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Root Canals And Breast Cancer The Connection Is Clear

What Can You Do

Dr. Panahpour interview on NBC about the Breast Cancer Root Canal connection

The ideal solution is the have the root canals and all dental amalgam removed from the body, followed instantly by heavy chelation therapy . But don’t go to your local dentist to have this done or things might get worse. For example, the infection may have spread to the jawbone, adding a great deal of complication to the situation.

In other words, if the root canal is not done by the right kind of dentist, the net result may be that nothing is accomplished or things have been made worse.

There is a specialized type of dentist called a biological dentist or a holistic dentist. These dentists are sometimes persecuted by the American Dental Association, so do not expect to find one in the local telephone book. They can be hard to find locally. Internet search engines may be the best way to find a local holistic or biological dentist.

So what about those cancer patients who cannot find a biological dentist or cannot afford one? All you can do is deal with cancer and hope to be able to keep cancer from returning.

One problem with a simple solution is due to dental amalgam. If you use electromedicine to kill the microbes inside the root canals, you may release mercury from the dental amalgam, which may make matters worse because mercury damages the brain and the immune system.

Just do the best you can do under the circumstances.


Is The Root Canal Documentary Accurate

Below, Ill get into the specifics on what this movie claimed versus what we know to be true.

But let me say this: Root canals are helpful for the vast majority of patients who get them.

Im not saying that because Im a profiteering jerkI say it because, if you need a root canal, Id hate for a fear-inducing movie to prevent you from losing the use of one or more of your teeth.

There are a few things theyre correct on, though.

For one, there is a major link between what happens in the mouth and what happens in the body.

Ive been saying it at Ask the Dentist for yearsmore needs to be understood by doctors and dentists everywhere about the overall health of the mouth and body. They arent two separate parts that never intersect. I call it the mouth-body connection.

One of the clearest ways this plays out is the link between gum disease and diseases like diabetes. Theres definitely a correlation there!

Another true point in the Root Cause movie is that no root canal is 100% clean.

This is something else Ive been saying for a long time that dentists and endodontists know. When you root canal a tooth, there are lots of tiny tubules that can potentially play host to bacteria. On occasion, these bacteria do overgrow and can escape into the bloodstream to cause infection.

But the extent to which they silently remain undetected, causing all forms of chronic disease was grossly overstated in this movie.

What are some specific facts Root Cause stated that arent totally fact?

Breast Cancer And Root Canals Are They Connected

As many of you have heard, last week I visited a Biological Dentist, and a Doctor of Naturopathic medicine. While there, I was blown away by the stats they were presented connecting the teeth to other illnesses, diseases, cancer and other conditions. Since leaving their office, I have been reading a lot about the subject and came across a webpage that I would like to share with you that demonstrates the relationship between root canals and breast cancer.

The following is a cut and paste of a section in one of their articles. You can find the rest of the article, and others on health at this webpage: Cancer Tutor

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The Relationship Between Root Canals And Cancer

When a person in the United States has a toothache, due to an infection in the tooth, rather than cure the infection with 3 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide, dentists almost always kill the tooth. They will typically drill out the insides of the tooth and fill the tooth with metal rods. This is called a root canal.

Root canals are a safe haven for microbes. Because no blood reaches the inside of the tooth, the immune system cannot kill any microbes inside the dead tooth. Microbes do not originate in the root canals, rather they originate elsewhere in the body . The microbes thrive and some of them hide from the immune system inside the root canals.

These microbes, and other toxinsA poison made by certain bacteria, plants, or animals, including insects. from inside the tooth, periodically come out of the tooth and cause reinfections. It is impossible to cure more than 200 diseases unless all of the root canal teeth are removed properly because even if you killed the microbes of the disease, microbes hiding in the root canals can come out and reinfect the person.

All of these things have been known about for decades by the American Dental Association.

Root canals are a major cause of the immune system being suppressed and they are a major cause of cancer:

Why Root Canals Can Cause Regression

Root Canals

First of all, it is important to understand that cancer, some cases of type 1 diabetes, and a host of other diseases can be caused by a microbe. Viruses, yeast, fungus, mold, and bacteria cause a host of diseases. To cure these diseases, the microbes must be killed throughout the body so the immune system can restore the body to its normal state.

When a person gets a root canal they create the perfect breeding ground for microbes. There is nothing in the immune system that gets inside a root canal. However, viruses, yeast, mold, fungus, bacteria, etc., can easily get inside the root canal and set up a safe and comfortable home.

After they breed inside the root canal they can then spread out into the body of the host any time they want. Microbes, when they live in a colony, are actually quite smart, as research has shown.

