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What Foods Help Fight Breast Cancer

Best 10 Foods To Prevent Breast Cancer

Foods that help fight women’s cancer

The following foods help to prevent breast cancer. Most of them are easily accessible from your nearby store also you get them from online grocery stores in Dubai. You can find them in your kitchen and pantries. The most important tip in any diet is Eating right not less. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are some of the best foods to prevent breast cancer. Because fruits and vegetables are loaded with phytochemicals. These phytochemicals contain lots of antioxidants and cancer-preventive properties. You should eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily. You should include a lot of coloured and nutrient-dense vegetables in your daily meal plan. And drink lots of water, at least 2-4 glasses of water per day. Hydration helps to flush out the toxin in your body.

Guide To Diet And Breast Cancer: How To Fight Breast Cancer Naturally

Your one-stop source for information on the optimal diet, the top 21 foods, and the best recipes for preventing your risk of developing breast cancer.

The best way to fight breast cancer naturally is to prevent it from developing in the first place. The purpose of this online guide to Diet and Breast Cancer is to provide you with information and tips on how you can prevent breast cancer by eating specific foods.

To understand how and why breast cancer develops in women, read the paragraphs below. If you already know what breast cancer is and how it develops, you can directly move to one of three main sections of this Diet and Breast Cancer Guide:

  • Best Recipes
  • Breast cancer is the highest cause of mortality of all cancers in American women. In the United States, the incidence of breast cancer has increased steadily since the 1930s. At present, an American woman’s lifetime risk of breast cancer is approximately 13%, that is, 13% of women born today will develop breast cancer at some time in their lives, provided that the current rate stays the same. In other industrialized nations, the risk of breast cancer is similarly high. In contrast, women in western Asia, Africa and South America report have a lower incidence of breast cancer, although also in these regions breast cancer is becoming more common as many of the countries in these regions develop.

    What Foods Help Fight Breast Cancer

    July 5, 2021 by Jerome

    Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of death from cancer in women. Its not easy for those who have been diagnosed. Its evident that once youve been diagnosed with breast cancer, the road to recovery is long and arduous. It takes a lot of hard work to transition from an active individual who gets out and plays sports to one who is weak, bedridden and scared of what the future might hold. Thankfully, many women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer have found ways to enhance their quality of life through improving their breast health. Here are five food items that can help combat breast cancer.

    The research on breast cancer has revealed that eating more soy products lowers the risk of developing it. Studies have revealed that women who eat more soy-based products are less likely to develop breast carcinoma as they age. A recent study revealed that women who ate more soybeans had a lower chance to develop the disease than those who ate less. While the study didnt specifically suggest that women begin consuming soy milk but the findings of the study showed that those who did choose soy milk were less likely have any complications with their breast cancer.

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    Breast Reconstruction After Cancer

    If youve had a mastectomy because of breast cancer or in order to prevent breast cancer, its important to understand your breast reconstruction options. Breast reconstruction can be performed using tissue expanders, breast implants, and/or tissue flaps from your own body. When performed by an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, breast reconstruction can create a natural result that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

    Breast Reconstruction Surgery In Richmond Virginia

    10 Foods to Help Prevent Breast Cancer

    Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sharline Aboutanos performs breast reconstruction surgery in Richmond, Virginia. She was voted a Richmond Magazine Top Doctor for 2019, 2020, and 2021 in the categories of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. Dr. Aboutanos is happy to discuss her breast reconstruction techniques with you during a personal consultation. Schedule yours online or call 355-3410 today.

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    Bone Health And Vitamin D

    It’s important for women of all ages to consume adequate amounts of calcium and Vitamin D to maintain bone health and this may be even more crucial for postmenopausal women due to their increased risk of osteoporosis. Vitamin D has promising health benefits alone.

    Healthy levels of these nutrients can be achieved by:

    • Consuming low-fat dairy products, fortified soymilk, oily fish , and eggs
    • Receiving 10-15 minutes of direct sunlight daily in addition to a calcium supplement of 1000-1200mg with up to 2,000 IUs total of Vitamin D3 daily. Take these together at your largest meals for increased absorption.

    Because Vitamin D deficiency is common and may increase the risk of cancer you may want to ask your doctor to check your blood level where 35-40 ng/mL is considered an optimal level.

    This Easy Shopping List Could Fight Cancer

    Can you help prevent breast cancer through a healthy diet? Making good choices at the grocery store isn’t a magic bullet, but research suggests it may help. In fact, an article published in the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2015 Education Book estimated that changes to eating and exercise habits could prevent 25 to 30 percent of cases of breast cancer. And while theres no official consensus yet on the specific foods a cancer-prevention diet should include or how much of those foods you should eat diets full of whole grains, fiber, and fruits and vegetables have been linked to reduced risk.

    More and more research is being done to figure out just what it is in these foods that prevents or slows the growth of the disease. It may be, for example, that antioxidants and compounds called phytochemicals in plants have protective powers against the cell damage that can lead to breast cancer. Some solid evidence points to carotenoids, otherwise known as the pigments that give carrots, tomatoes, and cantaloupe their bright red and orange colors, as being beneficial. Chemicals in cruciferous vegetables think crunchy, fiber-filled broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage may also help.

