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Is Turmeric Good For Breast Cancer

An Apple A Day Really Might Keep The Doctor Away


There may be something to this old saying, but theres a catch. If you normally peel your apple and toss away the colorful wrapping, youre also tossing away a rich source of antioxidants, fiber, and other compounds needed for anti-cancer nutrition. Lab studies suggest that apple peel can actually fight the spread of cancer cells.

The good news is that you dont need exotic varieties this research used readily available Red Delicious apples, so add them to your breast cancer prevention shopping list.

The Effect Of Curcumin On Nuclear Factor

Most anticancer agents activate nuclear factor-B , which mediates cell survival, proliferation, and metastasis. It has been found that curcumin inhibits the migratory activity of breast cancer cells, proliferative rate, adhesion, and invasion through down-regulating the expression of NF-Bp65 . Human epidermal growth factor 2 is an important oncoprotein, which is overexpressed in about 15% to 25% of breast cancers. Curcumin decreased HER2 oncoprotein, phosphorylation of Akt, MAPK, and the expression of NF-B in both BT-474 and SK-BR-3-hr cells . Furthermore, curcumin enhanced the efficacy of chemotherapy by tailoring p65NF-B-p300 cross-talk in favor of p53-p300 for breast cancer . Curcumin also shows a potential therapeutic role in blocking recepteur d’origine nantais tyrosine kinase-mediated invasion of carcinoma cells by affecting p65 protein expression and transcriptional activity via NF-B .

Curcumin inhibits the expression of recepteur d’origine nantais , human epidermal growth factor 2 , Akt, mitogen-activated protein kinase , nuclear factor-B , vascular endothelial growth factor and the phosphorylation of Src and stat3 through PRL-3 down-regulation, but induces the expression of p27 and poly polymerase 1 in cancer cells.

Flaxseeds Ground Or Whole Could Fend Off Cancer

Shopping for healthy fats will inevitably lead you to flaxseed oil, but this is an instance when your best anti-cancer nutrition choice is the seed itself, ground into a flour-like dust.

When you use milled flaxseed, it has a component called lignans, explains Marian. According to a study published in June 2014 in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, lignans may possibly decrease cancer growth, which could make it useful in a breast cancer management diet. You can buy ground flaxseed or grind the seeds yourself using a coffee grinder. Then sprinkle the flaxseed on salads or include it in muffins.

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Question: Can I Take Biotin While On Tamoxifen

There are no reported interactions between biotin and . It is likely safe for you to use biotin while you are taking tamoxifen. However, to be on the safe side, take these items at separate times of the day, or at least an hour or two apart from one another. Some things may not cause interactions in the body in terms of or how a medication is metabolized. But it may interact when in direct contact in the gastrointestinal tract. To avoid any potential interactions as they pass through your GI tract, simply take them separately.

Potential Breast Cancer Diet

We tell you a Solution to Prevent Breast Cancer

We know that certain foods help fight disease and can even prevent your risk of breast cancer, but how else can you prevent breast cancer naturally? Including these dietary and lifestyle factors into your breast cancer diet can help tremendously.

1. Consume More Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Research says that one of the healthiest things you can do for your breast health is consume more fresh fruit and vegetables. Not only do these foods provide essential nutrients, including fiber, vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants, but they are also lower in calories, which helps you to maintain a healthy weight.

Plus, the connection between a plant-based diet and breast cancer is encouraging.

2. Eat High-Fiber Foods

A systematic review and meta-analysis published in Oncotarget found that dietary fiber consumption is significantly associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer, particularly in postmenopausal women. Eating plant sources of fiber is an important part of a breast cancer diet.

3. Opt for Natural Sweeteners

Although studies evaluating the effects of artificial sweeteners on cancer risk have mixed conclusions, there is limited evidence to suggest that consumption may increase the risk of certain cancers. In addition, high sugar intake is associated with obesity, a major risk factor for breast cancer.

Natural sweeteners are a healthier option for overall health. Americans consume way too much sugar on a daily basis, leading to inflammation and major health issues.

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I Would Like To Try Pure Aloe Juice As A Supplement But Am Concerned That There May Be Estrogen Produced By The Plant Is This Something To Worry About

Aloe juice is considered safe when taken in small doses, but you should be sure to use a product that is certified latex-free. The aloe plant produces two main substances gel and latex. The gel is generally considered safe to take orally, but the latex is not.

Aloe latex can irritate your stomach and intestines, and it has a strong effect, leading to in many people. Additionally, aloe latex can cause kidney and liver damage and electrolyte abnormalities, such as low potassium levels in the body. These are very serious side effects.

If you want to take aloe gel, start with a small does, such as an ounce per day. You want to make sure you dont have any negative reactions to aloe before you take more than this. There isnt any good evidence that aloe gel will have estrogenic effects in the body, and it may even help regulate metabolism favorably by lowering cholesterol levels in the body.

It turns out that cholesterol is a precursor to estrogen. That means the body uses cholesterol to manufacture estrogen. If you take aloe gel, it can pull cholesterol out of your gastrointestinal tract as it passes through you then excrete the excess cholesterol in your stool. But this effect is likely small, so aloe gel should not be used in place of other medications you are taking to lower cholesterol or block estrogen.

