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Can An Injury To The Breast Cause Cancer

Breast Lumps And Pain Medications

Does Breast Bruising Cause Cancer?

When nonmedical treatment fails to control cyclic breast pain, your health care professional may prescribe birth control pills or danazol . Be sure to ask about possible side effects of these medications and report them to your doctor if you experience them.

  • Many other drugs have been tried in the treatment of cyclic breast pain and have been found not to be useful or are generally not recommended because of their side effects.
  • Noncyclic breast pain is managed by treating the underlying cause. If a mass or lump is found, it is checked and treated. When your breast pain is caused by chest wall tenderness, it is treated with anti-inflammatory medication or rarely by steroid injections.
  • If no cause for the noncyclic pain is found, a pain treatment protocol for cyclic pain is usually tried and often found to be successful.
  • For simple mastitis without an abscess, oral antibiotics are prescribed. The antibiotic chosen will depend on the clinical situation, your doctor’s preference, and your medication allergies, if any. This medicine is safe to use while breastfeeding and will not harm the baby.
  • Chronic mastitis in nonbreastfeeding women is more complicated. Recurrent episodes of mastitis are common. Occasionally this type of infection responds poorly to antibiotics. Therefore, close follow-up with your doctor is mandatory.

Fat Necrosis And Oil Cysts In The Breast

Fat necrosis is a benign breast condition that happens when an area of the fatty breast tissue is damaged, usually as a result of injury to the breast. It can also happen after breast surgery or radiation treatment. Fat necrosis is more common in women with very large breasts.

As the body repairs the damaged breast tissue, its usually replaced by firm scar tissue. But some fat cells may respond differently to injury. Instead of forming scar tissue, the fat cells die and release their contents. This forms a sac-like collection of greasy fluid called an oil cyst.

Does Cancer Show Up As A Bruise

on December 01, 2019. Its important to be aware of the early warning signs of cancer -such as bruising easily, blood in the urine, or fatigue-so that if you are diagnosed with cancer, you can receive treatment as soon as possible. However, while experiencing these symptoms can be frightening, its important to keep in mind that many of them are also common signs of less serious conditions, such as an infection, an autoimmune disease, or an allergy.

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Bruise Under Toenail Cancer

Other symptoms include: Nail separating from the nail bed 4 Nail brittleness and cracking 3 A nodule underneath the nail 3 Darkening of the skin next to the nail.Melanoma. Note the sharply demarcated border between the tumor and the nail, and the perfect rectangular shape of this thick band. Both a bruise or blood under a big toenail and a melanoma can fill up the entire nail. However, look closely at the toe on the right, which is cancerous.. brown or black streaks in the nail without any known injury streaks on the nails that increase in size a bruise on the nail that will not heal or move up as the fingernail grows fingernails or toenails that separate from the nail bed darkening skin next to the nail a nail that bleeds or develops a .

Does Breast Cancer Cause Bruising

Breast cancer symptoms and pregnancy.

Bruising to breast can it cause cancer. Dear genzer: A bruise is caused by injury to a blood vessel that causes bleeding under the skin. Bruises will resolve on their own but can take some time depending on the severity. Bruises do not cause cancer. Your screening recommendations would be based upon your risk for breast cancer.

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Answers To 10 Common Questions About Breast Cancer

To get answers to 10 commonly-asked questions about breast cancer, I asked Dr. William Gradishar, an oncologist at Feinberg School Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago. He addresses concerns about the possible causes of breast cancer and gives information about treatment.

Q: If I Have Fibrocystic Breasts Am I At Higher Risk For Breast Cancer

A: About 50 percent of women will be affected by fibrocystic breast condition at some point in their lives. Fibrocystic breasts are common and noncancerous. Fibrocystic breasts are not a risk factor for breast cancer. They do make detection with standard imaging and exam techniques more difficult, but not impossible.

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How Breast Cancer Pain May Feel

If breast cancer is the cause of breast pain, it will often be present in only one breast, whereas benign breast pain is often on both sides.

Breast cancer pain can be persistent and very specific, usually hurting in just one spot. But, breast cancer can be present in your breast before it causes pain. If you have other symptoms of breast cancer, such as nipple retraction, sudden swelling of your breast, or sudden skin changes, consult your doctor for a clinical breast exam.

Breast Cancer And Shoulder Blade Pain

7 Things That Can Cause a Lump In Your Breasts | Signs of Breast Cancer | #DeepDives

Some women may feel back pain in the upper back between the shoulder blades before any other sign of breast cancer reveals itself. The discomfort is usually attributed to muscle pain, inflammation of the spine or stretching the tendon and ligaments in the back.

Its important to know that tumors will sometimes develop deep within the breast tissue of the chest and felt in the spine or ribcage. There is also the possibility of metasis, a malignant spreading of the disease to the ribs or spine.