If you kill the microbes everywhere in the body except the root canal teeth, it is inevitable that the microbes will spread out from their safe haven in the root canal teeth and the disease will return.

Dr. Weston A. Price did experiments many decades ago which at first were hailed by the American Dental Association, but which were later suppressed.

Dr. Price removed a tooth which had had a root canal from a person who was suffering from a disease and then surgically inserted the tooth in a rabbit. The rabbit then developed this same disease and in many cases, the human patient was quickly cured.

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No Medical Evidence That Root Canals Cause Cancer

If Your Time is short

There is no medical evidence that root canals cause cancer, according to the American Association of Endodontists, American Dental Association and American Association for Dental, Oral, and Craniofacial Research.

A persistent and harmful myth about root canals has resurfaced on social media.

An Aug. 1 post on Instagram suggests root canals are linked to breast cancer. The image reads, “97% of our breast cancer patients had a root canal,” citing Dr. Thomas Rau of the Swiss Biological Medicine Centre.

Rau was affiliated with a debunked movie about root canals, “Root Cause,” which was removed from Netflix in 2019 after backlash from dentists and endodontists.

The Instagram post was flagged as part of Facebooks efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.

There is no medical evidence that root canals cause cancer, according to the American Association of Endodontists, American Dental Association and American Association for Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Research. The organizations co-signed a letter that was sent to Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Vimeo in 2019, asking that “Root Cause” be removed from their platforms.

Featured Fact-check

The notion that root canals can cause harm is based mostly on discredited dental research from the 1920s.

Our ruling

We rate this claim False.

Leakage From Gum Disease To The Breast

A documentary released on Netflix in the fall 2018, Root Cause, questions the safety of root canals.

Netflix soon met opposition from the American Dental Association , American Association of Endodontists and American Association of Dental Research .

In a letter dated 29 January 2019, the ADA, AAE and AADR wrote that continuing to host the film on their platform could harm the viewing public by spreading misinformation about safe medical treatments like root canals.

Root Cause was removed from Netfix but can be viewed on Apple, Amazon and Vimeo for purchase or streaming.

Among the most jarring claims in Root Cause is a connection between root canals and breast cancer.

From a thermographic perspective, it is becoming more common to see oral inflammation that drains from the oral cavity, down the anterior neck and into the lymphatic system, in some cases creating lymphatic pathways into breast tissue.

Thermography offers a non-invasive way to measure areas of inflammation in the dental, cranial and thyroid regions.

It can also be used to help detect any indications of physiological changes around sites of dental work such as the presence of infection, concerns with a crowned tooth or a failing root canal, and/or jaw cavitations due to extracted teeth

Dr. Price discovered that root canals had within them bacteria capable of producing many diseases. He claimed they had no place in the body.

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What Should I Take With Me To Hospital

Your hospital team should give you information about your admission and hospital stay as well as what to take with you.

You will usually be given a telephone number at your pre-assessment appointment. You can call if you have any questions about preparing for surgery, or are unclear about any instructions you have been given .

Infected Teeth Threaten Your Whole Body

Dr. Veronique Desaulniers – The Four Aspects of Healing

As Chinese Medicine claims, the body, including your organs, are all interconnected through meridians . As such, an infected tooth, for instance, can then affect the organs connected to it through the associated meridians.

According to Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, best-selling author and founder of BreastCancerConqueror.com, the 4th and 5th tooth in the upper and lower jaw, for example, are connected to the breast meridian. Thus, constant infection caused by a root canal in these teeth can lead to complications, energy imbalances and blockages in energy flow in the breast meridian. She further states this imbalance can even be visible, in many cases, on thermography scans.

Dr. Thomas Rau, a Swiss doctor, also revealed that of the last 150 breast cancer patients treated in his clinic, 147 had one or more root canal teeth on the same meridian as the original breast cancer tumour. He now goes so far as to recommend any cancer patient he treats to first see a biological dentist to examine their teeth and even remove all root canal teeth .

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Other Myths About Root Canals

So, what does this all mean? If your dentist recommends a root canal procedure, don’t panic. They are recommending the treatment because they believe it is the best option for the health of your tooth and for your overall physical health. Feel free to ask your dentist any questions about what to expect from the treatment and what steps you can take to help you get the best results.

Extractions Are Preferable to Root Canals

  • You might see claims that it’s better to have a tooth removed than to have a root canal. Although there might be times when extracting a tooth is the best option, the AAE states that, in many cases, saving the tooth is the better bet. Extracting a tooth often requires a replacement tooth, which usually requires additional dental visits and an increased cost.

Root Canals Are Painful

  • Another ongoing myth about root canals is that the procedure is painful. However, the AAE explains that endodontists are experts in pain management and will use modern techniques and anesthetics to make the procedure comfortable. The ultimate goal of a root canal procedure is to end the pain caused by the affected tooth that initially brought you to the endodontist.

