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Top Breast Cancer Surgeons In Nj

What About The Risks Of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast cancer surgeon Dr. Kristi Funk talks about latest research l GMA

Your surgical risks will be unique to your overall health, age, the results of your cancer treatment and the strategy chosen to achieve your final reconstruction.

Remember that your NJ breast cancer reconstruction surgeon will not go forward if he or she feels that the risks outweigh any benefits for you in your breast reconstructive surgery. All risks related to your specific breast reconstructive surgery must be clearly explained to you before you go forward.

Although there are always risks and possible complications to any surgery, you minimize the chances of these issues when you choose your surgeon wisely. Thats partly because a top breast reconstruction surgeon has the experience required to anticipate problems and avoid themand the impeccable surgical technique and judgment to deal with any complications safely and successfully.

We hope that this information has helped you frame your thoughts about your breast reconstruction. Please be sure to write down any questions that may have come up in the course of your research and bring them when you meet with reconstructive surgeons.

When you are ready, please feel free to contact Cohen/Winters Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery here in the Bergen County area of New Jersey for a no-charge, personalized consultation about the options for your breast reconstruction.

Breast Reconstruction Morristown New Jersey

Receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer is devastating. Its normal to feel lost, scared, and concerned not only about the cancer but how your breasts will look after surgery. Fortunately, youre not alone. Nearly three million other U.S. women are breast cancer survivors and many of them have undergone reconstructive procedures as part of their healing.

Dr. Comizio is a highly recommended plastic surgeon in New Jersey who understands that breast reconstruction is about restoring your sense of wholeness. Her training at four Ivy-league universities enables her to assess the best option for her patients and perform procedures with unparalleled surgical skill. While Dr. Comizio maintains high standards of surgical care, she never forgets the emotional needs of her patients. Dr. Comizio fills the role of friend, confidant, and plastic surgeon to extend comfort and support to Morristown, New Jersey patients on their road to recovery.

What Will Happen During My Breast Reconstruction Consultation

Every woman wants something different from her breast reconstruction surgery. Some want to restore their breasts to how they were before cancer, while others take the opportunity to fulfill their desire for a different shape and size. Dr. Comizio begins each consultation by focusing on what you want and reviewing:

  • Detailed medical and family history
  • Lifestyle and its effect on your breast reconstruction
  • Current and goal cup size
  • Aspects of your breasts youd like to change

Throughout your visit, Dr. Comizio will provide you with guidance and information about options that can achieve the goals that you want while minimizing the risk of complications associated with certain breast reconstruction surgeries.

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Meeting With Your Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

Once you have selected 2 or 3 surgeons with the above qualifications, begin your meetings.

Now you can separate out the best NJ-area surgeon for you. Look for these qualities when meeting with your surgeons:

  • Good communication Do you have a rapport with the surgeon? Do you feel respected? Were you given time to ask questions? Did you get a response that you clearly understood, or lots of jargon? Your surgeon should explain their recommendations on the following:
  • Breast implants, if needed in your reconstruction which type and placement
  • Type of flap surgery if needed
  • Tissue grafting and where tissue is taken from placement of incisions
  • Breast lifting or recontouring that may be necessary
  • Nipple reconstruction and the areola
  • The timing and number of procedures needed
  • How asymmetry may be dealt with
  • Any pros and cons to methods presented
  • And more details
  • Honesty Only if your goals and your surgeons expectations for your outcome match, and are explained/communicated honestly, will you be truly satisfied with your surgical result.
  • Excellent surgical judgment and decisiveness Yes, this comes with experience but it is not automatic. You can get a sense of this after you and your surgeon discuss his or her strategy to achieve clear surgical goals to bring you the best outcome.
  • Speak with a former patient and/or view and discuss photos of past patients with your surgeon.
  • About Stephen A Chagares Md Facs Physician

    John Pellegrino, MD, FACS

    Stephen A. Chagares, MD, FACS, Physician, is a board certified general, laparoscopic, robotic and breast surgeon, board-certified by The American Board of Surgery. He graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science in chemistry in 1986 and obtained his medical doctor degree in 1990 from Rutgers Medical School. Upon graduation, Dr. Chagares completed his residency in general surgery at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, NJ.

