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How To Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally

Influenza And Sars Prevention

How to Prevent or Heal Breast Cancer Naturally – 7 Essentials

Acute respiratory infections are diseases that are transmitted by airborne droplets and are caused by various pathogens: viruses & bacteria .

The pathogens of acute respiratory infections are transmitted from person to person through coughing or sneezing of the patient. Anyone close in contact with another person with symptoms of ARI is at risk of exposure to potentially infectious inhaled Drops.

Viruses can enter the body through the hands when in contact with the infected surface. Personal hygiene can prevent the spread of respiratory infections.

Find Down How Dense You Are:

It is suggested that you should learn more about the ways how to find down the dense breast. It is considered as the latest method to explore early the risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer can be hard to discovery if women have more tissues than fats, because the tumors and issues have white color, meanwhile fats have dark color. The experts recommended that we should check regularly to find down the unusual appearance of breast cancer.

The Natural Prevention Of Breast Cancer

by Dr. Keith Nemec

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer affecting women in the United States. Nearly 250,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, with more than 40,000 ultimately succumbing to the disease. Unfortunately, these statistics show no signs of abating. While cancer treatments continue to improve, the best medicine remains prevention. There can be no guarantees where anyones health is concerned, but there are a number of completely natural proactive steps that women can take to reduce their risk for developing breast cancer. These steps are easy to implement, and provide the best defense women have against this life threatening disease.

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Treatments To Reduce Your Risk

Your level of risk is determined by factors such as your age, your family’s medical history, and the results of genetic tests.

If you have an increased risk of developing breast cancer, treatment is available to reduce your risk.

You’ll usually be referred for specialist genetic testing if it’s thought you have an increased risk of breast cancer. Healthcare professionals at these services should discuss treatment options with you.

The 2 main treatments are surgery to remove the breasts or medicine.

Get 300 Minutes Of Exercise Every Week

Natural Cures Not Medicine: 6 Simple Ways To Prevent ...

According to reports from the European Code Against Cancer, an initiative supported by the European Union Health Programme to help people reduce cancer risk, physical inactivity contributes to 9 percent of breast cancer cases. People who are more physically active have a reduced risk of breast cancer, as well as other cancers and diseases, such as heart disease and osteoporosis.

In addition, physical activity improves outcomes in people who already have cancer. For instance, an October 2015 study in the European Journal of Oncology Nursing showed that women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer who engaged in an exercise program experienced improved physical and mental health. Physical activity also benefits the quality of life and overall health in breast cancer survivors.

Three hundred minutes of exercise per week is a good target. Pick an activity you enjoy be it brisk walking, tennis, playing Frisbee, swimming, cycling, dancing, or raking leaves and do it to the point that your heart rate hastens, and you can talk but not sing. Exercise for 30 minutes four days a week, and on the other three days, exercise for an hour. You can break sessions into 10-minute chunks.

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Recommendations For Hypertension Patients

As mentioned earlier, lifestyle and nutrition changes are one of the main conditions for effective treatment and prevention of complications in patients with hypertension. Another significant factor is the normalization of weight.

You can calculate the Kettle index to determine how far from ideal your weight is. If the resulting figure is more than 25, it indicates an overweight, an index above 30 indicates obesity.

To calculate the Kettle index, the body weight must be divided into a square of growth . Remember: every extra kilogram of body weight is an increase in blood pressure by 1-2 mmHg.

Do not forget about the harm to health caused by alcohol.

Alcoholic beverages should ideally be excluded if this condition seems difficult to do, limit the intake of alcohol to 30 ml of pure alcohol per day in men . This amount of alcohol is contained in 60 grams of cognac or vodka, 300 ml of table wine, or 720 ml of beer.

Maintain train to heart muscle well-being. It is necessary to increase motor activity. Patients with hypertension are recommended daily walking, preferably a visit to the pool, slow jogging. But more serious physical activity, including exercises to increase muscle mass patients-hypertensives, are not contraindicated.

Cardiovascular disease can be prevented without surgery and medication with five simple steps, says Stephen Masley, MD.

Reducing Your Breast Cancer Risk Through Lifestyle

Lifestyle choices play a key role in all cancer prevention. A healthy diet and regular exercise helps to maintain a healthy body, making it an inhospitable host for cancer. Women at risk for breast cancer should transition to a low fat diet, rich in organic fruits and vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage, kale and broccoli, help to decrease the levels of estrogen in the body. Tumors require estrogen to grow, and by reducing estrogen levels in the body it is possible to deny cancer cells the food they need to develop.

It is also important to maintain the bodys pH balance, the ratio of alkalinity and acidity, at optimal levels. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment, but struggles to survive in an alkaline environment. Maintaining a healthy pH balance is crucial to remaining cancer free. Women at risk for breast cancer should concentrate on a diet that is rich in alkalizing foods such as green leafy vegetables, sea vegetables, garlic, onions and lemon.

