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Gift Box For Breast Cancer Patient

Words Of Gratitude From Box Of Hope Recipients

Support breast cancer awareness with a gift from Boombox

Thank you for all the wonderful goodies! I really appreciate it. It was really fun to open and see all the fun things that were included.


What a box full of love and blessings I received today from United Breast Cancer Foundation and Twisted Pink. Thank you for your love and generosity. My heart is full!


Just wanted to thank you so very much for the box that arrived today. I was amazed and delighted by the fantastic variety and quality of the contents. Going through this journey has been difficult. There are so many ups and downs but receiving that gorgeous gift today was such a wonderful up!! I will be happily using all the treats you’ve sent and think of Twisted Pink and UBCF with gratitude each day.


For a variety of reasons, I have struggled for the last several days, but the Box of Hope inspired me to get up, get showered and get ‘ready’ to face my day. The thought of trying out some ‘new to me’ cosmetic lines was so fantastically fun! And the socks! LOVE. THEM. I have been living with MBC for 3 years. My side effects and treatment strategy are keeping me stable for the time. Still, some days are harder than others emotionally and the box was just what I needed to remind myself I can keep going.



What To Say To Someone Who Has Just Been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

What to Say to a Cancer PatientWell get through this together. I am praying for you.Go to MD Anderson. I am here for you. Then follow through and really be there.Dont ask what you can do to help or say, Let me know if you need anything. Many people will never ask for help even though they need it.More items

Help Out With Daily Tasks

One thing a cancer patient does not need any more of? Stress. Offering to help out with tasks like rides to treatments, house cleaning, feeding pets or driving kids to school/sports will lift a huge weight off your loved ones shoulders. The less they focus on day-to-day chores, the more they can focus on getting better.

Here are some specific ways you can help out with daily tasks:

One of the best gifts I got when I had my cancer in 2001-2002 was, a church friend would come pick up my 3 kids and drive them to 3 different schools each school day. She had 2 daughters that went to school also. It helped me tremendously, because a lot of times my cancer appointments were early and I could not drive my kids to their schools. Others gifts were gift baskets of things that I could use for different things during my cancer treatment sessions like cards, money or gift cards and people praying for me ALL over the world while I had cancer treatments and appointments.

Debbie W. R.

Years ago a women in our town had TB and was staying in a special hospital. She had 5 small children. The Junior Womens Club took this on as a project. We took care of her children on a Friday took turns feeding the family and whatever was needed.

Carol L.

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Can You Use Plastic Spoons For Chemo

Even plastic spoons and forks could come in handy, especially since some people going through chemo might be bothered by a metallic taste, which might be made worse by using a regular fork, she says. Online outlets make it easy to buy these goods in bulk, like this 12-roll bundle from Amazon, or you can hand-pick several individual items that ship together.

Homemade Meals Or Restaurant Gift Cards

Gift For A Breast Cancer Patient

Offering meals is a gift-giving staple for a reason: it takes a huge burden off a patient. Finding the time to cook regularly is a challenge even for those with no health issues, let alone someone struggling with cancer. A home cooked meal or a gift card to a favorite restaurant can make a big difference.

A couple CaringBridge members who received meals during treatment shared their appreciation for this gift:

We are an eat at the table familywhen my daughter was doing chemo it would have meant takeout dinner.for over two years the people of our church came weekly with homemade meals and sat down at the table with my other children while I was at treatment with Echo.I still tear up thinking of it.

Evan J. M.

A home-cooked, sit-down dinner and someone coming to clean my house were the two best gifts I ever received while undergoing chemo.

Nicole Nic N.

Gift cards for meals for my family. The cutest was from a coworker who sent me a DQ gift card with a note that said Have a cold one on me!

Michelle B. A.

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What Do You Get Someone With Breast Cancer

Thats why we spoke with breast cancer survivors about the most useful gifts, both physical and experiential, that they received during their cancer journey.A Home-cooked Meal. Comfy Pajamas. A Box of Luxury Bath Products. Support Love. Takeout Gift Cards. Port/Mastectomy Pillow. Prayer Shawl. Ginger Candy.More items

What Should You Not Say If You Have Breast Cancer

10 things never to say to someone with breast cancerDo not burst into tears. Do not avoid talking about the subject. Do not invade. Do not send YOUR thoughts by post. Do not offer prayers. Do not say Let me know what I can do Do not stop sending out invites. Do not try to kid us how well we look.More items

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Cancer Gifts & Care Packages

Cancer care packages handpicked through our own experience and specifically chosen for those starting or going through treatment for cancer – whether it’s surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or any other treatment regimen. Pick individual gifts or multiple goodies and they will be lovingly packaged together and sent with a handwritten message of your choice.

