can get them for free either for yourself or anyone you know. Simply go to Baby Leggings website and use the promo code to get the item for free .

  • Free carseat canopy.
  • Free coupons.
  • Lubs .
  • GoodNites .
  • Free baby products with Pampers Rewards.

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