Exercise also plays a large part in cancer prevention. Regular exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight, reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease which weakens the body and can lead to the development of cancer. Exercise also helps to oxygenate the blood, and to circulate that highly oxygenated blood to organs and tissue. Cancer cells perish in highly oxygenated environments, so regular exercise can help to keep the body cancer free.

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Natural Ways To Prevent Breast Cancer

To prevent breast cancer you need to take action. Otherwise, your odds of getting breast cancer, the disease women fear the most, are 1 in 8.

In spite of the millions of dollars spent on research and new drugs, the overall odds have stayed the same. But the following tips can greatly improve your own odds.

Recommendations For Patients With Hypertension

DIY- How to prevent breast cancer Naturally

Hypertension is one of the most common diseases in the world: in economically developed countries, one in five people suffers from hypertension. In Russia, hypertension makes up 30% of the total population.

In hypertension, many organs are involved in the pathological process: the heart, brain, blood vessels, kidneys, mesh membrane of the eyes. Among the most dangerous, deadly complications of the disease myocardial infarction, nephrosclerosis , and stroke. Russia has one of the highest rates of death from stroke.

In hypertension, the rule of three halves works, i.e., only half of all hypertensive patients know about the presence of the disease, of those who know only every second is treated, and only half of the patients of this number are treated correctly.

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Medicines To Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Prescription medicines can be used to help lower breast cancer risk in certain women at increased risk of breast cancer.

Medicines such as tamoxifen and raloxifene block the action of estrogen in breast tissue. Tamoxifen might be an option even if you havent gone through menopause, while raloxifene is only used for women who have gone through menopause. Other drugs, called aromatase inhibitors, might also be an option for women past menopause. All of these medicines can also have side effects, so its important to understand the possible benefits and risks of taking one of them.

To learn more, see:

Make Changes To Your Environment

Exposure to environmental toxins and pollutants has been linked to the development of not only breast cancer, but cancer in general. It is difficult to entirely avoid the toxins and chemicals that have become so prevalent in modern society, but there are some steps women can take to reduce their level of exposure. Avoid using commercial weed killers and chemical pesticides, and switch to wholly organic products. Minimize the use of dry cleaning. The chemicals used in the dry cleaning process are highly toxic and full of carcinogens. Use only all natural sun screens when exposed to the elements for long periods of time. Switch to wholly organic household cleaners whenever possible.

Breast cancer prevention should begin early, and mothers should teach their daughters at an early age the basic natural steps that can be taken to make the body inhospitable to cancer cells and tumors. It is impossible to avoid all of the risk factors associated with cancer, but by making some fundamental lifestyle changes, and by embracing a natural approach to their continued health, women can greatly reduce their chances of developing breast cancer.

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Estrogen Levels And Their Role In Preventing Breast Cancer

The results of recent research indicate that there is a very strong connection between breast cancer and estrogens. Most women are aware that estrogen is a hormone which is naturally occurring in the body and it can be referred to as natural estrogen but far less known are estrogens which enter the body from the environment, and these are known as environmental estrogen. Both of these forms of estrogen have the ability to adversely affect breast health and therefore regular monitoring of the levels of these estrogens can play a leading part in breast cancer prevention.

Natural Estrogen can be divided into two forms the good and the bad, in this case two metabolites 2-hydroxyestrone and 16-hydroxyestrone. The 2-hydroxyestrone is considered the good estrogen because of the role it plays in preventing cancer. Conversely, the metabolite 16-hydroxyestrone promotes the growth of cancer by stimulating cells to reproduce, including cancerous cells in the breast. For this reason, it is important for a person to know what their ratio is between these two metabolites, so they can take steps to reduce their 16-hydroxyestrone if it is high.

Smoking And Breast Cancer Recurrence

12 Natural Strategies to Prevent Breast Cancer

There is emerging evidence that smoking may affect the risk of breast cancer recurrence but further research is needed to find out more.

We know smoking causes a range of health conditions. If you want to stop smoking there are a range of programmes to help. Speak to your pharmacist, GP or practice nurse for advice.

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Lets Take A Look At The Shocking Breast Cancer Statistics

There are many different types of breast cancer, but the most common type is estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer meaning, the cancer cells grow in response to the hormone estrogen. In fact, about 80% of all breast cancer is ER+.

According to

  • About 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.
  • In 2018, an estimated 266,120 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 63,960 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer.
  • For women in the U.S., breast cancer death rates are higher than those for any other cancer, besides lung cancer.
  • Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among American women.
  • About 85% of breast cancers occur in women who have no family history of breast cancer.
  • The most significant risk factors for breast cancer are gender and age .

Alcohol And Breast Cancer Recurrence

Studies have shown drinking alcohol increases the risk of getting breast cancer. Its less clear if drinking alcohol affects the prognosis of breast cancer.

NICE recommends people whove had breast cancer limit their alcohol intake to below 5 units a week.