To view cancer care packages for men, please

To view cancer care parcels for children, please re.

Questions Weve Got Answers

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    Make A Caringbridge Site

    CaringBridge is a personal health journal that lets you easily share your health journey with all your loved ones. Creating a site is a great way to help your loved one easily communicate and receive support, which makes it an awesome gift to give someone battling cancer. Check out what a couple CaringBridge users had to say about creating a site:

    Doing a CaringBridge for my mother-in-law was the best thing I did for myself! My writings were priceless in the time it saved me. I then could spend more time with her. Then trying to keep everyone up-to-date, which would have been impossible. Thank you for being there for us!

    Linda W.

    Some of the best gifts my husband and I are receiving right now arent physical things, but support on our CaringBridge site from people we havent heard from in a very long time. Another thing that was an amazing gift to me was the Loving Kindness Meditation connected with CaringBridge. It helped me focus every day, and I saved the link and still go back to it.

    Carolyn M.

    Simple Gifts For People In Cancer Treatment

    Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can both have unpleasant side-effects for breast cancer patients. Possible side-effects include hair loss, nausea and fatigue, as well as a number of other symptoms. Getting through this part of treatment is never easy, and its important to support people through it as much as possible.

    With that in mind, here are 10 simple gifts you can give to someone who is currently in treatment:

    • Moisturising cream to soothe sensitive skin.
    • A heated eye-mask, or a candle for the room, to aid relaxation.
    • A soft toothbrush and natural toothpaste to help a sore mouth.
    • Crosswords and puzzles to support mindfulness, and to help pass the time during treatment.
    • Lolly recipe cards to help with hot flushes and soothe a sore mouth.
    • Cordial and organic herbal tea to help stay hydrated during treatment.
    • A notebook to keep track of questions, side-effects or to note down feelings and thoughts.
    • Hot chocolate simply put, a hug in a mug!
    • Organic mixed herbs and chilli oil to add flavour to food.
    • Wildflower seeds so they can embrace nature during their treatment.

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    A Box Of Luxury Bath Products

    Buy it: Home Spa Kit, $75 Cos Bar

    Self-care should be an essential part of everyone’s wellness routine, especially so when fighting a disease. Containing bath salts, a face mask, creams, and oils, this luxurious kit pampering and promoting relaxation.

    “A box of luxury bath salts, body lotions, candles, and creams, all things that I don’t often buy myself but love to use. It feels like a little splurge and reminds me that taking care of myself is important.” Melissa Stewart

    Box Of Hope Partnership

    Buy Pink Breast Cancer Survivor Care Package Gift Bundle (No Candy ...

    Twisted Pink has partnered with the United Breast Cancer Foundation to support breast cancer patients and survivors beginning in 2021 with our Box of Hope program. The support comes in the form of available resources and health & beauty products mailed as a Hope Box to breast cancer patients and survivors. Throughout 2021, over 1,200 Boxes of Hope were mailed to early and late-stage breast cancer patients across the United States and Canada.

    We are excited to partner with the United Breast Cancer Foundation to reach more individuals with a unique program to ship gifts of support to survivors and look forward to continuing this program in the months and years to come. We are grateful for UBCFs ongoing partnership to help Twisted Pink in supporting individuals affected by a breast cancer diagnosis. Its exciting to realize the potential number of individuals we could support throughout the country, Caroline Johnson, Executive Director, Twisted Pink.

    The United Breast Cancer Foundation has generously donated the gifts for the Hope Box program. The boxes are filled with health & beauty items to help survivors and patients enjoy these gifts following what are often expensive treatments for breast cancer. The box includes a variety of items such as jewelry, Savvy Minerals makeup, CBD lotion & oils, herbal tea & more. The retail value of the box is approximately $250.00 per recipient.

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    What Do You Put In A Chemo Basket

    Cancer Care Package IdeasWarm blankets and socks. Clinics and hospitals where chemotherapy is administered are often chilly, so blankets and warm socks can make your loved one more comfortable. Moisturizers and lip balm. Headwear and/or salon gift cards. Snacks and water. Entertainment. Inspiration.

