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Send Camp Bags And Kindness To Kids

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Fun and memorable experiences at summer camp and day camps are a cherished part of growing up, but for children who are ill, dealing with other serious challenges or whose family is going through financial distress or have been through a natural disaster, going to camp or a special summer program can seem like an impossible dream.

Our nonprofit partners, such as the YMCA, The Boys & Girls Club and other groups help make these dreams into reality by helping hundreds of kids who would otherwise never have the chance.

Our Mission Is To Provide Education Access And Financial Assistance To Aid In The Early Detection Treatment And Survival Of Breast Cancer For Underserved And Uninsured Individuals Regardless Of Age Race Or Gender

This is achieved, in part, by the Breast Cancer Assistance Program , the Community Partnership Program, and the newly designed Education and Community Advocacy Program. The BCAP program and the Community Partnership Program are time-honored and tried programs linking patients with facilities and assistance in their areas.

Spoken Like A True Champion

There have been many times that I contemplated skipping my mammogram because the extra money just was not there. Then my surgeon’s office put me in touch with the American Breast Cancer Foundation and they offered me a grant for my screening mammogram. Without this funding, I may have made a quite different decision. Thank you from a survivor.

D.L. 3-year survivor

Because of my strong family history with cancer, my doctor ordered that I start getting yearly tests done. With no insurance, I cannot tell you how stressed I was that I was unable to afford to have them done. I was told The American Breast Cancer Foundation would help me and they turned out to be a blessing!


When I called to schedule my mammogram and told the scheduler that I had no insurance she said I know someone who can help. She had a grant from The American Breast Cancer Foundation, and they were going to pay for my screening. If anyone I know is in my situation and needs help paying for a mammogram I know right where to send them. Thank you!


I love how helpful and easy it was to apply, plus the staff was very nice. I will tell all my family, friends, and anyone about your program.

Edith G.Lahabra, California

Without the Breast Cancer Assistance Program, I wouldnt have been able to afford a mammogram. Thank you!

Marilyn V.Lancaster, South Carolina

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Scheduling Your Annual Screening Mammogram Is Easy Just Call 801

The American College of Radiology and the American Cancer Society recommend that women begin annual screening mammograms at age 40. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends that all women over the age of 65 should consider bone density testing.

To learn more about how we can help, 3D mammograms and more, view our brochure.

Educate Organize Take Action

The Breast Cancer Site
We are radical and compassionate activists at heart with an independent, rapid-response, watchdog perspective.
BCAction was founded 30+ years ago in San Francisco during two public health crises-the AIDS outbreak and the breast cancer epidemic-and that helped shape its mission and fuel its activism. Early members apprenticed themselves to the AIDS group, ACT UP, and shared many of that groups tactics, turning their anger into action to push for better treatments, true prevention, and investment in public health.
Our founders saw their disease not as a personal tragedy, but as a larger social justice and public health crisis. They knew that individual changes in behavior werent the answer, and pushed for sweeping systemic change instead.
Our Latest Resource

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Quality You Can Trust Technology You Want

More than 30,000 women use the Huntsville Hospital Breast Center and our satellite facility on theMadison Hospitalcampus every year for breast health services. In addition to traditional mammography, both locations offer bone density screenings and 3D screening mammograms, also known as digital tomosynthesis.

  • Equipped with the only clinically superior 3D mammography technology approved by the FDA
  • First facility in Alabama to achieve excellence status for full accreditation in mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, breast ultrasound and ultrasound-guided breast biopsy
  • Accredited in mammography by the American College of Radiology
  • Perfect score on the Mammography Quality Standards Act for over 20 consecutive years

Comfort & Care Backpacks For Kids In Need

Hundreds of thousands of kids are going through hard times, whether it be in the foster care system, waiting for adoption, staying with extended family due to unforeseen circumstances or living in poverty. Some of these kids have been separated from their parents, siblings – the only people they’ve ever known. Some children go into the foster program without any of their personal belongings – nothing to call their own, nothing to provide a sense of security and comfort amidst the chaos of moving.

Give the gift of a backpack full of goodies that will help a child in need get through a rough time in their life.

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Australians Are Diagnosed Every Day

Breast cancer took over my life, and my husband and childrens lives. Because cancer doesnt just happen to you, it happens to the whole family.

I lost my mum to breast cancer when she was only 42 and both my sisters and I have been diagnosed. The goal of zero deaths is hugely important to my family and my daughter.

Make Your Impact Today

Here’s how you can donate to Real Men Wear Pink to help fight breast cancer

Donate to the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation and help us end the suffering caused by breast cancer. Your gift will help improve the lives of those in Florida with breast cancer and give hope where there is none by supporting innovative and collaborative research, by providing communities with breast cancer education and access to lifesaving screenings, and providing funds for living expense and mammogram programs.

Your generous contribution will make a difference as we work together toward a future without breast cancer. FBCF is a 4-Star Exceptionally rated charity by Charity Navigator for a third year in a row for demonstrating strong financial health and commitment to transparency. Less than 20% of all nonprofits nationwide achieve this status. FBCF is the #1 rated Charity Navigator breast cancer organization in Florida and the nation with a perfect score of 100% for Transparency and Accountability exceeding industry standards and outperforming others in its cause. You can give with confidence knowing your gift will create the largest impact possible.

Charities that deserve the support of their donors are those that focus on their mission, are transparent with their financial reports, and always report to their donors on how funds are used. They keep programming and mission-related costs high and administration and development costs low.

PLEASE NOTE: FBCF does NOT solicit by phone. Any calls of this nature are not from FBCF.

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Teachers From The Same Iowa School Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Investigators Want To Know Why

A dozen teachers from the same eastern Iowa school have been diagnosed with breast cancer in less than a decade. Its leading to questions about whether there is something in the building or environment thats causing cancer, KCRG reports.

The Hudson School District employs around 130 people in Black Hawk County.

People just were kind of talking and realizing like gosh since 2009 there have been quite a number, said Carol Menefee, a teacher at Hudson Elementary School.

Menefee has taught at Hudson for 30 years. In that time shes battled cancer twice. First, breast cancer in 2009. Then, non-Hodgkins follicular lymphoma in 2016, KCRG reports.

We were all kind of in that elementary building, especially for many years, said Diane Anderson, a former teacher at Hudson.

Anderson was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago after working in the district for more than three decades.

Most of us its not genetic so its coming from something else, she said.

She and Menefee are both in remission, but some staff members are still going through treatment and one has died.

This is not about us, its about helping other people and being proactive, Anderson said.

Its why the district plans to participate in a cancer cluster investigation through the University of Iowa.

While they know its going to be hard to prove, they want to know if there is a common denominator in the facilities that has contributed to the cancer cases.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month , also referred to in the United States as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month , is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

Observances of the event have faced criticism for corporate involvement by drug companies, as well as instances of pinkwashing associated with the events.

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