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Free Care Packages For Breast Cancer Patients

Free Recliners For East Tennessee Cancer Patients

Breast Cancer Care Packages

One of our support initiatives is Recliners for Recovery. It is designed to support cancer patients with comfort during this challenging time. The recliner can help the patient relax, as well as provide improved blood circulation in the legs, alleviate back pain and problems with nausea sometimes caused by chemotherapy.

United Cancer Support Foundation is providing local cancer patients with a new recliner. The procedure is simple. Just fill out our Application, we will verify the information on the completed forms and contact you to schedule a pick up date and time when a chair is available.

The images below show just a few of the hundreds of recliners we have gifted to recipients in the cancer community.

NOTE: The recliners are for office pick up ONLY. Please make sure to have two people with a truck or a van on the scheduled date.

Free Hats For Cancer Patients

  • Breast Friends provides complimentary hats to breast, ovarian or gynecological cancer patients who are in active treatment and experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy.
  • Heavenly Hats collects and distributes brand new hats of all kinds to those who lose their hair due to the treatment of cancer or the many other medical conditions which may cause hair loss.

Cleaning For A Reason

This unique organization cleans homes for cancer patients for free. The cleaners comprise a trusted network of residential cleaners, cleaning industry volunteers, and community volunteers. While this isnt specifically a free care package, it may be more valuable than a pair of fuzzy socks or a vanilla candle.

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Subscription For Audiobook Service

Chemo Care Package Best Seller Chemo Gift SHIPS FREE

No matter how addicted your friend is to a game on their phone, shes going to get tired of playing it after the long hours in the treatment room.

Why not give your friend a subscription to an audiobook service to help them fill the time? If your friend isnt a reader, give them suggestions of funny or uplifting books that will help them keep their mind off what is happening to their body.

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Items Make Make Your Own Cancer Care Package

In this post, you are going to learn 10 items for a chemotherapy care package. A cancer care package is a great idea for anyone battling cancer. Chemotherapy care packages are perfect for a special gift and is just another great way to show your support for your friend or family member. Head to the blog to learn the best gifts and make your own care package! |Cancer Care Packages I Chemotherapy Care Packages I Chemotherapy Care Packages for Women I Men Chemotherapy Care Packages I

Ucsf Gifts Of Comfort & Care Package

Designed to support cancer patients with gifts that provide relaxation and comfort during cancer treatment.

United Cancer Support Foundation is a dedicated non profit cancer organization. Our Gifts of Comfort & Care Program is designed to support cancer patients with gifts that provide relaxation and comfort during cancer treatment. Cancer is a dreadful disease that affects those suffering from it physically and emotionally. The goal of this program is to help the cancer patient reduce stress, which will have a positive impact during treatment.

To complete the application process, cancer patient will need to fill out the Application Form and Memorandum of Understanding, then mail the forms to:

Patient Support Department6700 Baum Drive Suite 8Knoxville, TN 37919

or send email attachment to: Once we have received the completed forms, we will process and verify the information in the forms. Then, our staff and volunteers will assemble and send you the personal support package.

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Whats In The Gift Basket

Cancer patients receive: My Stronghold canvas tote bag. Inspirational books from experienced Stage IV cancer survivors, Joe and Terri Fornear: My Stronghold A Pastors Battle with Cancer and DoubtsIn His GripMeditations with The Great Physician Small gift card to bless you in a practical way. God, My Stronghold wristbands. Bookmarks with Gods healing promises in Scripture.

*While supplies last. Donation not required, if youd like to donate, go to our Secure Donation Portal.

Look Good Feel Better Program

Cancer patient creates care packages

Cancer patients can get free makeup and cosmetics. The Look Good Feel Better program gives free makeup to cancer patients.

Just before I started chemo for breast cancer I attended one of these sessions. The Look Good Feel Better program is a 2-hour, hands-on workshop that gives cancer patients tips for hair loss, nail care, makeup, clothing, and more.

I came home with a large cosmetic bag filled with all kinds of beauty goodies.

Unfortunately, The Look Good Feel Better program is no longer funded by the American Cancer Society. Now very few Cancer Centers offer this program. Contact yours to see if they still do. Also, keep in mind these programs can also benefit from donations.