For example, The National Breast Cancer Foundation reports about a patient who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and suffered from a severe back pain.5

The Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association reported that metastatic bone disease secondary to breast cancer is a common cause of low back pain. The report stressed the need for further imaging in patients with a history of breast cancer and whose physical examination and plain film radiographs are inconclusive or suspicious.6

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Does Stress Cause Cancer

Theres no conclusive evidence that stress increases your risk of breast cancer.

A number of studies have looked at the links between stress and breast cancer, but there isnt enough evidence to show a clear association.

Stress can be linked to a rise in other lifestyle behaviours, such as being less active or drinking alcohol, which could increase your risk of breast cancer.

Breast Pain Not Linked To Periods

Its often unclear what causes non-cyclical breast pain.

It can be related to:

  • a benign breast condition
  • previous surgery to the breast
  • injury to the breast
  • having larger breasts
  • a side effect from a drug treatment, such as certain antidepressant drugs and some herbal remedies such as ginseng

Stress and anxiety can also be linked to breast pain.

Non-cyclical breast pain may be continuous or it may come and go. It can affect women before and after the menopause.

The pain can be in one or both breasts and can affect the whole breast or a specific area. It may be a burning, prickling or stabbing pain, or a feeling of tightness.

Non-cyclical breast pain often goes away by itself over time. This happens in about half the women who experience it.

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Breast Pain: 10 Reasons Your Breasts May Hurt

Most women experience some form of breast pain at one time or another. Breast pain is typically easy to treat, but on rarer occasions it can be a sign of something more serious.

Medical director of the Suburban Hospital Breast Center Pamela Wright, M.D., discusses the most common causes of breast pain , their treatments and when to see a doctor:

  • Hormones are making your breasts sore.

    Hormonal fluctuations are the number one reason women have breast pain. Breasts become sore three to five days prior to the beginning of a menstrual period and stop hurting after it starts. This is due to a rise in estrogen and progesterone right before your period. These hormones cause your breasts to swell and can lead to tenderness.

    Its normal to have breast tenderness that comes and goes around the time of your period, says Wright. Its nothing to worry about.

    If you become pregnant, your breasts may remain sore during the first trimester as hormone production ramps up. Breast tenderness is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy for many women.

    Steps you can take to minimize sore breasts include:

  • Eliminate caffeine
  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever
  • Ask your doctor if switching birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy medications may help
  • Severe swelling
  • A lump in the breast
  • Redness and warmth, which could indicate an infection
  • A bruise on your breast that doesnt go away
  • A pulled muscle
  • Trauma to the chest wall
  • Bone fracture
  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Q: Will Surgery To Remove A Breast Cause The Cancer To Spread

    Can Trauma to the Breast Cause Breast Cancer?

    A: When breast cancer spreads, it is said to have metastasized. No one knows what causes breast cancer to metastasize, but there is no link between the surgical removal of a breast and the spread of breast cancer.

    Metastatic breast cancer is the most advanced stage of breast cancer. There are various treatment options available today for women with this disease — including chemotherapy, endocrine therapy and targeted therapy — which continue to play a central role in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. It is important that women with this disease speak with their healthcare providers about their treatment options.

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    Is Your Rash A Breast Infection Or Inflammatory Breast Cancer

    If your breast looks red or swollen, theres no need to panic. A tender area or rash on your breast often signals a common problem like an infection. Rarely, a rash and soreness can be signs of inflammatory breast cancer, a form of the disease that grows quickly, often in weeks or months. Heres how to tell the difference.

    Breast Pain Linked To Periods

    Many women feel discomfort and lumpiness in both breasts a week or so before their period.

    The pain can vary from mild to severe and the breasts can also be tender and sore to touch.

    You may experience heaviness, tenderness, a burning, prickling or stabbing pain, or a feeling of tightness.

    The pain usually affects both breasts but it can affect just one breast. It can also spread to the armpit, down the arm and to the shoulder blade.

    Cyclical breast pain is linked to changing hormone levels during the menstrual cycle. The pain often goes away once a period starts. In some women, this type of pain will go away by itself, but it can come back.

    This type of pain usually stops after the menopause, though women taking hormone replacement therapy can also have breast pain.

    Breast pain can also be associated with starting to take or changing contraception that contains hormones.

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    Purple Bruise On Stomach

    Bruising in your stomach or abdominal area is typically caused by: The trauma from the injury causes blood vessels in the affected tissue to break open. This leads to bruising. Similar to bruising of the stomach or abdominal area, bruising of the back or spinal.”i have a dark purple-blue bruise above my waistline at my 3 oclock . just came back from vacation, did some drinking?” Answered by Dr. Heidi Fowler: Not sure: But when a person has been drinking alcohol they are sometim.Purple bruise on stomach“i have a dark purple-blue bruise above my waistline at my 3 oclock . just came back from vacation, did some drinking?”Answered by Dr. Heidi Fowler: Not sure: But when a person has been drinking alcohol they are sometim. Purple Bruise On Stomach Related Questions

    Can Shoulder Blade Pain Be A Symptom Of Breast Cancer

    Breast Lump Caused By Breast Trauma – Should I Be Concerned?