    Dr. Chagares obtained specialty training in breast surgery at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City when he elected this rotation during his surgical residency.

    In addition to breast surgery, Dr. Chagares regularly performs hernia repairs of all types, including open, laparoscopic and robotic repairs. Dr. Chagares was the first surgeon in the region to perform a robotic hernia repair and remains on the cutting edge of all advanced surgical techniques.

    He routinely performs multiple other abdominal procedures, including laparoscopic gallbladder removal. Dr. Chagares is also a specialist in surgical resection of skin and soft tissue cancers.

    Dr. Chagares Shrewsbury-based private practice has been open for over 20 years and is affiliated with Monmouth Medical Center, Riverview Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Bayshore Community Hospital. Additionally, he is affiliated with several outpatient surgical facilities and nursing homes.


    Honors and Awards:

    Educational Activities:

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    Expert Personalized Care Close To Home

    As an accomplished board-certified surgeon and a fellowship-trained Breast Surgical Oncologist, Dr. Rachel Dultz provides her patients with the latest in surgery and highest quality care.

    Dr. Dultzs private practice is located in The Breast Health Center in East Windsor, NJ. At this state of the art facility, Dr. Dultz and her associates, Dr. Crivello and Dr. Newman, focus exclusively on treating diseases of the breast and access a full spectrum of surgery and diagnostic technology to treat their patients for:

    • lumps or masses in the breast
    • family history of breast cancer
    • fibrocystic breast disease

    She has been providing compassionate care and surgery to women and men with breast problems since 1998 in Princeton, New Jersey and the surrounding communities.

    Immediate Vs Delayed Breast Reconstruction

    Both immediate and delayed breast reconstruction are viable options for Morristown, New Jersey patients who want to restore the appearance of their breasts. In most cases, Dr. Comizio is able to begin breast reconstruction during the same surgery that the breast surgeon removes cancer or prophylactically removes the breasts.

    If you choose immediate breast reconstruction, you will have tissue expanders placed during the initial surgery. Once the tissue expanders have created enough room in the breast pocket, Dr. Comizio will replace the tissue expanders with breast implants that match the size and fullness that you discussed at your initial consultation.

    For patients in New Jersey who decide to delay breast reconstruction, Dr. Comizio will place the tissue expander or flap after you have healed from breast cancer surgery. Patients can have this surgery anytime after the cancer has been removed, even years later.

    For more information about a specific procedure, request a consultation or call ouroffice at We look forward to speaking with you!

    Breast Procedures

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    Expert Insight Into Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

    Helping NJ women regain their health after the physical and emotional trial of breast cancer is why I became a plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Here on our Cohen/Winters blog, I hope to share some crucial details about breast reconstruction that will help you move forward with reconstructive surgery or to feel comfortable declining reconstruction.

    A full consultation with an experienced breast reconstructive surgeon is paramount. This should include a full history and physical examination.

    Following the evaluation, it is my goal to educate patients about all the options tailored to their specific needs so they can decide for themselves. Decisions about reconstruction are unlike many medical choices in that there are no absolute right or wrong options. In the end, it is all about what is right for you.

    Dr. Winters and I are dedicated to your healing after breast cancer whether it involves reconstructive surgery or not, and we find working toward that healing with individual women incredibly rewarding. We are here to help you sort through the many options for breast reconstruction.

    We will use our years of expertise to guide you and find the best path for you. When you are ready for personalized information about your options for breast cancer reconstruction, I invite you to set up a consultation by calling our Bergen County office.

    The Highest Standards Of Care For Our Patients

    Mayo Clinic Explains Breast Cancer

    The National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers recently granted full, three-year accreditation to the Virtua Breast Care Centerits fourth successive designation by the group. Administered by the American College of Surgeons, the NAPBC requires accredited programs to comply with exacting standards for treating the full spectrum of breast disease.