You can find out how many units are in your drinks by using an online unit calculator. As a general guide:

  • Half a pint of average-strength beer = 1 unit
  • A 175ml glass of wine = 2 units
  • A single 25ml measure of spirits = 1 unit

Its worth bearing in mind that alcohol is also high in calories.

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Primary Prevention Of Breast Cancer

The firstpart of the best way to prevent breast cancer is early detection. Breast canceris not detected until it is significantly progressed. It is at this stage thatthe cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body or already reached anold age.

CancerScreening If detected early, breast cancer patients can undergo some simpleprocedures that help them detect the disease. Mammograms and MRIs are two waysof checking for abnormalities.

Mammograms are used to discover breast cancer growths while MRIs are used to determine cancer severity. These tests are done yearly and can be done at home on your own, without the help of a health professional. A lot of gynecologists perform these exams.

CancerTreatment There are different types of cancer treatments available for womendiagnosed with cancer. Depending on the stage of the disease, the type ofcancer and the severity, the cancer patient might need surgery, radiation orchemotherapy.

Chill On The Cocktails

How To Prevention Breast Cancer Naturally

Drinking alcohol is tightly linked with breast cancer, and the more you drink, the greater your risk. Overall, imbibers face a 28 percent greater risk of breast cancer, and there is no threshold that is, even a little alcohol increases your risk. A 2015 British Medical Journal study showed that even light-to-moderate drinking increased cancer risk in women by about 13 percent.

Dialing back can cut your risk. Research indicates that for women who have survived one bout of breast cancer, curbing alcohol reduces the risk of recurrence. If you enjoy alcohol, try weaning yourself to sparkling water. If you usually drink every day, make some evenings alcohol-free.

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For Women At Increased Risk Of Breast Cancer

If you are a woman at increased risk for breast cancer , there are some things you can do that might help lower your chances of developing breast cancer .

  • Genetic counseling and testing for breast cancer risk
  • Close observation to look for early signs of breast cancer
  • Medicines to lower breast cancer risk
  • Preventive surgery

Your health care provider can help you determine your risk of breast cancer, as well as which, if any, of these options might be right for you.

Peaches Apples And Pears

Fruits specifically peaches, apples, and pears have been shown to safeguard against breast cancer.

In a study in 75,929 women, those who consumed at least 2 servings of peaches per week had up to a 41% reduced risk of developing ER breast cancer .

Interestingly, a test-tube study revealed that polyphenol antioxidants from peaches inhibited the growth and spread of a breast cancer cell line .

Furthermore, a study analyzing data from 272,098 women linked apple and pear intake to a lower risk of breast cancer ” rel=”nofollow”> Share on Pinterest

Beans are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Specifically, their high fiber content may protect against breast cancer.

A study in 2,571 women found that high bean intake reduced breast cancer risk by up to 20%, compared with low bean intake .

Additionally, in a study in 1,260 Nigerian women, those with the highest intake of beans had up to a 28% reduced risk of breast cancer, compared with those with the lowest intake .

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Natural Ways To Balance Estrogen And Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Too often we talk about breast cancer in terms of life expectancy, with statistics that leave women and people with breasts feeling helpless and afraid. Diet and lifestyle changes can have a profound and positive impact. At the same time, we can shift the focus from treatment to prevention and greatly reduce risk factors for cancer and other serious illnesses.

Breast and chest cancer is a top health concern for women and people with breasts. In December 2020, the World Health Organization announced that it had overtaken lung cancer as the most commonly occurring cancer on the planet.

In North America, breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women. For transgender men and people on the trans-masculine spectrum, cancer in the chest area is still a concern even if theyve had top surgery.

Knowing this, its natural for people at higher risk for breast and chest cancer to want to know how they can naturally reduce their risk and take better care of their bodies overall.

All estrogen isnt the same

To get a stronger understanding of breast cancer risks, we need to start first by talking about how estrogen affects the body. Rather than one single hormone, estrogens are a group of hormones that are made up of two types: the good guys and bad guys .

Since our detoxification pathways are incapable of breaking them down, they tend to set up camp in fatty tissue and stay with us for life.

Say goodbye to synthetics

Some of the synthetics to keep an eye out for include:

Soy And Foods That Contain Phytoestrogens

Breast Health 101

Soy foods such as soy milk and tofu contain natural compounds called phytoestrogens. Foods such as chickpeas and linseeds also contain phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens have a chemical structure that is similar to the hormone oestrogen. As oestrogen can stimulate some breast cancers to grow, some people worry whether foods or supplements containing phytoestrogens might have the same effect as oestrogen and increase the risk of recurrence.

Current evidence suggests that a diet containing naturally occurring phytoestrogens is safe if youve had breast cancer and may be beneficial.

Phytoestrogens are also found in herbal remedies including:

  • Black cohosh
  • Red clover
  • Sage

These are sometimes taken to relieve hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms. However, they are not recommended because the evidence on their effectiveness and safety is limited and conflicting.

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