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How To Donate To Breast Cancer Awareness

Lets All Be Informed And Educated About Breast Cancer

North Smithfield woman asking for volunteers to donate bras in support of breast cancer awareness

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the perfect time to gain a deeper understanding about both the disease and the organizations that support breast cancer patients.

I hope that the information and support provided by one or more of these five breast cancer-focused nonprofits help you or someone you love.

Help A Cancer Patient

Sometimes asking for help can be hard. For those who know someone battling breast cancer, find a way to make their life easier without them asking. Whether it is offering to walk their dog, drive them to their doctors appointment, or preparing frozen meals, simple acts can make a huge difference.

Also, many chemo wards even take donations of clothing, scarves, and hats for patients. Reach out to local organizations to see what good or services would benefit the community.

National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund

  • Charity Navigator rating: 85.2 | Charity Watch grade: A
  • One of the best breast cancer awareness charities
  • Mission: Has set a deadline to know how to end breast cancer by January 1, 2020

The NBCC means business. So much so, that in 2010, they set a deadline for finding the cure for breast cancer. On their website, you will find a large ticking banner, counting down to January 1, 2020. By this time, theyre determined to know how to end breast cancer. Whats more, they have a blueprint to find that cure. NBCCF is singularly focused on eradicating breast cancer, and all donations go towards the science and knowledge to get them there.

As a 501c3 non-profit, your donation to Breast Cancer Coalition Fund is tax-deductible

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Dr Susan Love Research Foundation

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation uses education and advocacy to help improve the lives of those either with or at risk of developing breast cancer. The foundation also focuses on collaborative research with nontraditional partners in search of groundbreaking results.

Eighty-one percent of its budget is spent on programs and research, and 19 percent is used for operations and fundraising.

Visit their website.

How Do I Know If A Charity Or Nonprofit Is Good

News: Sterling Insurance Group collecting bra donations ...

With thousands of charities and organizations available, its hard to know which ones to donate to. In addition to tax-exempt status, other identifiers to look for include transparency and accountability. For example:

  • Charity Navigator reviews transparency, accountability, and how efficiently a nonprofit will use donations.
  • GuideStar reviews nonprofits donations and assets, and it rates their transparency.
  • BBB Accredited Charity reviews charity accountability.

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Stat/tip #1 Headline: Breast Cancer Deaths Worldwide

Infographic: Breast Cancer Deaths Worldwide Infographic

Text: Breast cancer is a deadly illness that affects women and men all over the globe.

In 2020, there were over 680,000 deaths worldwide from breast cancer. And while mortality rates are declining year on year, in 2021, its estimated that 43,600 women and 530 men will sadly die from breast cancer.

Is There A Cap On The Amount The Company Will Donate Has This Maximum Donation Already Been Met Can You Tell

Some companies that indicate that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of a particular pink ribbon product will go to support breast cancer programs put an arbitrary cap on their maximum donation. Once the maximum amount has been met, the company may continue to sell the product with the pink ribbon without alerting customers that no additional funds will be donated to breast cancer organizations. This means you may be buying a product for which none of your purchase price will go to a breast cancer cause but only to the bottom line of the company.

EXAMPLE: In 2010, Reebok marketed a line of pink ribbon emblazoned footwear and apparel at prices ranging from$50 to $100. Though it heavily promoted the fact that some of their pink ribbon product sales would be donated tothe Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, they set a limit of $750,000, regardless of how many items were sold, and therewas no mechanism in place to alert consumers once the maximum donation had been met.

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Ways To Involve Your Small Business In Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Its almost October! That means its almost Breast Cancer Awareness month and its time for all of us to take a second look at how breast cancer has touched our lives. It is also a great time to participate in fundraisers for Susan G. Komen and other organizations that support breast cancer research. Chances are you know at least one person whose life has been affected by breast cancer. If you want some real numbers, you are about 15 times more likely to know someone who has dealt with breast cancer than you are to be audited by the IRS. You are also about 375 times more likely to know someone who has been touched by the disease than you are to get struck by lightning. Breast cancer sticks its head into so many lives, its why so many are eager to raise funds for treatment and research. If you own a small business, there are a lot of ways for you to help raise awareness and join in fundraising.

8 Ways to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Wear Pink Ribbons

Wearing pink ribbons is a simple way to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Your employees can wear them, or you can pass them out to customers who visit your establishment. You may provide employees with pink ribbon pins and pass out pink ribbon stickers for customers to wear.