Akosua Konadu Yiadom Writes : Foods Good For Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast cancer is a complex disease with many contributing factors eg., age, family history, genetics and gender. It is not within a persons control but you can control other factors leading to it.

For example, quitting smoking, being physically active, having a normal body weight and proper dieting . 30-40 percent of all cancer related conditions are attributable to dietary patterns and frequency .

Breast cancer is of concern to us all as women even though, it affects men but high prevalence is recorded in women. It is therefore critical that, we pay attention to what we are eating.

Below are amazing facts supported by research to help you guard against breast cancer with nutrition, manage breast cancer with nutrition and improve on the quality of life and prevent re-occurrence of breast cancer in persons who amazingly defeated breast cancer. Below are five foods to include in your everyday meals to help improve on the health of the breasts

1. Cruciferous vegetables they contain vitamin A and C, and are also rich in photochemical which helps fight cancer by neutralizing toxins and carcinogens. They reduce the risk of breast cancer and research supports that, it prevents the reoccurring of breast cancer among breast cancer survivors. Choosing the right cooking method will help retain much of the nutrient make up of these vegetables and help serve these wonderful purposes.

Lentils and legumes are protein powerhouses and also good for our breasts health.

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It Increases Chemo And Radiosensitivity

Apart from exerting the anti-cancer effect, curcumin even sensitizes cancer cell to conventional cancer therapy.

It acts on specific genetic factors, growth regulatory pathways, drug resistance proteins, proteins that prevent cell death in order to increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to cancer treatment.

Curcumin is found to increase the sensitivity of various cancers such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer etc, to various chemotherapeutic drugs.

Similarly, curcumin overcomes radioresistance by acting on various targets that control cell growth and development.

What does this mean?Curcumin as an add-on to conventional cancer treatment can help increase sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Turmeric Benefits For Immune Support And Cancer Prevention

Turmeric: Naturally Reverse Cancer, Arthritis and Inflammation

There are many studies showing that turmeric can prevent many kinds of cancer as well as stop cancer from metastasizing. In a TED talk in 2010, angiogenesis researcher William Li explained how we can eat to starve cancer.11 Angiogenesis is the growth of blood vessels, something that happens normally in humans. However, sometimes this process is too little , while too much angiogenesis can result in many chronic diseases, notably cancer. Li highlighted turmeric as a substance that beneficially affected angiogenesis by inhibiting the growth of cancers.

There are many studies, both in vitro and in vivo, showing curcumins benefits for both preventing and addressing cancer.

One review of curcumin noted that of all phytotherapies for cancer, curcuminoids seem to be the most promising. The review concluded, curcumin exhibits anticancer ability by targeting different cell signaling pathways including growth factors, cytokines, transcription factors, and genes modulating cellular proliferation and apoptosis.12

Another review had positive news for breast cancer patients. Clinical studies have demonstrated that curcumin alone or combined with other drugs exhibits promising anticancer activity in patients with breast cancer without adverse effects.13

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Turmeric Benefits: Turmeric And Curcumin

In western herbalism, the rhizome is the most used part of turmeric. It is commonly used as herbal medicine and as a culinary spice. In recent years, scientists have isolated curcuminoids, a group of constituents within turmeric, as being the active ingredient. As a result, many of the studies being done today use curcumin extracts rather than the whole root. There have been some impressive studies showing positive health impacts from using these isolated constituents.

In addition to these promising studies, curcumin can be more convenient to take than the whole root. For example, when working with turmeric for specific health challenges, larger dosages are often necessary to get significant results. Ive recommended turmeric up to 10 grams a day . Sometimes patients can take less curcumin than turmeric to get those results, making it a more convenient medicine.

However, its misleading to think of curcumin as being stronger or even better than the whole root. Scientists have repeatedly tried to narrow down whole plants to a constituent or two, only to have to back step when they realize there were so many more active ingredients that they missed

I more often use and recommend whole turmeric. However, there is a lot of interesting information that we can glean from studies using curcumin. When I cite research throughout this article, I will make it clear whether it was done using the whole root of turmeric or the isolated extracts of curcumin.

Can Taking Curcumin/turmeric Help Reduce Inflammation In A Breast Cancer Survivor Is It Safe To Take During Active Treatment How Much Should Be Taken Daily

Curcumin is being studied extensively for its potential uses in cancer care. Curcumin is one of the main substances found in turmeric, which is the bright orange spice commonly found in Indian curry dishes. Turmeric is a rhizome or root- like spice, and looks a lot like ginger in its raw form. Think of ginger, only orange in color!

Turmeric has a long history of safe use as a culinary spice, and even when eaten in large quantities on a regular basis, it appears to be well-tolerated. Curcumin is one active ingredient in turmeric, and curcumin is being studied for safety and for a wide variety of conditions and diseases.

