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Do Vegetarians Get Breast Cancer

A Vegan Diet Inhibits The Growth Of Prostate Cancer Cells 8 Times More Than A Control Group

Can a Vegan Diet Cure Cancer?

In this study, patients with prostate cancer who did not undergo conventional therapy were put on a lifestyle modification regimen for 1 year which included:

  • vegan diet supplemented with soy
  • fish oil
  • Vitamin E , Vitamin C , and selenium
  • Moderate aerobic exercise
  • stress management techniques 60 min./day
  • participation in a 1-hour support group weekly
  • Results:

  • PSA decreased 4% in the vegan-diet group, but it increased 6% in those on a standard diet.
  • Prostate cancer cell growth was inhibited by 70% in the vegan group, compared to 9% in the standard-diet group.
  • What Does The Science Say

    During the Shanghai Breast Cancer Study , a wealth of data from breast cancer patients and healthy women of similar age was collected and the risk of breast cancer in relation to diet evaluated. The authors noticed there were two dietary patterns vegetable-soya, characterised by fruit and vegetables, pulses and grains and meat-sweets characterised by meat, fatty foods and sweets. The analyses of the data revealed that the meat-sweet pattern was significantly associated with increased risk of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer among postmenopausal women and this association was even stronger if the women were overweight.

    Another large study was conducted in Singapore where 34,000 womens dietary patterns and health were followed for the average period of ten years . Similar to the study above, the researchers identified two dietary patterns, meat-dim sum and vegetable-fruit-soya. And the results revealed a direct relationship between diet and breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women the greater the intake of the foods from the vegetable-fruit-soya category, the lower the risk of breast cancer. More specifically, the risk was 30 per cent lower in women who had the highest intake of these foods.

    The detrimental health effects of consuming cows milk and dairy products are more widely discussed in Viva! Healths fully-referenced scientific report White Lies.

    Vegetarians Have Fewer Cancers But Higher Risk Of Colorectal Cancer Study

    UK researchers found that vegetarians had a lower overall cancer rate than meat eaters, but contrary to suggestions from other studies, they found a higher rate of colorectal cancer among the vegetarians than among the meat eaters.

    The study was the work of researchers working on the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Oxford and the findings were published in the online issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on 11 March.

    In their background information, lead author Tim Key, a Cancer Research UK epidemiologist who is based at the University of Oxford, and colleagues wrote that few prospective studies have looked at cancer rates among vegetarians, although the 5 a day recommendation is geared to lowering risk of cancers and other diseases, so they decided to look at overall and individual cancer incidence rates among vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

    For the study they examined EPIC data on 63,550 men and women aged 20 to 89 recruited throughout the UK during the 1990s. They got the cancer incidence figures from national cancer registries.

    The results showed that:

    The authors concluded that:

    The overall cancer incidence rates of both the vegetarians and the nonvegetarians in this study are low compared with national rates.

    Red meat has been associated with higher rates of colorectal cancer.

    He explained that it was very difficult to do studies on the links between diet and cancer.

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    Answers From The Community

  • Every race, every nationality gets cancer, in every age. 3,000 year old mummies have been found buried in the arid high plains of Peru. Some clearly died of tumors found in their bodies.

    1. A 100% organic diet of cancer. Pulitzer prize winner. Excellent read, both for you and especially for your misinformed friends.

  • From my own experience. I was in a yoga class with an instructor who had a very healthy lifestyle, was vegan before it was cool, never drank or smoked, and had stage 3 breast cancer.Cancer can happen no matter how health for unhealthy you live your life.

  • BoiseB

    I definately laude a vegan diet. My brother is a moral vegan. He does not use animal products in any way no leather, wool or feathers and NO MEAT OR DAIRY. But humans need vitamin B12 the only source of B12 is animal products. A healthy balanced diet makes you stronger so you can better combat cancer. Processed meats do cause cancer. There are many environmental causes of cancer. Some areas cancer is in the water or air. Or even in the vegetables you eat. Then there are some people who have a gene for cancer. A healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet can help stave off cancer and when cancer does strike it can help the treatments make you well again. If you choose a vegan diet you should be sure to supplement it with B12

  • Myth: Eating Soy Causes Cancer

    Why Do Vegetarians Rarely Get Cancer?

    Fact: Soy high in protein, fiber, and antioxidants is a vegan diet mainstay, so any links between soy consumption and cancer risk are naturally alarming. Soy contains estrogen-like compounds called phytoestrogens, which can mimic the action of the hormone in the body. And while animal studies have linked high consumption of these phytoestrogens to an increased risk of breast cancer, most experts agree that a diet rich in soy foods, like edamame, tofu, and soymilk, is perfectly safe for women.

    Women who are at high risk of breast cancer, who are currently receiving breast cancer treatment, or who are breast cancer survivors should avoid soy or ask their doctors about a safe intake.

    Eating two to three servings daily can be very healthy, but if youre concerned about it, you can also eat other protein sources as an alternative, Messina says.