    Pavilia Premium Flannel Fleece Throw Blanket

    To make hours-long treatment sessions more comfortable, give a fuzzy blanket for snuggling. This option from Pavilia is a great choice that comes in two sizes50 by 60 inches and 60 by 80 inchesand a variety of colors. It has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon and more than 6,000 reviews. Reviewers say this blanket is lightweight but feels extremely plush and comfy.

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    Gifts For Cancer Patients

    Care Packages, Breast Cancer Gifts, Skincare, Wellbeing, Nail Care, Home Fragrance, Men, Gift Cards

    Why not try our Unique Gifting Service and we will take you by the hand and lead you through the creation of the perfect, bespoke, care package. Start building your ideal gift today.

    Receiving one of our beautifully presented gifts for cancer patients is a loving and indulgent experience. Each parcel is wrapped to give the recipient joy and delight. You can include a gift message . We do not include a receipt or invoice with the package but we do send one to the person kindly buying the gift for another. We only send the despatch notification to the buyer, making the gift a total surprise.

    Can Chemo Cause Numbness In Hands

    Phoenix porch pirate stole gifts meant for breast cancer patient

    Chemotherapy can cause debilitating nerve damage that could leave some breast cancer patients dealing with numbness, tingling, and even difficulty using their hands. Some research suggests that wearing cold wraps on the hands and feet may prevent this damage.If theres a special breast cancer patient in your life with chemo ahead, consider gifting a pair of these therapeutic glovesto use with her doctors approval, of course.To buy: $35, amazon.comTo get our top stories delivered to your inbox, sign up for the Healthy Living newsletter

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    Their Very Own Hospital Gown

    There are few things as impersonal as a hospital gownand is it just us, or do they never fit? A personal robe could allow people with breast cancer to feel just a bit more like themselves during treatment. Something pretty, soft, and in a fun pattern is just a small way for them to feel like themselves during their hospital stay.

    What Do You Give A Cancer Patient As A Gift

    7 Thoughtful Gifts for Cancer Patients and CaregiversA Meal Service or Gift Cards. Traveling to and from home for cancer treatments can be time consuming and tiring for both the patient and caregiver. A Massage. Time Off. A Clean Home. Comfortable Clothing. A Care Basket. The Same Gift Youd Get Them Otherwise.

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    Ugg Australia Chenille Crew Socks

    To keep your loved ones feet comfy and warm, consider a pair of fuzzy socks that are way better than the ones they issue at the hospital. This pair from UGG made of chenille yarn are ultra cozy, perfect for chilly days. Reviewers say these socks are warm and incredibly soft some even call them the comfiest socks in the world. Many also say these socks are a perfect gift for friends and family.

    Balm Boxes Contain Curated Practical Items That Offer Comfort During Cancer Treatments

    Top Ten Gifts For Breast Cancer Patients â Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

    Sometimes the finish line is actually the starting line. Thats what Liz Benditt, a seasoned marketing executive, learned after surviving cancer four times in one decade.

    Now cancer-free for three years, she has used the extra downtime spent staying at home during the pandemic to turn an idea she had while being treated for cancer into a full-fledged business.

    Launched in September and already seeing high demand, Balm Box offers individual self-care boxes and gift box subscriptions for patients undergoing cancer treatments. The current line is focused on breast cancer radiation and chemotherapy, but Benditt has future releases for other treatments in development. Carefully curated for cancer patients by a cancer patient, Balm Boxes aim to deliver functional support products that help and heal, Benditt said.

    When people are living with cancer and going through medical treatments, she said, they dont need pink, beribboned stuff. They need meaningful, functional items.

    And she would know: She survived melanoma in 2009, thyroid cancer the next year, basal cell carcinoma in 2015 and breast cancer in 2017. But instead of seeing her health as bad luck, Benditt decided to see her cancers as a starting line inspiration for a fresh start.

    You think a lot more about how to live to the fullest, because you know that theres life after all of this, she said.

    She soon learned that radiation would slow her down due to the pain, exhaustion and burns it left.

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    How Do You Cheer Up A Cancer Patient

    What you can do: VisitsAlways call before you visit. Schedule a visit that allows you to give physical and emotional support for the caregiver, too. Make short, regular visits rather than long, infrequent ones. Begin and end the visit with a touch, a hug, or a handshake.Be understanding if you are asked .More items


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