Go to the Look Good Feel Better Program Site Finder for more local information. There is also Live! Virtual Workshops are available through the partnering cancer centers.

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Friends Like Me Care Packages

If you are requesting a Friends Like Me Care Package for yourself, click here.

To fill out a Friends Like Me Care Package request form for a friend or loved one, click here.

The PBCC reaches out to individuals in Pennsylvania who have received a breast cancer diagnosis within the last six months with a complimentary Friends Like Me Care Package. The package contains educational publications, books and information, as well as some soft touches like a pink ribbon pin and donated gifts. This care package helps newly-diagnosed Pennsylvanians by providing educational information, inspiration and support at a time when they need it most.


  • Free to the recipient
  • Delivered via UPS

How Do Carebox Packages Help Cancer Patients

When cancer patients are undergoing treatment, they need to keep both their bodies and minds strong to fight off the illness. However, thats often easier said than done. Treatments like chemotherapy can weaken immunes systems. Many cancer patients worry that exposure to someone with a minor cold could be debilitating, or could even prove deadly. Patients need to be both alert and prepared to fend off sickness. Although many prepare for chemotherapy and cancer treatments, the side effects of many cancer treatments, there are many unexpected adjustments that must be made to their daily routines. To help patients meet those challenges, CareBox delivers free care supplies to cancer patients at home to prevent malnutrition, infections & injuries.

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Where Can You Find Free Care Packages For A Loved One With Breast Cancer

Some organizations give free care packages and services to people with cancer. Here are some websites to help you get started on your research.

You might want to ask before signing your friend up for one of the care packages or services. Health matters are private, and they may not want to share the news of their illness with the general public.

Best Items To Put In A Breast Cancer Care Package

Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Gift, Chemotherapy Care Kit, Breast Cancer ...

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Its hard to know what to say when someone is sick. You want to be positive, but at the same time, you dont want to belittle what your friend is experiencing. You want to show support, but you cant take away the pain and discomfort they may encounter. You want to be a good friend, but if you have never experienced cancer, you may not know what to say.

Jump ahead to these sections:

Instead of saying anything, why not create a care package for your friend who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer?

Here are some thoughtful items to put in a breast cancer care package. While some of the items on this list may be pricey, remember that the best gift you can give to your friend is your emotional support for free.

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Free Products And Services For Breast Cancer Patients

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed. From planning care to obtaining support services, getting everything lined up can be a real challenge. If you , has been diagnosed with breast cancer, the specialized programs, products, and services below are available at no cost to you.

This list of updated resources specifically supports you as a breast patient all along the cancer journey. Here youll find no-cost financial assistance programs to help pay for travel, housing, treatment, copays, deductibles, and prescriptions. Weve also included custom-tailored peer and professional counseling services and free gift programs just for breast cancer patients to help relieve some of the many burdens that accompany this diagnosis.

All support services are provided free of charge for breast patients, caregivers, and family living here in the USA. Get the help you need from the nonprofit and governmental programs below. In addition, please visit our national directory of free products, programs, and services for all cancer patients regardless of diagnosis. And do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance locating any other resource, and we will help you find it.

After Beating Cancer Com Alum Is Giving Care Kits To Others With The Disease

Sonia Sus growing nonprofit, Kits to Heart, has handed out more than 1,000 packages

Sonia Su vividly remembers the day she found a care kit on her hospital bed.

It was 2019, and the then-25-year-old Su was on her third round of treatment for an aggressive form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Shed been diagnosed the year before and gone through two rounds of chemotherapy. When she was admitted to the University of Maryland hospital for an intensive new treatment called CAR T-cell therapy, Su was nauseous, exhausted, and so weak that her mom had to help her walk through the hospital. So, when she saw a care kitdonated by a former patient for someone like Susitting on the bed in her room, it was like the sun had just come out, she says.

I was having a really terrible time and it was crazy how much that kit completely changed my day, says Su, now 28 and cancer-free. Knowing that a complete stranger was looking out for me and rooting for me was so inspiring. I literally told myself that day, Im gonna do the same thing for someone else once I get out of here.

So thats exactly what she did.

