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Is There Financial Help For Breast Cancer Patients

How To Help Cancer Patients Pay Their Bills

Financial Resources for Breast Cancer Patients
  • Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition The CFAC is a coalition of organizations helping cancer patients manage their financial challenges. Their goal is to facilitate communication and collaboration among member organizations, educate patients and providers about existing resources, and advocate on behalf of cancer patients. They offer a searchable database of financial resources based on both diagnosis and type of financial assistance needed.

  • CancerCare CancerCare is an organization that provides counseling, support groups, education and financial assistance for cancer patients and their caregivers. They offer funding for transportation, home care and child care to those suffering from a variety of diagnoses, and also provide access to professional oncology social workers who have a broad knowledge of other financial resources that may be available. Additionally, the organization has established its own Co-Payment Assistance Foundation to provide help with paying for chemotherapy or other targeted treatments.

  • HealthWell Foundation HealthWells goal is to fill the gap when health insurance is not enough They assist patients with chronic and life-altering illnesses having trouble paying for prescription drug copayments, deductibles and health insurance premiums. Their goal is to allow people to focus on their health.

  • American Cancer Society Road To Recovery Program

    Cancer Type: Any

    Who Its For: Cancer patients without transportation or those who cannot drive themselves

    The American Cancer Societys Road To Recovery program transports cancer patients to and from treatment with the help of American Cancer Society volunteer drivers. In some instances, a caregiver may be required to join a patient. For example, patients who are under the age of 18 need a caregiver. Its important to note that it could take many business days to schedule a ride, so plan in advance.

    Help With Housing Needs Or Mortgage Payments When You Have Cancer

    The extra costs of cancer treatment or a major loss of family income may make it hard for families to pay their mortgage or rent on time. To keep a good credit rating and stay in your home, talk with your creditor or landlord about your situation and try to make special arrangements. Family, friends, or church members may be able to give you short-term help if theyre told about the problem. Talk about your situation with the cancer treatment team social worker who may know of special resources.

    Families who need to move out of their homes after a cancer diagnosis should talk with their county department of social services to find out if they can get into low-cost or government-supported housing programs. In some states this may be listed under the health department or welfare department.

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    Breast Cancer Financial Assistance With Prescriptions


    The Partnership for Prescription Assistance helps qualifying patients without prescription drug coverage get the medicines they need for free or nearly free.

    NeedyMeds is a 501 national non-profit information resource dedicated to helping people locate assistance programs to help them afford their medications and other healthcare costs.

    How Does The Application Process Work

    Financial Assistance For Cancer Patients

    Our application process is easy and hassle-free with zero obligation:

    • Call 877-266-9836 or Apply Online to find out what your policy is worth. Theres no-hassle & zero obligation.
    • If you qualify, youll be sent a simple, three-page application asking for additional information on you and your policy.
    • Once we receive your completed forms, you can receive an offer on your policy.
    • If accepted, we will complete the due diligence process, verifying the collected information. Once completed, we verify the change of ownership on the policy. Then you receive immediate funds. Its that simple!

    American Life Fund guarantees complete confidentiality during the viatical settlement application process and provides support resources for cancer patients if you decline the offer. Because family members may need more time to discuss finances, theres no waiting period to re-apply online.

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    Breast Cancer Is Costlier Than Other Cancers

    About 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetimes. Early detection and better treatment have dramatically improved survival rates, but the cost of treating breast cancer is higher than any other malignancy, according to the National Cancer Institute.

    In 2020, medical expenditures for breast cancer are projected to reach $16.5 billion, more than colorectal cancer , lymphoma , lung cancer and prostate cancer , the institute says.

    Some patients would drive as many as 90 miles to see Hertler, who formerly practiced in Maine. We had patients who literally could not afford the gas money to come, especially if they were, perhaps, receiving radiation or coming daily for a couple of weeks, he says. People tend to discount those kinds of expenses, he adds.

    Angela Papalia, a licensed medical social worker with the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program, works with many patients who are uninsured or underinsured. They often experience sticker shock when faced with co-pays or coinsurance.

    We’ve heard from people who have said, I can’t go for radiation every day if I have to pay fifty dollars every time, so it’s pretty profound, the burden of getting treatment if you are underinsured, she says.

    Sometimes, women who dont have a car are forced to choose between food on the table or the cab ride to and from the hospital for treatment. Those transportation expenses can add up to large amounts, Papalia says.

    How To Apply For Cancer Medical Assistance In The Philippines

    In the Philippines, qualified cancer patients can get financial or health assistance from certain government agencies and officials as well as private charity organizations to cover part of the cost of treatment and medicines. If the patient has no or with insufficient health insurance, the caregiver can apply for assistance on the patients behalf at the Department of Health , Department of Social Welfare and Development or Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office .

