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Gifts For Someone Going Through Chemo For Breast Cancer

Coffee Mug Offering Courage

Having chemotherapy for breast cancer – patient guide

More often than not, some simple words give patients all the courage and support they need. Here is a coffee mug that does exactly that, with its simple yet effective quote. It comes with the words, Youre the strongest person I know.

These words are enough to inspire a patient undergoing radiation. Whenever they feel down and out, all they need to do is take a look at this mug, to know that they are sorted.

Best Gifts For A Friend Who Is Undergoing Breast Cancer Treatment

A breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can be difficult. As a friend or family member, stepping up and providing help or a little something special at this time can make all the difference.

That’s why we spoke with breast cancer survivors about the most useful gifts, both physical and experiential, that they received during their cancer journey.

Something To Look Forward To

Having something positive to look forward to is a great motivator for cancer patients to get through treatment. You can plan something to anticipate, or keep them reminded of a goal they have.

When my sister was very sick with ovarian cancer, her friends and family did a mini-makeover on her kitchen, living room and dining room.including paint, new decor, new couch, etc. She got to come home to a fabulous, clean and beautiful home to recuperate!!!

Renee B.

During my radiation for breast cancer my main objective was to backpack with my friends & husband again. I went for radiation daily and then I went to the gym.daily. to get ready for the hike in the spring. I was so focused on the physical recovery that at times I forgot about the treatment the hour before.

Jean K.

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Gift Basket Ideas For Someone Going Through Chemo

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May 25, 2015Shannon Schmid

Recently, someone I love was diagnosed with Cancer and told they will need to go through Chemotherapy. So often when loved ones get a diagnosis like this its easy to feel overwhelmed. What can we possibly say or do to help?

While I dont have any magic answers, Ive found it helps me to cope if I can find a way to be helpful to the person who is sick, even if it is in just a very small way. Thats how the idea for this Chemo Care Basket Came about.

Below, is what was included in the Chemotherapy Gift Basket I made hopefully it gives you some ideas. That said, you could include so many other helpful items! So, feel free to be guided by your knowledge of the gift recipient and your own intuition as well!

Putting together a Chemotherapy Gift Basket-

  • A Tumbler that has a Lid, and a StrawThis is helpful for drinking when the person is laying down. The lid and straw keep the beverage from spilling when the person takes a sip from bed.
  • Hard Candy to SuckGinger hard candy can help with the nausea Chemo can cause, and flavored hard candy can help with the metallic taste chemo can sometimes leave in the mouth.
  • Fuzzy socks or ThrowWhen the person is actually receiving Chemo they can get a chill, and feel extra cold. So a fuzzy throw, hat or socks can help them stay cozy during treatments.
  • About Shannon Schmid

    Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser

    Deluxe Women

    For a facial cleanser

    This soothing nonfoaming facial wash is free from fragrances, parabens, and soap. Therefore, it is suitable for dry or sensitive skin.

    A person can use this product on their face or body. Its ingredients include:

    For hand cream

    This hand cream helps repair dry, cracked skin and strengthen nails.

    According to the manufacturer, the petroleum jelly and keratin formula prevents nails from chipping or breaking while leaving hands soft and smooth.

    A pack of two bottles costs around $7.69 on Amazon.

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    Warm Embrace Willow Tree

    This sweet little Willow Tree figurine will be a family heirloom for sure. Its darling with being obnoxiously sugar-sweet, and will match any décor. Whether she keeps it on her nightstand, her desk, or front and center on her kitchen table, shell love looking at this over and over again.

    Lymphediva Tutu Compression Garment

    Compression sleeves apply pressure to the arms, hands, or trunks to reduce the symptoms of lymphedema, a common side effect of breast cancer treatments. Unfortunately, most compression sleeves arent pretty to look at but these arm sleeves are perfect for the breast cancer patient in your life. Not only are they stylish, but theyre also comfortable to wear all day.

    Lymphediva gives back in a big way 25% of select garments are donated to charities that work with breast cancer patients. We are honored that they chose The Tutu Project as one of their charities and love the design by artist .

    A healthcare professional must measure and fit each garment, and the best way to gift these beautiful sleeves is by purchasing a gift certificate.

    Lymphediva is an American-owned business proudly manufactured in the US.

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    White Satin Just Chillin Robe

    5. Cozy Socks

    A cancer patient going through chemotherapy has to sit still for a large amount of time. They are also more susceptible to the cold, so a trusted pair of warm bed socks is a nice comforting chemo gift. And even if the chemo treatment doesnt make them cold, they can give a comfy, pampering feeling which may be needed.

