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How To Reverse Breast Cancer Naturally

Ian Billinghurst Bv Sc

BREAST CANCER STORY | Reversing cancer naturally without chemo | Healing with whole foods

Ian Billinghurst BV Sc Hons BSc Agr Dip EdCreator of the BARF Diet. Author of Pointing The Bone At Cancer Give Your Dog a Bone, Grow Your Pups With Bones and The BARF Diet.

These are really important cancer-related questions. Unfortunately they dont have good answers for the bulk of todays dog owners trusting as they do in conventional veterinary care.

Unfortunately, many holistic practitioners dont have an accepted scientific basis underpinning their work.

Until they do, their work will continue to be ignored by mainstream veterinary science and therefore unavailable for most canine cancer sufferers.

Cancer is the master of mimicry.

Apart from obvious surface lumps and bumps, there are other signs.

  • Weeping sores that dont heal
  • Lameness that wont go away
  • Neurological signs that fail to respond to treatment
  • Any sign or signal that a dog might show could be telling us that cancer is present.

Or it could mean something else entirely.

The trouble is with those more insidious cancers that pretend to be something else. By the time theyre diagnosed, its generally too late.

But, there is often a telling sign once the cancer reaches this stage. Its cancer cachexia the wasting cancer syndrome.

Now we watch helplessly as the cruelly futile medical merry-go-round accepts another rider.

Breast Cancer Prevention Diet And Lifestyle Tip 3eat A Diet Low In Fat And High In Whole Foods Like Fruits And Vegetables Like The Pritikin Eating Plan

One of the best ways to lower your calorie intake, and maintain your weight, is to lower fat intake.

Large population studies8 have found that countries with the lowest intake of dietary fats have the lowest incidences of breast cancer as well as colon and prostate cancer.

Conversely, women raised in affluent cultures like the United States, full of high-fat fare like French fries and cheeseburgers, suffer the highest rates of breast cancer in the world an 80% increase compared to women living in Okinawa, Japan, where dietary fat intake has traditionally been low, about 20% of total calories.

Research9 has found, too, that when women from low-breast-cancer-risk countries like Japan and China emigrate to high-fat Western lands like the U.S., their rates of breast cancer rise to the same high levels of their Western neighbors, and within just two generations.

Health Resort

Help Prevent Esophageal Tumors

Results were just presented at the 102nd Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research . They show that eating strawberries helped prevent early esophageal lesions from developing into tumors. In Tongs own words, preliminary data suggests that strawberries can decrease histological grade of precancerous lesions and reduce cancer-related molecular events.

These are great news, especially if you suffer from GERD or Barretts Esophagus, which you may have developed from bisphosphonates, the most commonly prescribed osteoporosis drugs. As I wrote in a previous blog post titled New Year Off To A Bad Start For Osteoporosis Drugs, osteoporosis medicines such as Fosamax and its generic alendronate, Boniva, Actonel, and Didronel may be linked to esophageal cancer. In a letter published by the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Wysowski of the FDA writes that these drugs can cause an inflammatory condition known as esophagitis.

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Can I Lower My Risk Of Breast Cancer Progressing Or Coming Back

If you have breast cancer, you probably want to know if there are things you can do that might lower your risk of the cancer growing or coming back, such as exercising, eating a certain type of diet, or taking nutritional supplements. Fortunately, breast cancer is one of the best studied types of cancer in this regard, and research has shown there are some things you can do that might be helpful.

Staying as healthy as possible is more important than ever after breast cancer treatment. Controlling your weight, keeping physically active, and eating right may help you lower your risk of your breast cancer coming back, as well as help protect you from other health problems.

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Richard Pitcairn Dvm Phd

Author of Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. Founder of The Pitcairn Institute of Veterinary Homeopathy

Most often you can detect a tumor by feeling it noticing a bump or an enlargement. In some internal cancers , the signs can vary depending on the organ.