    Whats agreed on by researchers so far is that obesity can be a risk for breast cancer, as can a sedentary lifestyle. Alcohol consumption should be limited, too: In more than 100 studies, excessive drinking has been consistently associated with an increased risk.

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    Foods That Help Prevent Breast Cancer:

    There is a group of foodstuffs, foods and drinks that have been proven by dozens of researches to be effective in combating or preventing cancer, most notably:

  • Tomatoesare rich in lycopene, a red pigment that is a powerful antioxidant that protects cellular structures and DNA from the effects of free radicals, which are harmful to healthy cells and can help cancer cells grow. Lycopene is known to have the ability to slow the growth of breast cancer cells.
  • The garlic Garlic is among the foods that fight breast cancer and many forms of cancer. A study found that women who ate garlic regularly had a low risk of developing breast cancer.As with garlic, onions also have anti-cancer properties thanks to the efficiency of antioxidants that are also linked to reducing the risk of cancer.
  • Green teaThe main ingredient in green tea is polyphenols, which are responsible for 40% of the teas antioxidant content.Several studies have shown that this element not only reduces the risk of cancer but can also slow the spread of cancer cells, including breast cancer cells. The mechanism of action of polyphenols also appears to disrupt the signaling pathways in the body, affecting the activities of enzymes involved in moving from a healthy cell to a cancerous cell, which actually prevents the cancer from spreading.
  • Final Thoughts On Cancer

    Foods that help prevent breast cancer
    • Cancer-causing foods, as opposed to cancer-fighting foods, include those that contain pesticides, additives, added sugar or artificial sweeteners, processed meats, burnt foods, fried foods and other chemicals. Examples of cancer-causing foods and ingredients are french fries, hot dogs, deli meats, sausage, ice cream, refined rice and other gains, high fructose corn syrup, processed vegetable oils, and trans-fats.
    • To follow an anti-cancer diet, lower your toxin intake, support the bodys cleansing and detoxifying processes, get enough vitamin D, upgrade your water and eat unprocessed nutrient-rich foods in addition to cancer-fighting foods.
    • Some of the top cancer-fighting foods include cruciferous veggies, leafy greens, berries, orange and yellow veggies, herbs and spices, cultured dairy products, nuts, seeds and healthy fats like coconut or olive oil.

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    Foods That Reduce Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

    According to the American Cancer Society, the average risk of a woman in the U.S. developing breast cancer at some point in her life is 12 percent. Although many risk factors for breast cancer are out of your control, such as genetic factors , there is evidence to support that a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and a nutrient-dense diet may affect your risk of cancer. In fact, experts estimate that we may be able to prevent as many as 1 out of every 20 cancer cases simply by changing what we eat. Certain compounds found in food, such as ellagic acid, phytosterols, antioxidants , and even fiber, have been found to regulate estrogen and inhibit cancer cell formation. Here, we’ve listed the best foods that contain cancer-fighting nutrients.

    While no single food is guaranteed to keep you cancer-free, shifting your diet to include more of these foods that can help fight breast cancer wouldn’t hurt. Below, we’ve listed some of these nutritional stars.

    Pomegranates May Pack A Powerful Juicy Punch

    More investigation needs to be done on the role of pomegranates, but research, such as a study published in June 2015 in the journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, has suggested that the fruit contains a compound that might help fight cancers growth especially estrogen-dependent cancers.

    Pomegranates make a delicious and healthy addition to any breast cancer management plan or breast cancer prevention diet, whether in fruit or juice form. Adding them to your grocery list could benefit others in your family, too they may also help fight heart disease and prostate cancer. Still, the juice may interact with cholesterol-lowering drugs, so ask your doctor about the risks.

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    Peaches Apples And Pears

    Fruits specifically peaches, apples, and pears have been shown to safeguard against breast cancer.

    In a study in 75,929 women, those who consumed at least 2 servings of peaches per week had up to a 41% reduced risk of developing ER breast cancer .

    Interestingly, a test-tube study revealed that polyphenol antioxidants from peaches inhibited the growth and spread of a breast cancer cell line .

    Furthermore, a study analyzing data from 272,098 women linked apple and pear intake to a lower risk of breast cancer ” rel=”nofollow”> Share on Pinterest

    Beans are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Specifically, their high fiber content may protect against breast cancer.

    A study in 2,571 women found that high bean intake reduced breast cancer risk by up to 20%, compared with low bean intake .

    Additionally, in a study in 1,260 Nigerian women, those with the highest intake of beans had up to a 28% reduced risk of breast cancer, compared with those with the lowest intake .

    Garlic And Onions Get Down To The Cellular Level

    These are the 10 best foods to fight breast cancer ...

    Garlic seems to have an impact on cell cycling, explains Marian. Thats the process that is not functioning properly when a healthy cell becomes cancerous and grows uncontrolled. Credit for regulating this goes to the component of garlic called allyl sulfide. Allyl sulfides are found throughout the onion family, so adding garlic or onions to your recipes on a regular basis may aid in breast cancer prevention.