Reading testimonials on KTHs website shows the impact Su has made on the cancer community. I feel so blessed to have received this care package, one patient wrote after receiving a kit. Everything was so well thought out and it truly made this cancer gal feel better after an extremely rough chemo recovery.


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Request A Free Gift Basket For A Cancer Patient

Over 22,050 cancer patients have received a free gift basket from Stronghold Ministry. If youre fighting cancer, wed love to send you one! If you know someone fighting cancer, this is a great way to encourage. Well send much-needed spiritual help from Joe and Terri Fornear who fought Stage IV cancer.

Stronghold Ministry Brochures And Documents:

Dentist with breast cancer helping fellow chemo patients with dental care packages

Two Ways to Get to Heaven If you were to die today and stand before God, why should He let you into heaven? What is your plan for entry? Paper copies are available just write us and ask!Dos Maneras de Ir al Cielo Also we have a Spanish version of The Two Ways to Get to Heaven just write us and ask!

Brochure for Stronghold Ministry This is our two-page pamphlet which explains our ministry.

Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients PDF

*Although our goal is to provide accurate information in our Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients PDF, this document is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate as programs change often based on resources/availability, please use as a guide at your own discretion.

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Words Of Gratitude From Box Of Hope Recipients

Thank you for all the wonderful goodies! I really appreciate it. It was really fun to open and see all the fun things that were included.


What a box full of love and blessings I received today from United Breast Cancer Foundation and Twisted Pink. Thank you for your love and generosity. My heart is full!


Just wanted to thank you so very much for the box that arrived today. I was amazed and delighted by the fantastic variety and quality of the contents. Going through this journey has been difficult. There are so many ups and downs but receiving that gorgeous gift today was such a wonderful up!! I will be happily using all the treats you’ve sent and think of Twisted Pink and UBCF with gratitude each day.


For a variety of reasons, I have struggled for the last several days, but the Box of Hope inspired me to get up, get showered and get ‘ready’ to face my day. The thought of trying out some ‘new to me’ cosmetic lines was so fantastically fun! And the socks! LOVE. THEM. I have been living with MBC for 3 years. My side effects and treatment strategy are keeping me stable for the time. Still, some days are harder than others emotionally and the box was just what I needed to remind myself I can keep going.



Free Hotel For Cancer Patients

  • Hope Lodge offers cancer patients and their caregivers a free place to stay when their best hope for effective treatment may be in another city. Not having to worry about where to stay or how to pay for lodging allows guests to focus on getting better. Hope Lodge provides a nurturing, home-like environment where guests can retreat to private rooms or connect with others. Every Hope Lodge also offers a variety of resources and information about cancer and how best to fight the disease.
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities offers free or reduced-cost lodging for families of seriously ill children who are receiving treatment at nearby hospitals.
  • American Brain Tumor Association provides low or no-cost housing assistance to brain cancer patients and families near the treatment facilities.

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Recently Diagnosed And Booked For Breast Cancer Surgery

You are not alone!

We are giving women a BECAUSE.WE.CARE. package

This Because.We.Care. Package is just for you because we DO care, and want you to know that as you face this breast cancer surgery and diagnosis you are not alone. We have included items that we know from experience will be helpful to you:

A post-surgical camisole that will make the days following surgery so much more comfortable with drains, a heart shaped pillow for under your arm that will help with the discomfort of a lymph node surgery, a journal and pen for you to use for taking notes at doctors appointments, and to write down important things you dont want to forget, baby wipes to use after surgery when bathing or showering isnt recommended but you still want a quick freshen up! A pair of cozy socks while you sit and wait for surgery or tests, or just want to relax. A pack of Kleenex no explanation required xo, and last but not least, toothbrush, toothpaste and handcream and sanitizer.

This is a challenging and life changing experience, and to you we wish so much strength, grace, hope and love.

Camp Kesem Free Summer Camp

Pin on hoamour

Camp Kesem is wonderful! This summer, our kids went to Camp Kesem for the first time. Camp Kesem provides a free week of summer camp for kids of parents with cancer.

There are various camps around the country run by volunteers including 3,000 passionate college student leaders.

If you are looking for ways to get free vacations for cancer patients, then look at all of these options.

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