    The NAPBC recognizes Virtua for providing excellent evaluation and care for all patients that includes:

    State-of-the-art technology, including MarginProbe Wide variety of clinical trials available through our alliance with Penn Medicine Specially trained oncology nurse navigators who help patients understand their diagnoses, connect them with support services and schedule appointments with specialists Robust genetics program with dedicated, board-certified genetic counselors Social workers specially trained in oncology counseling Early detection screening and community education Survivorship services, including support groups Palliative care for symptom relief

    The Virtua program is one of just four NAPBC-accredited breast centers in South Jersey.

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    The Best And Brightest Surgeons In Breast Cancer Reconstruction: Where Are They

    As you begin your research and surgeon search, first comes online research and recommendations from your current medical team or family and friends who have been in your shoes.

    Getting familiar with surgeons online is a great shortcut, helping you to find out which surgeons merit a meeting/consultation. Before meeting with your breast surgeon, make sure they have the following basic qualifications.

    These may not seem so basic, but the bar is very high when you are seeking successful breast reconstruction, natural looking and feeling breasts and a quick and uneventful healing process.

    Reconstructive breast surgery requires much more skill and experience than simply placing breast implants or doing a breast lift, although these are some elements that may be involved in your breast reconstruction procedure.

    Its Not A Boob Job: Finding The Top Breast Reconstruction Surgeons In New Jersey

    In the field of breast reconstruction, research has shown that your plastic surgeons years of experience and patient volume are key to achieving optimal reconstruction outcomes with few complications.

    True breast reconstruction specialists are those surgeons with more than a decade of experiencenot just in breast implants, breast augmentation, breast enhancement, breast enlargement or similar terms. In other words, dont just look for any breast surgeon: the qualification you must seek is, specifically, breast reconstructive experience.

    As you might imagine, there is a world of difference between reconstruction and all other breast surgeries. Reconstructive surgeons have the deepest and most detailed understanding of the anatomical and functional properties of the breast.

    A well-developed aesthetic sense is also required to position/shape the breasts so that they are matched in size and look completely natural.

    Be sure to keep these basic qualifications in the forefront of your thoughts when choosing a breast reconstruction surgeon, Dont settle for less than all of these:

    • Board certification in general surgery and plastic surgery.
    • Reconstructive experience.

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    Why Patients Choose Dr Comizio

    The good news is that women in New Jersey can work with one of the most respected and highly recommended plastic surgeons in the countryand she also happens to be a woman. Dr. Comizio is an Ivy League-educated doctor and one of the premier breast reduction surgeons. New Jersey women absolutely rave about their incredible experiences with Dr. Comizio, and they love that she can give a womans perspective on breast reduction. Of course, Dr. Comizio is board-certified by the National Board of Medical Examiners, American Board of Plastic Surgery . Dr. Comizio has also published numerous academic research on breast reduction, and she is an active public speaker at conferences on this topic. If youre hoping to work with one of the finest plastic surgeons in the area, make sure you call Dr. Comizio today at 775-9248. You can also take a look at some video interviews with our patients to get a better idea of the world-class respect and care that Dr. Comizio provides to all her patients.

    The Nj Breast Reconstruction Blog: Our Goals

    Theodore Lygas, MD, FACS

    While its a huge challenge to control stress at this time in your life, in our experience at Cohen/Winters, once youve chosen your breast reconstruction path and found your surgeon, anxiety is typically greatly reduced. How do we know?

    At our aesthetic and reconstructive surgery practice in Bergen County, we perform reconstructions regularly and find them to be our most rewarding area of expertise.

    We have talked with and operated on thousands of women in need of reconstructive breast surgery after cancer or injury. For us, there is nothing better than seeing a woman through breast reconstruction surgery and supporting the complete healing process. But we want to do even more.