    6. Hats

    Hats are another great way to ensure cancer patients will stay warm during treatment. When you shop for a hat, make sure that it is made of a gentle fabric. But remember that not everyone who has chemo treatment loses their hair, so you might just want to buy a hat as a gift for warmth and not hair loss. Plus hair loss can be a sensitive subject, so make sure this is the correct thing to buy. Check with the cancer patient or the people who are close to them first.

    7. Scarves

    Scarves are another good gift for chemo patients, to help keep them warm during chemo treatment. We suggest that they are small and lightweight, so they can be layered.

    8. Gloves

    As mentioned above chemo treatment could make patients cold and usually the first parts to feel the cold are the hands. A good gift to deal with this could be warm touch-screen friendly gloves that will still allow phone usage.

    9. Cardigans/Jumpers

    Cardigans are another good gift idea for chemo patients, especially as they can be taken on and off when needed. Opt for soft, gentle natural fabrics as opposed to heavy, itchy knits.

    10. Slippers

    1. Books or magazines

    Lip Balm For Hydration

    My First Week of Chemotherapy (breast cancer)

    When you give them this thoughtful gift, radiation patients dont have to worry about dry and cracked lips as an after-effect of their treatments. This is a set of hydrating lip balms from Burts.

    All these four lip balms are 100% organic. They are made from natural ingredients like beeswax, strawberry, coconut oil, pear, vanilla bean, shea butter and fruit extracts to provide the much-needed nourishment and hydration to their lips.

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    Inspirational Cancer Emesis Bags

    Nausea and vomiting are very much part of the cancer journey when youre on chemotherapy and radiation.

    The difference with these emesis bags is that they have inspirational messages printed on the bag.

    The message Youre braver than you think, stronger than you seem, and loved more than you know are meant to give strength and courage even as they barf into the bag, which in itself is a super unpleasant experience.

    The bags are discrete and easy to carry without worrying about spillage- you can take them everywhere.

    The lock system on the bag keeps the emesis and odor contained within the bag.

    Woolen Blanket With A Beautiful Message

    While radiation patients will be thrilled about this beautiful cotton blanket, they will be moved to tears reading the emotional message written on it. The words, printed in big and bold print, go this way In this family, no one fights alone.

    These words give patients the feeling that they are cared for and dont have to fight their battles alone. These blankets are absolutely comfortable, too, as they are woven using 8 miles of super-soft, American-grown cotton.

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    Food Or Meal Delivery Service

    UberEats, Postmates, or your local food delivery service is a godsend for those going through treatment and recovering from surgery. Give a gift certificate or send food straight to their door. Sun Basket and Blue Apron are good options for meal-delivery services as well . Another idea for in-towners is organizing a meal train, a free meal calendar set up amongst family or friends who are close by.

    Cleaning For A Reason

    Pin on My Gift Ideas

    This unique organization cleans homes for cancer patients for free. The cleaners comprise a trusted network of residential cleaners, cleaning industry volunteers, and community volunteers. While this isnt specifically a free care package, it may be more valuable than a pair of fuzzy socks or a vanilla candle.

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    Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Someone Going Through Cancer Treatment

    When someone you love has cancer, it can be difficult to know what to say, let alone trying to find them appropriate gifts during this time. Do you get them something practical they can use while having treatment? Or do you buy something completely unrelated, to distract them from the repetitive treatment cycles or discomfort they may be in.

    One of our editors Sofiane asked people affected by cancer what they think are the most useful gifts.

    The gift ideas below are all designed to make the person with cancer feel a little bit more at ease, no matter what type of cancer the person is faced with.

    AudiobooksWhen you are stuck in a hospital bed, having or waiting for treatment, you suddenly end up having a lot of free time on your hands. An audiobook of the persons favourite read can be a great gift, as the person may have concentration problems or be feeling very tired . These symptoms can make reading physical books difficult.

    If the person doesnt fancy listening to an audiobook, you can always make them a playlist of their favourite songs to pass the time.

    If they prefer playing games or doing puzzles, you can buy these through apps on their smartphone or tablet device.

    Ginger and lemon productsIt may not have been your first thought, but buying foods containing ginger can help reduce feelings of sickness. You could try buying ginger biscuits, ginger sweets or even ginger tea. Lemon drops can also help those suffering from a dry mouth.

    Other gift ideas

    Thoughtful Gifts For Cancer Patients And Caregivers

    – November 19, 2021

    Setting out to find just the right gift for a friend or family member can be a challenge. It can be even more difficult if that person is undergoing treatment for cancer or taking care of someone who is. We asked our social media followers for their gift recommendations here is what they offered up.

    1. A Meal Service or Gift CardsTraveling to and from home for cancer treatments can be time consuming and tiring for both the patient and caregiver. A meal service, gift card to their favorite restaurant, or homecooked meal will take away the burden of having to grocery shop and cook.