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    Re: Any Vegetarians Or Vegans Diagnosed

    I have been a vegan for more than 7 years and honestly, I feel much better than when I ate meat. I have a lot more energy now. However, I do not think that this is only thanks to veganism, in addition to this, I generally began to calculate my calorie intake and do a light workout in the morning and evening. By the way, I recently learned about the keto diet and would like to try it. This diet helps lower blood sugar levels and even boost energy. If you are concerned about the same problems you can read this article

    When Vegans Get Cancer

    A lot of people have read T. Colin Campbells book The China Study and read about how rats fed casein protein from dairy got cancer whereas when protein was reduced to less than 5% of calories the tumors shrunk.

    In 1993 despite several operations, 35 radiotherapy treatments, irradiation to induce the menopause and chemotherapy treatments. I was told I had only months to live after my breast cancer returned for the 5th time. At this point I had a large solid lump the size of half a small boiled egg sticking out of my neck just above my collar bone. I felt awful and looked very pale, thin and ill. Despite the awfulness of my situation, my scientific knowledge and experience clicked in to save my life.

    My husband Peter and I had both worked in China on environmental problems in the past. I suddenly remembered that a wonderful epidemiological atlas presented to me by my Chinese colleagues showed a background rate of breast cancer of 1 in 100,000 women., compared to a rate of one in ten in much of the West. I had checked that the information was correct with senior academics that I knew well in China and also with some Chinese doctors who told me that they had hardly seen a case of breast cancer in their careers.

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    Is There A Cancer Diet

    Theres no diet that can cure cancer. Theres also no good research that shows that any eating plan, like a vegetarian diet, for example, can lower the chance of cancer coming back. Your best bet is to stick with a balanced diet with lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy.

    What Country Has Lowest Breast Cancer Rate

    Vegan Blood Kills Cancer

    The lowest rates are seen in several Chinese populations including the Quidong registry, with breast cancer incidence rates of about 10 per 100,000, whereas observed rates are also low in eastern African populations in Zimbabwe and Uganda, Algiers in North Africa, several South-East Asian registries

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    Vegetarianism Guarantees Weight Loss

    Sadly, no. As the section above makes clear, not all vegetarian and vegan diets are equally healthful. It is incredibly easy to consume thousands of calories each day without any of them being associated with animals.

    The key to weight loss is a healthful diet and regular exercise, and neither requires the avoidance of animal products.

    It is still worth noting, though, the evidence that following a plant-based diet is associated with weight loss. For instance, a review published in Translational Psychiatry explains:

    We found robust evidence for short- to moderate-term beneficial effects of plant-based diets versus conventional diets on weight status, energy metabolism, and systemic inflammation.

    This finding held true for healthy participants, people with obesity, and individuals with type 2 diabetes.

    To give another example, another review, published in BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care, looked at the impact of plant-based diets on people with diabetes. Among other benefits, the authors found that these diets were associated with a significant improvement in weight.

    This is a myth. While vegans often take B12 supplements to ensure that they have adequate levels, vegetarians have a wealth of other options.

    Vegetarians can derive B12 from eggs and milk products, including cheese.

    Meanwhile, a range of vegan-friendly foods are fortified with B12, including some cereals, tofu, nondairy milks, and spreads.

    Myth: Vegans Don’t Get Sick

    Fact: Eating a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein can help boost the immunity of vegans and non-vegans like, according to Messina. Largely plant-based diets are also associated with lower risks for serious chronic conditions like heart disease and cancer, but that doesnt mean vegans are bulletproof. Some vegans think theyll never get sick, but the fact is, vegans get cancer and vegans get heart disease, Messina says. A plant diet is not a 100 percent protection against any disease, but it certainly can reduce your risk.

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    Soy And Breast Cancer

    One way researchers discovered the effects of soy on breast cancer risk, is through population studies. It has been found that women in Asia are about 5 times less likely to develop breast cancer than North Americans. Possible explanations may include green tea consumption which is known to decrease risk by about 30%, as well as increased mushroom consumption. White mushrooms have been shown to block estrogen synthase enzymes in vitro, and researchers found that when comparing 1000 breast cancer patients to the same number of healthy controls, those who ate more than just one half of a mushroom per day experienced a 64% risk reduction over women who ate no mushrooms. Therefore, in combination with drinking half of a tea bag of green tea per day, eating mushrooms leads to a 90% risk reduction. Furthermore, another factor accounting for the population discrepancies in breast cancer risk is increased soy consumption throughout the lifespan beginning in childhood in Asian individuals. Lifelong soy consumption offers the most protective effect, reducing breast cancer risk by 50%, compared to only a 25% risk reduction if soy is consumed beginning in adulthood.

    Dairy And Prostate Cancer

    Bowel cancer symptoms: Signs of disease similar to PILES ...