    Were dedicated to helping women through breast cancer reconstruction with information and insight, even if you dont live here in NJ and even if you are not our patient.

    For those who are merely reading and researching, we want the information in this blog to help you in your journey toward a bright, happy and healthy future.

    Here well list the key hallmarks of the very best plastic surgeons in breast cancer reconstruction todayand well help you narrow your search to find the right breast reconstruction surgeon for you.

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    Questions For Breast Reduction Surgeons

    New Jersey women should make sure to prepare some questions before their first visit with Dr. Comizio. We love when our patients do their research and are engaged in the decision-making process. Here are a few questions that you might want to think about on your own and come prepared to ask.

    Imagine what it would be like to finally feel lighter and have smaller, youthful looking breasts. If youre suffering from overly large breasts, you dont have to look any longer. We are more than happy to talk with you about your questions and concerns.

    We love getting calls from new patients so make sure you contact us today at .

    Real Patient Stories

    Susan tested positive for the BRCA gene and came to Dr. Comizio after three failed attempts at breast reconstruction by a notable New York surgeon. Frustrated by her treatment at a large hospital and afraid no …

    Options For Breast Reconstruction

    In the last few decades several new procedures have been introduced to the field of breast reconstruction. While this has benefited Morristown, New Jersey patients, it has also made the decisions related to treatment more challenging. Dr. Comizio emphasizes the importance of finding the right procedure for you based on:

    • Type of breast reconstruction needed. There may be different options for bilateral reconstructions versus unilateral.
    • Risks involved. Some breast reconstruction procedures carry higher risks for certain patients than others.
    • Goal of reconstruction. Certain breast reconstruction procedures are more successful than others in achieving aesthetic goals.

    At the end of your consultation Dr. Comizio will have a clear idea of what you hope to achieve with your breast reconstruction surgery. She can then provide you with information you need to weigh your options and leave you with a result that makes you happy and confident.

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    Best Breast Reduction Surgeons New Jersey

    New Jersey women who suffer from overly large breasts often experience a great deal of discomfort, emotional distress, and even physical pain. For these women picking out clothes that fit can be a challenge, exercise can put tremendous strain on their bodies, and they often have difficulty finding a comfortable position to sleep. But there is hope. One of the best options for women with large breasts is a breast reduction. There are many questions and concerns that women have before they undergo the procedure, one is where to find breast reduction surgeons. New Jersey women will often spend a great deal of time looking over surgeons websites, reading reviews, and talking with their friends or family who may have had experience with breast surgery.

    Best Breast Cancer Doctors Injersey City Nj

    Your Breast Cancer Surgery Program: After Your Operation

    We found 4030doctors who treat Breast Cancer in Jersey City.

    Doctors who treat Breast Cancer in this region have an average rating of 4.1 stars. Below are some of the best options around Jersey City. The providers below have at least 1 or more past patient ratings, so you can be confident that these providers have the experience that you are looking for.

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    Questions For Your Potential Doctor

    Here are some questions that may help you interview a doctor:

    • How long have you been practicing?
    • Do you only see people diagnosed with breast cancer?
    • How many people with breast cancer do you see in a year?
    • What breast cancer treatment guidelines do you follow?

    Learn more about treatment guidelines.

    Is Breast Cancer Reconstruction Right For You

    Although breast reconstruction can help rebuild self-esteem and restore confidence after mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery is always a choice.

    In fact, some women here in New Jersey decide not to reconstruct their breasts after a unilateral or bilateral mastectomy, choosing instead to wear an external breast prosthesis . However you feel about your post-surgery options, it is always advisable to discuss the procedures with a highly qualified breast reconstructive surgeon before choosing.

    Many women are surprised by the options they have once they have discussed all the issues with their surgeon. Whether you had a mastectomy ten years ago or will need one in the future, take your time when choosing the procedure and when choosing your surgeon.

    Although the treatment of breast cancer must be carried out in a timely manner, there is never a reason to rush into a procedure without fully researching the options.

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