Usually theres nothing very specific. Instead there are signs that the dog isnt feeling well.

For all types of cancer, the most common sign is whats called cancer cachexia. This is a continued weight loss and wasting away. It usually happens in the later stages of disease if the cancer is not treated. If its treated, then there may be sickness from the treatment).

How Much It Costs

Fortodol and Miradin are available in the UK and on the internet as food supplements. The FSA advises anyone taking these products to stop doing so immediately. They should contact their doctor if they have any signs of liver disease.

Do not believe information on the internet not backed up by research. And dont pay for any alternative cancer therapy on the internet.

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Research Into Curcumin As A Cancer Treatment

Several studies have looked into whether curcumin could be a cancer treatment. These have had some promising results.

One of these in 2013 was an international laboratory study on bowel cancer cells. It looked at the effects of combined treatment with curcumin and chemotherapy. The researchers concluded that the combined treatment might be better than chemotherapy alone.

A problem highlighted by a number of review studies is that curcumin does not get absorbed easily. This makes it work less well as a treatment. Researchers are looking at ways of overcoming this problem.

We need more clinical trials in humans before we know how well it works as a treatment for cancer.

Tomatoes May Protect Men From Prostate Cancer

Why did I get cancer? God shows Paula how to reverse cancer naturally without chemo

Some research has found that tomatoes may help protect men from prostate cancer. The juicy red fruit can help guard the DNA in your cells from damage that can lead to cancer. Tomatoes contain a particularly high concentration of an effective antioxidant called lycopene. Your body may absorb lycopene better from processed tomato foods such as sauce, which means that whole-wheat pasta with marinara sauce could be a delicious way to get your dose of cancer-fighting foods.

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Research Finds Combo Of Plant Nutrients Kills Breast Cancer Cells

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
A study has found that a super cocktail of six natural compounds in vegetables, fruits, spices and plant roots killed 100 percent of sample breast cancer cells without toxic side effects on normal cells.

A study led by Madhwa Raj, PhD, Research Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans and its Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center, has found that a super cocktail of six natural compounds in vegetables, fruits, spices and plant roots killed 100% of sample breast cancer cells without toxic side effects on normal cells. The results, which also revealed potential treatment target genes, are published in the November 2013 issue of The Journal of Cancer.

“One of the primary causes of both the recurrence of breast cancer and deaths is a small group of cancer stem cells that evade therapy,” notes Dr. Raj. “These often multi-drug-resistant cells have the ability to generate new tumors, so it is critically important to develop new approaches to more effective and safer treatment or prevention of breast cancer.”

Although the cocktail was not tested against BRCA1 and BRAC2, previous studies have shown that they are molecular targets of four of the six compounds. The researchers also earlier demonstrated that two of the compounds synergize effectively to kill ovarian cancer cells.

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Grapes Prevent Cancer From Beginning Or Spreading

The skin of red grapes is a particularly rich source of an antioxidant called resveratrol. Grape juice and red wine also contain this antioxidant. According to the National Cancer Institute, resveratrol may be useful in keeping cancer from beginning or spreading. Lab studies have found that it limits the growth of many kinds of cancer cells.

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Molecular Feature Of Breast Cancer Occurrence Progression And Treatment

The onset of cancer is a result of several sequential molecular events. Most common of them is a mutation in a DNA molecule that codes for a protein that either triggers cell division, proliferation, and growth or that signals termination of all these molecular events . Therefore, damage to DNA or a protein that regulates cell cycle may lead to uncontrolled division and growth of cells, the condition is cancer. It is a hyperproliferative disease that involves molecular alteration resulting in apoptosis dysregulation, proliferation, angiogenesis, and metastasis .

Cam Treatment : Special Diet

How Tamara St. John Reversed Breast Cancer Naturally For ...

A healthy diet is an important part of cancer treatment. You should eat well whether youre using traditional methods or CAM.

However, some people with breast cancer may start on a special diet in place of taking anticancer drugs.

