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Ohiohealth Breast And Cancer Surgeons

The Pink Ribbon Girls

NBC4: Cancer doctor credits mammogram with saving her life

This organization is local to Ohio and very dear to my heart . Since 2015, I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with PRG as a community resource for mastectomy tattooing. Not only do they help assist women with breast and gynecological cancers with community referrals but they also provide direct support with transportation to treatment visits, housekeeping, meals, peer encouragement, and more. The support they provide is amazing and absolutely critical to the positive outcomes for so many women Im so grateful to be affiliated with such an outstanding group of people!

Their website:

Comprehensive And Compassionate Cancer Care

Our providers offer comprehensive breast and cancer care for patients with breast problems, breast cancer, suspicious or benign breast abnormalities, melanoma and skin cancers. We also provide high risk surveillance for asymptomatic patients.

Our passion is to provide the best care in an empathetic way to result in the best possible outcome.

Our goal is to see all patients with urgent breast concerns the same or following day.

Deepa Halaharvi Breast Cancer Surgeon And Survivor

Posted: Mar 8, 2022 / 01:37 PM EST

Posted: Mar 8, 2022 / 01:37 PM EST

COLUMBUS, Ohio Statistics show one in eight women will get diagnosed with breast cancer during her life and as a local breast cancer surgeon, Deepa Halaharvi never dreamed she would become a part of that statistic.

Now a survivor, Halaharvi aims to inspire her patients through her story of perseverance.

My plan was to become a doctor since I was 5 years old, so I always wanted to be a doctor, said Halaharvi.

It was a journey that started when her family immigrated to the United States from India when she was just 16 years old.

As immigrants, you know theres always, my dad always pushed us to work hard, be great at whatever you do, be honest and youll be successful in life as long as youre the best at whatever you do, she said.

Just as she was getting ready to apply to medical school, her father suffered a stroke, so she put her plans on hold to take care of him.

So, that taught me about life I think, thats when it all started, she said.

She eventually went to medical school in Kansas City before moving with her husband and two children to Columbus in 2008. During her general surgery residency at OhioHealth, she met a young lady in her 30s who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

Halaharvi became a breast surgeon in 2014 and around the same time, her father passed away.

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Taylor Polzin Of Ryder Photography

– offering exclusive boudoir EMPOWERMENT sessions! She will be donating 10% of every EMPOWERMENT session to the Stephanie Spielman Center, James Cancer Hospital, or the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center at Ohio Health.

Id like to introduce y’all to Miss Taylor! We are coming to together to help women continue to feel beautiful after beating #breastcancer I’ve also had multiple ladies tell me they want to have a #boudoir shoots after their #3Dnippletattoos are completed to celebrate their new breasts and bodies, reclaiming femininity, self-confidence, and sensuality. Tattooing allows me to watch a transformation literally unfold. You walk in one way and walk out differently. Ladies say “you made me so beautiful”, you were beautiful when you walked in my door. Beautiful, before I ever laid a hand on you. Now, looking at your reflection ,you just see it. Nipple tattooing is the #finishingtouch that can help close a chapter in your story. Empowerment photography sessions are where your next chapter starts…With every #empowerment session that is done she will be donating 10% to your choice of either the Stephanie Spielman Center at the James or #OhioHealth MD Anderson Cancer programs. #womenempowerment #grandfinale #womenhelpingwomen

Breast Cancer Treatments And Technology

Breast Care Specialists

At OhioHealth, we are at the forefront of breast cancer treatment. We develop a care plan thats best for you and most effective in treating your type of breast cancer.


Our expert breast surgeons collaborate with other specialists to precisely determine the best treatment approach for you and your type of cancer.

Medical oncology

Our chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapies are highly individualized. Your medical oncologist, in collaboration with your breast cancer care team, will work together to determine and monitor the most effective chemotherapy treatment for your cancer. Our outpatient infusion centers offer a comfortable, convenient setting for treatment.

We also offer targeted therapies. These drug treatments block the growth and spread of cancer by interfering with specific molecules that are involved in the growth, progression and spread of cancer. This includes hormone therapy.

Genetic sequencing

Testing cancer cells for mutations in genetic content can assist with selecting targeted drug therapy and understanding prognosis.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is unique to each individual and directed by your radiation oncologist. All our radiation therapy locations have real-time access to your plan of care, so you can schedule your appointments at the location thats best for you.

Breast cancer treatment locations

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The Use Of Bevacizumab In Metastatic Breast Cancer

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CCO Health

CCO is the Ontario governments principal advisor on the cancer and renal systems, and access to care for key health services.

Cancer Care Ontario is the Ontario governments principal cancer advisor and a division of CCO.

Ontario Renal Network

The Ontario Renal Network advises the Ontario government on chronic kidney disease and is a division of CCO.


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Ohiohealth Physician Group Cancer Services

With decades of experience and research, OhioHealth Physician Group Cancer physicians are experts at diagnosing and treating more than 50 types of cancer. Our patients have access to the latest technology, as well as OhioHealth supportive care services that include patient navigation, integrative care and more.

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Savannah Plastic Surgery is your center for cosmetic surgery, medical-grade skincare and life-enhancing services. Our expert team of board-certified plastic surgeons and board-eligible physicians has more than 200 years of combined experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery, helping patients across Georgia achieve their ultimate aesthetic goals. Our team takes pride in balancing the fine line between art and science for a completely personalized experience with unmatched results. Our office, conveniently located in the heart of Savannah, provides patients throughout Georgia a transformational experience unlike any other.


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