    People on blood thinners and certain other drugs should talk with their doctor before taking garlic supplements, to avoid possible drug interactions.

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    Breast Cancer Food Guide

    There is no specific diet that is recommended for people with breast cancer. Your nutrient needs may vary depending on many factors that include other medical diagnoses, your body weight, nutrient deficiencies, medications, and any symptoms that youre currently experiencing.

    Your healthcare team, including a registered dietitian who specializes in oncology nutrition, can help you come up with an appropriate eating plan specific to your needs and overall health. The following foods are based on general recommendations to maintain overall health while living with breast cancer:

    • whole, nutrient-dense foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, protein sources like chicken and turkey, fatty fish like trout or salmon, and plant-based proteins sources like lentils and nuts
    • foods high in healthy fats and protein. If you need to maintain or gain weight, incorporate sources of healthy fat like nuts and seeds, avocados, and olive oil as well as protein sources like eggs, chicken, lentils, and fish. Protein-rich foods are especially important for maintaining muscle mass.
    • blended liquids such as milkshakes, smoothies, juices, or soups for those times when you dont feel like eating solid foods
    • high fiber foods like whole grains, flax seeds, legumes, vegetables and fruits to treat constipation

    A Healthy Breast Cancer Diet

    What exactly is a healthy breast cancer diet? There are proven, beneficial foods to eat to help prevent breast cancer and to support the body during treatment. They stunt tumor growth, encourage the growth of healthy new cells, defend cells from free radical damage, boost the immune system, or simply provide the body with much needed nutrition. Many on the list are fruits and vegetables, most effective in their raw, natural form. Adding them to your diet may not cure cancer, but it will provide you with beneficial vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytochemicals to help your body thrive.

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    If You Have Side Effects

    Nausea. If you experience nausea, your dietitian may recommend that you try to eat more foods that are cool or at room temperature because they dont have a strong odor. It may also help to eat lower-fat food since fats take longer to digest.

    Dont skip meals entirely if you have nausea, since an empty stomach can make nausea worse, Taylor says. Instead, focus on small bites of food throughout the day. Avoid strong flavors. Feel free to incorporate ginger root into your recipes, as this can help settle a nauseated stomach.

    Constipation. If constipation becomes an issue, your dietitian may encourage you to eat fiber-rich foods and increase your fluid intake, Taylor adds. Low-intensity walking and warm beverages also can help encourage regular bowel movements.

    Fatigue. To combat fatigue, choose high-protein snacks and small frequent meals rather than large meals. People often experience more fatigue when theyre not eating well, or when theyre losing weight during treatment.

    If youre experiencing any side effect that affects your ability to eat regularly, ask your care team if you can meet with a dietitian to review individualized nutrition recommendations.

    Fish Can Fill You With Protective Lean Protein

    Foods For Breast Cancer Prevention

    Fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. That makes it a smart lean protein source and a great addition to a breast cancer prevention plan, because anti-cancer nutrition recommendations suggest limiting your intake of red meat and processed meats, including bacon and packaged deli meats. Opt for salmon, mackerel, sardines, and tuna all are rich in omega-3s as breast cancer diet choices instead.

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    Foods And Habits That Increase Your Cancer Risk

    Inflammation is the underlying issue that dictates cancerous tumor initiation, progression and growth. Studies suggest that 30 percent to 40 percent of all kinds of cancer can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle and dietary measures! And other sources claim that this number is in fact much higher, with around 75 percent of cancer cases being lifestyle-related.

    Here are examples of some cancer-causing foods you might not realize are in your diet:

    1. Processed Meats

    While quality meats, fish and dairy products can be included in an anti-cancer diet, processed meats are definitely something to avoid. The American Cancer Society states on their website that The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified processed meat as a carcinogen, something that causes cancer. And it has classified red meat as a probable carcinogen, or something that probably causes cancer. A recent meta-analysis of 800 studies found evidence that eating 50 grams of processed meat every day increased the risk of colorectal cancer by 18 percent.

    Processed meats are those that have been treated, altered or preserved to improve taste and prolong freshness. They can contain additives such as nitrates and tend to be very high in sodium. A clue that is a meat is processed is if its been prepared in any of the following ways: salting, curing, smoking. Examples of processed meats include hot dogs, ham, bacon, sausage, and some deli meats/cold-cuts.

    2. Fried, Burnt and Overly Cooked Foods

    Turmeric Puts Up A Fight Against Inflammation

    The spice that gives curry its beautiful yellow color contains a chemical called curcumin. The research on this compound is inconclusive, but lab studies have shown that curcumin supplements could play a role in helping fight breast cancer tumors when combined with certain drug-based therapy.

    On the other hand, some research suggests it might interfere with chemotherapy, so be sure to talk to your doctor before incorporating it into your diet during treatment.

    It also may have an anti-inflammatory effect that could protect your overall health. You’ll need supplements to get enough curcumin, but putting a veggie curry full of broccoli, onions, and garlic on your breast cancer prevention menu could help make your anti-cancer nutrition plan more fun.

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