Root Canals Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

How To Treat It:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage: This specialized type of skin massage mobilizes and moves built-up fluid to areas of the body where it can be absorbed.
  • Good skin care: Maintaining healthy skin through scar care, moisturizing and careful shaving is important for avoiding infections. Even a small cut or scrape can potentially lead to problems because of an inefficient lymphatic system.
  • Exercise: Some patients believe if they donât move, they wonât swell, but the opposite is true. We move fluid by pumping our muscles, so being active is very, very important. Precautionary steps must be taken to not aggravate lymphedema, but the benefits outweigh the risks.
  • Compression: If limbs are swollen, they must be compressed. Special types of bandages are initially used in physical therapy to reduce swelling and then patients are fitted with a compression garment to maintain reductions. Compression is an important key for treating lymphedema.
  • Surgery: In recent years, new surgical procedures such as lymph node transfer have been developed that provide relief from swelling and discomfort and generally make lymphedema easier to manage.

We encourage all cancer survivors to be proactive in learning about this condition. With help, you can learn strategies to be able to manage it on your own.

Information courtesy of Lexi Harlow and Sue Frohreich of Seattle Cancer Care Alliances Physical Therapy Clinic

Has lymphedema affected your life? Tell us about it on .

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A New Film Claims Root Canals Cause Cancer Dont Believe It Dentists Say

Oral care professionals urge Netflix, Amazon and other companies to remove Root Cause, a documentary spreading misinformation

Dentists, endodontists and dental researchers are warning Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Vimeo to removea documentary that spreads fear and misinformation about the safety of root canals and extracting wisdom teeth.

Root Cause takes viewers through the Australian film-maker Frazer Baileys years-long quest to identify the cause of his fatigue, anxiety and depression. Bailey tries therapy, antidepressant medication, juice cleanses, chakra balancing and hypnosis. He even drinks his own urine. But aided by holistic dentists, he eventually concludes that the source of his malaise is a root canal he got as a young man a procedure he needed to save a tooth after getting punched in the mouth.

Baileys 72-minute film makes eye-popping claims about how cancer, heart conditions and other serious illnesses are caused by asymptomatic infections inside root canals or in the empty spaces left behind after a wisdom tooth extraction. Bacteria and other toxins, the film argues, fester in the jaw and then travel to other organs along meridian lines, which according to traditional Chinese medicine move life force throughout the body, spreading infection and causing cancer and other illnesses to take root.

Its the first time the AAE and AADR have ever issued a member-wide alert or written to a media platform in response to a film or TV program.

Treatment For Cancer In The Lymph Nodes

Root Canals â mbcosmeticdentistry.com

Treatment for cancer in the lymph nodes varies depending on the tumor size and location and whether the cancer has metastasized to other areas of the body.

Surgery may be used to treat some forms of metastatic cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes. Other treatment options for cancer in the lymph nodes may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, a stem cell transplant, immunotherapy or targeted therapy.

Theres a higher risk for cancer to come back following surgery when a cancer has spread to lymph nodes. In those cases, chemotherapy or radiation therapy may be recommended after surgery.

Removing lymph nodes during cancer surgery is highly unlikely to weaken the patients immune system, because it is large and complex and is located throughout the body, the ACS says. Lymph node removal may leave the affected part of the body unable to drain off lymph fluid, which may lead to a fluid backup and may become a continuing problem. The greater the amount of lymph nodes removed, the greater the chance for lymphedema to occur.

Expert cancer care

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‘i Don’t Think This Was By Mistake’

The film includes commentary by several alternative medicine physicians who have taken controversial stances on various health topics ranging from vaccines to Ebola treatments. Perhaps none are better known than Dr. Joseph Mercola, an author who runs a popular alternative health website that has decried Cheerios, fluoride, vaccines and, of course, root canals.

Many of the claims included in “Root Cause” have circulated online for some time, including alleged links between cancer and the dental procedure.

Barnett particularly took issue with the film repeatedly and misleadingly linking breast cancer to root canals, stressing that even the strongest correlations do not necessarily mean there is causation.

In addition to having root canals, it’s also highly likely that most breast cancer patients have been vaccinated, completed kindergarten and eaten cereal and milk during their lives, Barnett said.

“If you want to know if there’s a connection between root canal treatment and cancer, you look at the large population of patients who had root canal treatment,” Barnett said. “Follow them up and see what percentage of those develop cancer. The answer to this question is that it’s no different than what typically occurs in the general population.”

Essentially, he said, the filmmakers took a backward approach that any credible scientist would avoid.


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