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    The American Cancer Society

    Likely one of the most well-known names in the world of cancer, the American Cancer Society provides a wealth of assistance and resources, including information about treatment options, advice regarding coping with side effects, or guidance with health insurance.

    In addition, the organization provides assistance with transportation to and from treatment for those who do not have a ride or are unable to drive themselves. And because treatment can also often involve traveling away from home, which is an additional financial burden on patients and their caregivers, the American Cancer Society offers a lodging program as well.

    I Wish I Knew About That When I Went Through Treatment

    Susan G. Komen makes $50K investment to help breast cancer patients facing financial hardship

    Thats what I hear all the time when I tell women about all the Breast Cancer Freebies available.

    Thats why I created this site. Like many of you, I had surgery, chemo and radiation for breast cancer.

    Along the way I got a FREE wig from the American Cancer Society and a FREE bag of goodies from the Lydia Project.

    As a journalist I began to search the internet for other wonderful freebies. But there was no central place to find them.

    Until now. This site is my way of paying it forward in gratitude to my health and to all the people who helped me.

    FREE is my favorite 4-letter word — after LOVE!

    — Bethany Kandel

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    Support From Your Work

    If you work for an employer and take time off sick, you may be able to get sick pay. Your employer should try to support you at work. They should make reasonable adjustments to help you do your job during and after cancer treatment.

    You may need help at work even after your employer has made reasonable adjustments. If you do, you can contact a government programme called Access to Work. It provides advice and practical support if you have a long-term health condition that affects the way you do your job.

    You will be offered support based on your needs. This may include a grant to help cover the costs of practical support in the workplace. Visit Access to Work, or nidirect if you live in Northern Ireland.

    If you are self-employed, you will not get sick pay. But you can still apply for other benefits if you cannot work or your income decreases.

    We have more information about Work and cancer.

    See also

    Komen Treatment Assistance Program

    Cancer Type: Breast cancer

    Who Its For: Cancer patients

    Susan G. Komen is the worlds largest nonprofit source of funding and awareness for breast cancer treatment. In fact, the organization has invested more than $2.9 billion in research and programming since its inception in 1982. The Susan G. Komen Treatment Assistance Program assists breast cancer patients in paying for transportation, food, child care, medication, oral pain medication, antinausea medication and oral chemotherapy.

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    Help With Toilet Needs

    The National Key Scheme offers people with a disability, including cancer, access to public disabled toilets across the UK. You can buy a RADAR key for £4.75 from Disability Rights UK or call 0203 687 0790.

    In Northern Ireland, you can also buy these keys at any local council office.

    The Macmillan toilet card

    Cancer treatment can affect the way the bowel or bladder works. Macmillan can send you a free toilet card and key ring. These explain why you may need to access a toilet urgently while out in public. Visit and search for toilet card to order this free product.

    Organizations That Provide Financial Help For Breast Cancer Patients

    Financial assistance available for breast cancer patients ...

    After a cancer diagnosis, focusing on your health is essential, but it can be difficult to take time for yourself when youre riddled with financial concerns. Organizations that provide financial support to cancer patients can help with the out-of-pocket costs of medical bills, home care, and medications. The following organizations can provide direct financial assistance to help with the costs of cancer care:

    The United States Department of Health & Human Services

    The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services provides educational resources for cancer patients. From a financial standpoint, the government program offers a wide range of financial resources for cancer patients faced with financial burden due to the costs of cancer care.


    CancerCare offers two programs designed to provide financial assistance to cancer patients. The financial assistance program helps offset costs related to long-term illnesses, including child care, lodging, and transportation. The copayment assistance program helps cover the costs of insurance copay for cancer treatment. CancerCare also provides counseling and support groups, and social workers can help cancer patients apply for financial aid from other programs.

    Faith-Based Organizations

    Pink Fund

    The Susan G. Komen Foundation

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    United Cancer Support Foundation

    A non-profit dedicated to the prevention and eradication of all types of cancer, the United Cancer Support Foundation also offers Just 4 U support packages for cancer patients and free recliners for those in East Tennessee.

    Support packages are designed to reduce patient stress both physically and emotionally with gifts that provide relaxation and distraction. The recliner program, meanwhile, is available to patients who are located in the same region as the organizations Knoxville, Tenn., offices.

    Disability Living Allowance For Adults

    Disability Living Allowance for adults was a benefit for people aged under 65 who had problems:

    • walking
    • moving around outdoors safely
    • looking after themselves.

    DLA for adults has now been replaced by Personal Independence Payment . If you live in England, Scotland or Wales and claimed before June 2013, you may still be getting DLA for adults.

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    Financial Assistance For Breast Cancer Patients

    Financial Assistance For Breast Cancer Patients Breast cancer, just like any other types of cancer requires financial strength to pay for the treatment and medication. Recent statistics have shown that breast cancer-related medical costs are not going to get any cheaper. In fact, there have been some researchers estimating that the 2020 cost of breast cancer treatment for women in the United States will reach $21 to $26 billion dollars per year.