    Dairy products are often advertised as natural, yet humans are the only species who consume milk after weaning, let alone drink the milk of another species. Advertising also promotes milk and other dairy as good for the body, yet every animal derived food product contains high levels of sex steroid hormones, especially in dairy due to the fact that milk is taken from lactating female cows. Even hormone levels in so called organic cows have levels high enough to influence hormone related conditions including acne, reproductive dysfunction, premature puberty, and higher rates of twins. In looking at cancer in particular, the concern lies with the effects of growth hormones in addition to sex steroid hormones. When considering that cow milk is meant to cause a calf to gain a couple hundred pounds within a few months, it makes sense that a lifetime of human exposure to those growth factors could contribute to developing cancer, and particularly hormone sensitive tumors.

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    Fiber Reduces Cancer Risk

    Early interest in fiber and cancer came from intriguingobservations of the Finnish population . Thepeople in Finland have one of the highest rates of heart attacks,but they have relatively low rates of both colon and breast cancer.Dietary studies showed that the Finns are high consumers of dairyproducts including milk, which may contribute to their high rate ofheart disease. However, they also consume a type of rye bread highin bran fiber. When investigators studied stool samples of Finnsand compared them to those of people living in New York they foundthat stools of Finns weighed two to three times more than those ofNew Yorkers. Also, the concentration of bile acids in Finnishstools was much lower than that in the American stools. Bile acidsare compounds produced by the liver to aid in the digestion of fatsbut they also appear to promote the growth of cancer cells in thecolon.

    The larger stool also increases the excretion of estrogen andtherefore could result in lower blood estrogen levels in Finnishwomen. This may protect against breast cancer, since lower estrogenlevels are associated with reduced risk for breast cancer.

    In 1978, when the Food and Drug Administration initiated a ban on the artificial sweetener saccharin, I noted that the American people would be better off if the FDA banned white bread.

    How Vegetarian Diets Protect Against Cancer

    Re: Sere: Any Vegetarians Or Vegans Diagnosed

    Hello there,

    I’m aware that ketogenic diet helps to cure cancer for some people. As you said that carb in take is converted by our body into glucose. But that means eating protein from animals. It is confusing for those who are told that plant based diet would help to keep the cancer at bay. High protein diet is also hard work for the kidneys. I just wonder how we can get a proper advise on a balance nutrition either by plant based or ketogenic diets. Not many nutritionists able to advise on this.

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    Switching From A Conventional Diet To A Raw Vegan Diet Changes The Metabolism Of Gut Bacteria Which Results In Lower Bacterial Enzymes And Toxic By

    This study analyzed the fecal matter of 18 subjects who went on a raw vegan diet for one month then switched back to a standard diet for another month. By analyzing the feces, the researchers measured changes in the metabolism of the bacteria that live in the intestines. The study showed a substantial decrease in bacterial toxicants and carcinogens while following the raw vegan diet, but those results disappeared 2 weeks after switching back to a standard diet.Read the study here.

    Myth: Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Be Vegan


    Fact: Many vegans, including high-profile celebrities like Natalie Portman, have ditched their vegan diets during pregnancy, for the health of their developing baby and to satisfy those pregnancy cravings. While its extremely important to get adequate nutrition during pregnancy, Norris says you shouldnt assume you have to change your eating habits simply because youre expecting, as long as youre eating a well-rounded diet and taking the right supplements. These may include a prenatal vitamin, omega-3 supplement, and possibly B12 or folic acid .

    Pregnant vegans should talk about their diet with their healthcare provider and possibly also consult a nutritionist who specializes in prenatal nutrition to make sure theyre getting all the nourishment they and their baby need.

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    Myth: It’s Too Hard To Be Vegan

    Fact: For a diehard steak lover or a fish fanatic, going vegan can be a difficult adjustment at first. Messina says that if youre interested in going vegan or eating less meat for your health, start by slowly cutting out animal products and replacing them with new vegans foods. She recommends soy or nut milk in cooking and on cereal, meat substitutes made with soy protein, wheat gluten, or vegetable protein, ready-to-eat vegan soups, and vegan mayonnaise and salad dressings as good places to start.

    The average American family has 7 to 10 dinner menus that they eat over and over again, Messina says. When you think about it that way, its not unrealistic to try to incorporate one vegan dinner every week and gradually increase that number if you choose.

    Does A Plant Based Diet Prevent Breast Cancer

    Various studies have concluded that women following a diet rich in plant foods, also known as a plant based diet, have a decreased risk of breast cancer development, recurrence and mortality. Healthy plant foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, and soy products.

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    Vegetarians Consume More Antioxidants

    These compounds help to neutralize the effects of free radicals. Some are vitamins, such as beta carotene , vitamin C, and vitamin E, and some are non-nutrient phytochemicals. Vegetarians consume 50% more vitamin C than nonvegetarians and twice as much vitamin E and beta-carotene.

    Fiber is extremely important in reducing risk for colon cancer.In 1978, when the Food and Drug Administration initiated aban on the artificial sweetener saccharin, I noted that theAmerican people would be better off if the FDA banned whitebread.

    In view of what we know about fiber and cancer risk, it isindeed important to consume a diet high in cereals, whole grainbreads, fruits and vegetables.


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