    Pain is not a common symptom of breast cancer. However, breast cancer that has metastasized can sometimes cause shoulder blade pain.

    One of the most common locations for breast cancer metastasis is in the bones. Pain can be related to the cancer itself or fractures that happen when bones weaken.

    Bladder, prostate, thyroid, uterus, lung, and kidney cancers can also spread to your bones. Lung and kidney cancers are also known to spread to the shoulder joint and shoulder blade.

    It is also possible that pain near your right shoulder could be an indication that breast cancer has spread to your liver, because some of the nerve networks around the liver originate from the same nerves that attach near your right shoulder blade.

    If youve had breast cancer in the past, and youre now experiencing shoulder pain, its a good idea to see a doctor about it as soon as possible. If it is a cancer relapse, treatment may help slow the cancers growth, relieve your symptoms, and protect your bones.

    Yes. If youve had chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, you may have pain around your shoulder blade because of those treatments.

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    Nipple Discharge Or Changes

    One of the most common locations of breast cancer is beneath the nipple. The presence of a cancerous lesion may cause changes in appearance and sensitivity of the nipple. Different texture, color and shape might occur. The nipple may also feel much more tender and have an unusual texture. Some women describe a lack of sensitivity within the nipple, especially during intimate relations.

    The American Cancer Society mentions nipple pain, nipple retraction and redness, scaliness or thickening of the nipple as possible signs of breast cancer.1 WebMD also mentions itching, a burning sensation, or ulceration in the nipple.3

    A discharge of clear liquid, blood, or milk that doesnt happen during breast feeding might also be a sign of breast cancer. According to WebMD, unusual discharge from the nipple is usually caused by benign conditions, but may also indicate breast cancer in some cases, in which the discharge can be clear, bloody, or another color.3

    This happens when a tumor forms in the milk duct on the nipple or behind it. When this happens the skin jostles to one side, allowing the tumor to cause irritation and inflammation that results in an unusual discharge from the nipple. Medical evaluation and followups are needed for early detection, but it is important to remember that many tumors are harmless.

    Traumatic Breast Injuries: When To Worry When To Wait

    by Patient Expert

    Your breast can suffer a physical injury just like any other part of your anatomy. What kind of breast injury is serious enough to see a doctor? And can a breast injury lead to problems down the road even breast cancer?

    “My little brother punched me in the boob and it hurts a lot. Should I worry?”

    “I was in a fender-bender, and the seatbelt really cut into my chest. Now I have a bruise. Should I see a doctor?”

    “My basketball team was playing a really rough game, and I got elbowed in the breast going up for a rebound. That was a month ago now I feel a lump. What is it?”

    When you scrape your shin, bruise your thigh, or accidentally cut your finger, you don’t really think too much about it, do you? Sure, it hurts but given time, it’ll heal. It’s only a .

    But somehow, an injury to your breast feels different. Not physically a bruise is a bruise, and a breast bruise hurts just like one on your kneecap. But mentally emotionally breast injuries can be worrisome.

    If you’re a younger woman, you might worry about the effect of potential scarring on your love life, or your ability to nurse a baby. If older, you’ve automatically got breast cancer on your mind: can an injury lead to cancer?

    Let’s examine what happens when your breast suffers blunt trauma the official medical term for a forceful injury to the breast.

    Trauma can occur from a blow. Younger women sometimes contact us here to ask if their pesky little brother punching them is dangerous.

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    What Does Cause Breast Cancer

    The exact cause of breast cancer is not known. However, there are some known risk factors. These risk factors include:

    • older age

    Breast injury or pain does not necessarily mean you have breast cancer, but a breast injury can increase your risk of:

    • increased pain during breastfeeding
    • a more difficult diagnosis or trouble with screening results
    • significant bleeding caused by hematoma, in the case of a seat belt injury

    Injuries can affect how your doctors read your screening results. You should always let your doctor and mammography professionals know about any history of breast injury. This information will be useful in assessing your results.

    What Causes Breast Pain

    Pain Under Left Breast: 18 Causes with Treatments

    If your boobs hurt, your mind may jump right away to the C word. But chances are slim that breast pain is breast cancer.

    Breast pain alone is rarely, rarely associated with cancer, says Monique Swain, MD, an obstetrician and gynecologist in the breast division at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit.

    There are two types of breast pain: Cyclical pain is associated with your period and most often affects both breasts. Noncyclical pain is due to any other reason and doesnt follow a monthly pattern. It can affect one or both breasts, all of the breast, or just part of it.

    Most breast pain goes away on its own or can be easily treated. Talk to a doctor if the pain doesnt go away in a week or two or if it gets in the way of normal activities. You should also contact a doctor if you have other symptoms, including a lump thats not related to your period, discharge from your nipple, or signs of infection like redness, swelling, and warmth.

    Here are some possible reasons why you have breast pain.

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