Host a Fundraising Exercise Class

Host a Pink Bag Lunch

Form a Company 5K Team

Eat and Drink Pink

Pay to Wear Jeans Day

Girls Night Out or In

Promote Mammograms

Get Your Breast Cancer Awareness Pink!

Comparing Top 7 Breast Cancer Charities

Big Y Supermarkets to donate for Breast Cancer Awareness month

When you or your company donate to a breast cancer charity, you can impact lives, support treatment, and create hope. Donations of all sizes can make a difference and help both individuals and the nonprofits that focus on breast cancer awareness, care, and prevention. Further, donors and partners today enjoy a wealth of options when it comes to outstanding, dedicated breast cancer nonprofits.

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Financial Assistance For People With Breast Cancer

The Pink Fund

The Pink Fund provide financial assistance for people receiving active treatment for breast cancer.

Typically, they provide enough money to cover 90 days of nonmedical living expenses, such as home, utility, and vehicle payments.

The Pink Funds financials are available online. Their most recent audit from 2018 reveals that they spent $933,132 on providing services for people with breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Charities of America

Through their Help Now program, the Breast Cancer Charities of America offer financial aid for people currently receiving treatment for breast cancer.

Grants are typically up to $1,000 per person. The BCCA intend for these grants to cover housing and utility payments. They also partner with corporate sponsors to donate medicine and equipment to hospitals and clinics in developing countries.

According to their 2018 financial records, the BCCA spent $5,700,028 on programs and services, making up an estimated 78% of their total funding.

Choose The Ways You Want To Give To Komen:

Shop at , select Susan G. Komen as your chosen charity. At no cost to you, a portion of your eligible purchases will benefit Komen.

Make a difference every day. Open a Susan G. Komen® Customized Cash Rewards Visa® credit card account and you will receive a $200 online cash rewards bonus offer, plus Bank of America will donate an additional $200 to Komen, increasing your impact in the fight against breast cancer. This means your everyday purchases will help support breast cancer patients and help find cures.

Donate your car, truck, boat, and RV to Susan G. Komen, and help save lives. Donating a vehicle is easy, and whether its running or not, your donated vehicle will help move us forward in the mission to end breast cancer forever.

At no cost to you, Komen will arrange to pick-up your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, RV, or other qualified vehicle. Upon sale, we will provide you proper tax forms. Our customer service representatives are available to assist you through the process and may be reached by calling .

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Does This Purchase Put You Or Someone You Love At Risk For Exposure To Toxins Linked To Breastcancer What Is The Company Doing To Ensure That Its Products Are Not Contributing To The Breastcancer Epidemic

Many companies have sold pink ribbon products that are linked to increased risk of breast cancer. We believe that companies that are profiting from building a reputation based on their concern about breast cancer have a responsibilityto protect the public from possible harms when scientifi c research indicates that there is a risk or plausible reason forconcern. Some of the earliest cause-marketing companies were well-known cosmetics companies that continue to sell cosmetics containing chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer. Even car companies have gotten in on the action and sell cars that emit toxic air pollutants in the name of breast cancer. In considering a pink ribbon purchase, does the product contain toxins or otherwise increase our risk of breast cancer?

EXAMPLE: In 2011, Susan G. Komen for the Cure commissioned a perfume called Promise Me that contains unlisted chemicals that are regulated as toxic and hazardous, have not been adequately evaluated for human safety, and have demonstrated negative health effects. Although Komen said they would reformulate future versions of the perfume, without official adoption of the precautionary principle, there is no guarantee that future versions would be better.

Ways To Shop And Give Back During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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From volunteering your time to donating, there are many ways to contribute and participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some of our favorite brandslike Jimmy Choo and La Merare getting involved by donating profits from select products to charities that are making a difference. Organizations like the Breast Cancer Research Foundation work year-round to turn awareness into action by furthering education around the disease and supporting survivors.

Its easy to get involved by directly contributing to a nonprofits website. But if youre in the mood to do a little shopping, there are plenty of products with charitable ties. Perhaps you can use this moment as an opportunity to get a head start on your holiday shopping, too. That would certainly give new meaning to the gift that keeps on giving.

Ahead, find 17 ways to shop for a good cause during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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Memorial And Tribute Donations

Memorial donations are the way to honor both the deceased and their family in lieu of or in addition to flowers. An acknowledgment letter if instructed is sent to a decedents family member or friend informing them of your generous gift in memory of their loved one.

Tribute donations are given in honor of an individual who is living. This person may be a breast cancer survivor, or perhaps a member of the community who is passionate about ABCFs mission.

From the donate button check box to dedicate donation, then select type of tribute from the drop-down menu.