    The financial cost of breast cancer is putting strains on families than ever before. Therefore, it is encouraged that women with breast cancer should find financial assistance. Today we have collected several information that you can use, related to financial assistance on breast cancer. Do note that most of them are also available for another type of cancer.

    Universal Credit And Housing Benefit

    Newsome’s House Calls: Breast cancer patients often face financial struggles

    Universal Credit has replaced Housing Benefit in most cases. You may need to apply for UC instead of Housing Benefit if you are making a new claim or there is a change in your circumstances.

    Housing Benefit may help with your rent payments if you are unemployed, have a low income or are claiming benefits.

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    American Cancer Societys Hope Lodge

    Cancer Type: Any

    Who Its For: Patients and caregivers

    Similar to HHN, the American Cancer Societys Hope Lodge is a free housing service for when a cancer patients best treatment option is located in a different city. There are over 30 Hope Lodge sites across the United States and Puerto Rico. A goal of Hope Lodge is to create a living environment where patients can solely focus on their treatment needs.

    Shocking Pink Supporting Young Women Through Breast Cancer

    Shocking Pink has allocated a special emergency fund to help young women aged 20 45 years diagnosed with breast cancer. They can help with things like travel costs, groceries, utility bills or those pricey specialised bras.

    Conditions do apply you must be undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or within 12 months of your last active treatment.

    Visit Shocking Pink for more information.

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    Financial Assistance For Men Or Women With Breast Cancer

    Following is a list of national financial assistance programs for people diagnosed with breast cancer. Additional local and state resources may be available.

    • Breast Cancer Assistance Fund provides grants to ease the financial burden experienced by those diagnosed with breast cancer.
    • Genevieves Helping Handsoffers small financial grants to be used by young breast cancer patients to extend their recuperation period after cancer-related surgeries and treatment.
    • The Gift of Hope breast cancer foundation is dedicated to providing financial support to women in need during their course of treatment.
    • The Pink Fund provides 90-day non-medical cost-of-living expenses to breast cancer patients in active treatment.
    • The Sisters Network Breast Cancer Assistance Program aims to assist breast cancer survivors facing financial challenges while undergoing surgery, radiation or chemotherapy treatment.
    • If your insurance company denies coverage of recommended treatment, visit the Health Insurance Appeals section of our website for guidance and resources.
    • Visit the FORCE Research Study Search tool for information on hereditary cancer research studies for new or evolving breast cancer treatments.

    In addition to the personalized, local and virtual support FORCE provides, these organizations also support members of our community affected by breast cancer:

    Critical Illness Cover And Breast Cancer

    Financial Assistance For Cancer Patients

    Some insurance policies and employment benefit schemes may cover you for critical illness. If you are unsure, check with your insurance provider or Human Resources department. Critical illness cover pays out a tax-free lump sum to help with the costs of a critical illness. Breast cancer is usually classed as a critical illness.

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    How To Get Free Car For Cancer Patients

    Here in this section, we have listed a step-by-step guide for you to get donated car cancer.

    • First of all, do little research online and find all the names that offer cars for cancer patients. It is best if you look for the local charity as they understood your problem better.
    • Next, contact the charity website and make sure they are a 501 organization.
    • Next, contact them through the mail, call, or another suitable way.
    • Ask for the free car programs/ prerequisites, follow the procedure, and wait until your application gets approved.

    These Charities offer donated cars or free cars to cancer patients, and hence you dont have to pay anything to get it. If they ask for money, most probably they are fake.

    When you apply for the free car, they will ask for your information like your name, address, contact details, driving license, etc.

    Even some offer car delivery at your doorsteps. According to your date and time, the towing company personate coordinate with you and arrange the delivery. This crane service is offered by charities and organizations that offer you a free car.

    As a doner, one can donate a boat, bikes, SUV, and another automobile. If you have an extra vehicle, you can donate it to a good cause. It also helps you in tax deduction. Yes, a car donation can give you a tax deduction in the next financial year.

    Here are some known names that give donate cars to cancer patients. Have a look. Donate Cars to Cancer Patients

    Where To Find Information About Benefits And Financial Support

    In the first instance, you may find it useful to speak to your employer or HR department, to find out what sick pay you are entitled to. Its also worth talking to your treatment team, as they may be able to refer you to a welfare adviser at your local hospital .

    Citizens Advice can tell you what local government assistance and benefits may be available to you, your family and carers. They can also help you fill out benefit claim forms.

    Macmillan Cancer Support offers free financial advice and support to people with breast cancer. They also produce a booklet, Help with the cost of cancer, which includes information on the benefits available for carers, help with housing costs, childrens needs and transport. For more information, speak to a Macmillan benefits adviser on 0808 808 00 00 or visit the website.

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