    2. A MassageWhether going through active treatment or recovery, many cancer patients can benefit from massage. It can minimize pain by reducing muscle tension, as well as improve emotional well-being by reducing stress and anxiety.

    2. Time OffIf your friend or family member has kids, offer to babysit or take them out for a fun day. Otherwise, offer to take care of everyday tasks and errands so they can spend some time alone, doing whatever theyd like.

    3. A Clean HomeWhile undergoing treatment, Sophia V. said her friends paid for a house cleaner to come in. Even though Im a private person, its something I really needed. Having fresh clean sheets on my bed when I was sick was the best gift!

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    Ideas For A Loved One Experiencing Chemo Or Radiation

    Your friend or loved one may be dreading chemo or radiation treatments. While the medicine does its job killing cancer cells, it may cause unpleasant side effects that may leave your friend exhausted and ill.

    Here are a few items to consider putting in a gift basket for someone getting ready to start chemo or radiation. Some of the things would make good virtual gifts if you need to send something from afar.

    Gifts For Cancer Patients: Entertainment During Treatment

    What to Expect During Chemotherapy

    17. A tote

    If a cancer patient is getting treatment, its likely that theyre taking magazines, books, a tablet, and more to the chemo room. Get them a chemo tote so they can keep all of their materials in one place and its easy to grab as they walk out the door. Totes are great gifts for women fighting cancer, and men too!

    18. Puzzle books

    To offer an alternative to screen time, consider buying your friend crosswords, word search and sudoku booksespecially if theyre a word nerd!

    19. Books

    Reading is a great way to pass the time, both when youre receiving treatment and when youre recovering. But, before you buy someone books to read, make sure you know if theyre into fiction or non-fiction. Also, you could order them a copy of Blush . Radical Remission is also a popular book among cancer survivor circles right now.

    20. Weighted blanket

    Something about snuggling up with a little extra weight can relieve anxiety, and this could be a great comfort to a patient, both at home and while in the hospital.

    21. Magazines

    Along the lines of considering ways to give a screen time break, stock them up with magazines that fit their interests and hobbies! Get them magazines theyd never buy for themselves. Cure Magazine is a good read for cancer patients!

    22. Tablet

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    Our Top 5 Cancer Gift Ideas For Chemo Patients

    From the instant we learn that someone we know or care about has been diagnosed with cancer, the first thing that comes to mind is a desire to help them. We want to do something, anything for them, and most of all, to let them know that they arent going to fight this battle on their own. If youre thinking about gift ideas for cancer patients, or you want to make the treatment process easier for someone, weve come up with some fabulous and practical gift ideas for chemo patients.

    Put A Smile On Their Face & Give A Gift Basket They Can Really Use

    We dont just sell gift baskets at ROCK the TREATMENT we offer gift baskets for cancer patients that are in tune with everything they need to ROCK the TREATMENT!

    With the incredible advancements in medical technology, most cancer patients have all of the reason in the world to stay positive and optimistic but it can be really hard! Beyond the fear of losing their battle to all of the physical stress and anxiety, its a very difficult disease to endure.

    Thats why we believe its so important for the loved ones of cancer patients to rally around them during their treatment, and why we believe that thoughtful, useful gifts can be so beneficial for their well-being.

    • Rock the Treatment325 Marcus Blvd Suite A Deer Park, NY 11729

    Don’t worry, we don’t like spam either… We prefer helping people feel better.

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    Make A Caringbridge Site

    CaringBridge is a personal health journal that lets you easily share your health journey with all your loved ones. Creating a site is a great way to help your loved one easily communicate and receive support, which makes it an awesome gift to give someone battling cancer. Check out what a couple CaringBridge users had to say about creating a site:

    Doing a CaringBridge for my mother-in-law was the best thing I did for myself! My writings were priceless in the time it saved me. I then could spend more time with her. Then trying to keep everyone up-to-date, which would have been impossible. Thank you for being there for us!

    Linda W.

    Some of the best gifts my husband and I are receiving right now arent physical things, but support on our CaringBridge site from people we havent heard from in a very long time. Another thing that was an amazing gift to me was the Loving Kindness Meditation connected with CaringBridge. It helped me focus every day, and I saved the link and still go back to it.

    Carolyn M.

    Get Well Soon Or Thinking Of You Cards

    The Ultimate Cancer Care Package

    Take the standard get well card up a notch by creating an entire gift basket full of cards from friends, family members, distant relatives, coworkers, neighbors, and anyone else you can think of.

    Put them all in a basket along with a cozy throw blankete, a small packet of tissues, a mug, and some tea. Your loved one then gets a basket full of get well wishes and a cozy setting to read each and every card.

    For an extra surprise, try pop-up get well soon cards like this one.

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