Erase The Hassles Of Repairing Advertising And Selling Your Car Altogether By Donating Your Car Truck Motorcycle Boat Or Other Vehicles To Susan G Komen

Call us toll-free at 877-77-KOMEN , or simply fill out our online vehicle donation form below and provide your car donation information. Vehicle donations may qualify for an IRS tax deduction and every vehicle donation to Susan G. Komen and affiliated chapters paves the road for the cure!Once our office receives your vehicle information, our Vehicle Donor Support Team will contact you and arrange to have your vehicle picked up from one of our preferred licensed tow drivers. Towing is at no cost to you whether the vehicle is running or not! Upon pickup, you will receive a donation receipt. Please review the FAQs for more information regarding tax benefits.

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How To Safely Donate For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

WICHITA FALLS, Texas – Monica Horton joined Brian Shrull in studio to talk about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and give tips on how to safely donate.

Residents raise millions of dollars for breast cancer research each year and the Better Business Bureau wants to make sure everyone is cautious when they give.

The BBB has a list of tips to make sure your money is being used as advertised when you donate:

  • Shop smart. Specific items, usually shown with pink ribbons or packaging, will be sold with a portion of that money being used as a donation. When buying these items, check if the company is open about which charity it benefits and how much of the money is used for the donation.
  • Check the charity. If you dont know about a charity, look into it first. Pay close attention to each charitys name, as some questionable charities use names similar to well established charities. to view a charity report based on the BBB standards for accountability.
  • Participate carefully. Some charities host fundraising events as well as the marketing promotions. For those interested in fundraising events, always do some research before signing up. Some include a participation fee or require participants to sign up a number of sponsors.

Always research charities or fundraising groups before registering to participate in their fundraisers or donating.

For more tips on how to make donations safely,

Most Read

National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc

You Can Donate Your Hair To Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Charity Navigator rating: 96
  • One of the top breast cancer support non-profit organizations
  • Mission: To help women now by providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services

National Breast Cancer Foundation partners with hospitals to provide free mammograms for women all across the US, and have created a community of support through Beyond The Shock.

They offer an Early Detection program on their website, which includes education on symptoms of breast cancer and how to perform a self-exam. They also give explanations of clinical breast exams and mammograms.

As a 501c3 nonprofit, donations to NBCF are tax-deductible

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Charity Navigator: Top Breast Cancer Charities

Charity Navigator uses a star rating system when evaluating how efficiently a charity uses your donations.

Of the three charities highly recommended by Charity Watch, the Breast Cancer Foundation received Charity Navigator’s highest rating of four stars. The National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund and the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners both received three stars.

Other national charities devoted to breast cancer research and medical services that received four stars from Charity Navigator:

National Breast Cancer Foundation

  • Mission: To help women now by providing help and inspiring hope to those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services.

Charity Navigator also gave four stars to these charities that provide breast cancer support services and education: Bay Area Cancer Connections, It’s the Journey, Casting for Recovery, Sharsheret,, Prevent Cancer Foundation, Living Beyond Breast Cancer and American Italian Cancer Foundation.

Create A Memorial Or Tribute

Make a donation in memory of a loved one or to celebrate a loved ones survivorship, a special occasion or simply to recognize their courage in fighting breast cancer. When an In Memory gift is received, we promptly send a personalized tribute card to the person or family indicated, notifying them of your thoughtful donation but not revealing the amount. Learn more.

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What Are Some Ways To Volunteer Time In Support Of People With Breast Cancer

There are lots of organizations that support people with breast cancer. Large organizations like the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen Foundation have many programs to join in the fight against breast cancer. These organizations may also have local offices. Smaller organizations may have programs to support local communities, too.

Show Your Support In October And All Year Round

Donate Today

There are so many ways to give and to show your support for your loved ones or to celebrate your own victory over breast cancer.

Let Breast Cancer Awareness Month be the launchpad for your own involvement year round in the worldwide fight to end breast cancer and save lives.

At Hair La Vie, we know that your hair is an integral part of how you present yourself to the world and shape your authentic style.

Join our private Facebook Community for a safe, human-moderated space to share your Hair Journey, discover new natural beauty, and take steps towards becoming you with the help of an understanding, supportive community.

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Work With Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer survivors can provide education and emotional support to others with breast cancer. You can help coordinate rides and provide places to stay for breast cancer patients, though these programs are on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Susan G. Komen Foundation also has local offices to support community health education and programs.

These are just some of the many ways you can get involved. Many of the national and local organizations listed below also have other ways to volunteer.

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