Curcumin has documented and associated with osteoarthritis. This is one of the conditions for which the best research evidence exists. There are hints that curcumin may help with other health conditions, including eye and skin inflammation, rashes, heart disease, inflammatory bowel disease , diabetes, gum disease, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. At this time, the evidence is insufficient to draw any firm conclusions about whether curcumin really is effective for managing or treating these conditions. Its frustrating to hear this, but we are at the of more research is needed, before we can recommend curcumin for these health conditions.

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It Improves Antioxidant Defenses

Oxidative stress or imbalance between prooxidants and antioxidants fuels the progression of cancer.

There is still a debate on the idea of whether antioxidant supplementation as a part of cancer therapy will result in clinical improvement or no.

Curcumin and other curcuminoids are antioxidants. Their antioxidant activity contributes to their anti-tumor effect.

A study in Molecules, 2010 states that dietary antioxidants like resveratrol and curcumin can help in preventing and treating blood-related cancer types.

A recent study in Nutrition and Cancer 2016 reported that curcumin supplementation in patients receiving radiation therapy for prostate cancer resulted in improvement in antioxidant capacity.

Supplementation of turmeric powder with imatinib, the anti-cancer drug, is found to improve antioxidant status in chronic myeloid leukemia.

What does this mean?Curcumin improves antioxidant status of cancer patients which contributes to its anti-cancer effect and also protects from toxicity of cancer treatment.

The Effect Of Curcumin On Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor

Breast Cancer: 3 Ways Turmeric puts Radiation &  Chemo in ...

Curcumin may provide a clinically useful tool for the suppression of the elaboration of vascular endothelial growth factor in tumor cells . It has been found that curcumin suppressed breast tumor angiogenesis by abrogating osteopontin or medroxyprogesterone acetate induced VEGF expression . Curcumin inhibited 64 signaling and functions by altering intracellular localization of 64, and prevented its association with signaling receptors such as the epidermal growth factor receptor and Akt . In addition, the combination of epigallocatechin gallate and curcumin is efficacious in both in vitro and in vivo models of ER-breast cancer. In this processes, the regulation of VEGFR-1 may play a key role in the antitumor activities .

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What Is A Good Amount Of Vitamin C To Shoot For Daily Should Someone With Breast Cancer Be Getting More Or Less Vitamin C Than Other People

There is no research evidence to support that a woman with breast cancer would need extra vitamin C, but a healthy diet will provide well beyond the basic recommended dietary allowance for this nutrient. The current RDA for vitamin C is 75 mg per day for women and 90 mg per day for men. There is some evidence that smokers require more vitamin C than non-smokers, and it is recommended that people who smoke get an additional 35 mg of vitamin C per day for best health. Of course, to truly improve health, quitting smoking is the single best thing a current smoker can do! But assuming you dont smoke, 75 mg per day is a good place to start.

Fact Sheet on Vitamin C, adult women get an average of 84 mg of vitamin C per day. This means that if your diet is varied and healthy, and includes plenty of vegetables and fruit the best source of vitamin C you are easily meeting your basic vitamin C needs. Its also worth noting that if you eat a healthy plant-based diet, which is recommended as one of the best ways to get the most cancer risk reduction benefit from your food, you will get a lot of vitamin C as a . According to the NIH, consuming five varied servings of fruits and vegetables a day can provide more than 200 mg of vitamin C daily.

Question: I Had My Last Chemo Treatment A Year Ago And Am Still Experiencing Brittle Nails Is It Safe To Take A Product Called Biosil It Is In A Liquid Form And You Put Several Drops Into Water Or Juice My Hair Is Fine But I Can’t Seem To Strengthen My Nails

Biosil contains silicon and choline, which are believed to help strengthen hair, nails and bones. There are no listed drug interactions for silicon or choline, however, you may want to avoid taking Biosil within a couple of hours of taking other medications. Silica is a mineral and it may bind other medications in the gut, decreasing absorption.

Also, there are case reports of kidney stones in some people taking silica-based antacids long-term. The amount of silicon in antacids is likely much higher than what is found in Biosil, so this probably will not be an issue, especially if you only plan to use Biosil on a short-term basis. However, if you have a history of kidney stones, you may want to avoid products that contain silicon.

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Curcumin Attenuates Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms

Many women experience breast tenderness and pain as part of premenstrual syndrome. Curcumin works as a phytoestrogen and benefits in menstruation.

A study was conducted where 70 women suffering from premenstrual syndrome were treated with either curcumin or placebo. They received 2 capsules of 100mg curcumin each per day, 7 days prior to menstruation and 3 days after menstruation. This was followed by 3 consecutive menstrual cycles.

A decrease of 59.59 points was observed in baseline and post treatment premenstrual syndrome severity score was observed in curcumin group while only a decrease of 14.45 points was observed in placebo group.

A significant improvement in physical, mood and behavioral symptoms were observed in the curcumin group.

Curcumins anti-inflammatory effect and ability to regulate neurotransmitter levels was beneficial in alleviating premenstrual syndrome.

What does this mean?Curcumin can help minimize severity of pre-menstrual syndrome and this effect may impact the changes that affect breast health with every menstrual cycle.


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