You should avoid foods that are:

  • high-fat
  • pecans
  • kidney beans

Theyre also available through dietary supplements. However, research is mixed on whether antioxidant supplements are safe to use during cancer treatment.

Dietary supplements may:

  • contain contaminated synthetic prescription drugs
  • contain unknown contaminants

This can result in a number of unexpected complications. People with breast cancer should use them with caution.

If you want to try antioxidant supplements, be sure to talk with your doctor first. They can explain your individual risks and benefits.

Mind-body practices are meant to improve your minds positive impact on the rest of your body.

Examples of these practices include:

  • art therapy

found that in women who had breast cancer, massage therapy helped reduce not only anxiety and pain, but also the need for pain medication.

Another study released around that time found that massage therapy and progressive muscle relaxation helped increase protective white blood cells in women with stage 1 and stage 2 breast cancer.

If youd like to incorporate massage therapy into your routine, make sure you work with a licensed practitioner whos trained to avoid or work around sensitive areas affected by traditional treatment.

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Berries Are Foods That Fight Cancer

As a tasty treat and cancer-fighting food, berries are hard to beat. Berries contain particularly powerful antioxidants, meaning they can halt a naturally occurring process in the body that creates free radicals that can damage your cells. Compounds in berries may also help keep cancers from growing or spreading. So, as part of your anti-cancer diet, pick up a handful of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, or whichever are your favorite from this large family of healing fruits.

Peaches Apples And Pears

Fruits specifically peaches, apples, and pears have been shown to safeguard against breast cancer.

In a study in 75,929 women, those who consumed at least 2 servings of peaches per week had up to a 41% reduced risk of developing ER breast cancer .

Interestingly, a test-tube study revealed that polyphenol antioxidants from peaches inhibited the growth and spread of a breast cancer cell line .

Furthermore, a study analyzing data from 272,098 women linked apple and pear intake to a lower risk of breast cancer ” rel=”nofollow”> Share on Pinterest

Beans are loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Specifically, their high fiber content may protect against breast cancer.

A study in 2,571 women found that high bean intake reduced breast cancer risk by up to 20%, compared with low bean intake .

Additionally, in a study in 1,260 Nigerian women, those with the highest intake of beans had up to a 28% reduced risk of breast cancer, compared with those with the lowest intake .

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What To Eat During Breast Cancer Treatment

If you dont have nutrition-related side effects from your cancer treatment that limit your ability to eat and/or digest food, Taylor says you can follow a generally healthy diet that includes:

Fruits and vegetables: 5+ servings a day. Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidant and anti-estrogen properties. Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage and Brussels sprouts are especially good to include and are rich in phytochemicals.

Whole grains: 25-30 grams of fiber daily. Whole grains are unprocessed foods that are high in complex carbohydrates, fiber, phytochemicals as well as vitamins and minerals. A study by researchers at Soochow University in Suzhou, China, found that high fiber intakes may have a positive effect by altering hormonal actions of breast cancer and other hormone-dependent cancers.

Alcohol in moderation, if at all. Drinking alcohol is a known risk factor for breast cancer. A large, observational study of 105,986 women suggested that drinking three glasses of wine or more per week throughout life increases a womans risk of breast cancer by a small but significant percentage. The study saw a 15% increased risk of breast cancer when women drank an average of three to six drinks per week, compared to women who did not drink. Try to avoid intake of alcoholic beverages when possible.

Foods That Are Known To Stop And Reverse Cancer


By | Submitted On November 10, 2009

The most important change you can make to your lifestyle when you have been diagnosed with cancer is with the food you put in your mouth. Cancer has many causes but the main one is the wrong food we eat everyday. “We are what we eat” and the food we eat on a daily bases does matter.

It’s only been in the last few years there has been any research into food and how it is related to cancer. What has been discovered are many of our natural foods which are fruit and vegetables contain compounds collectively called phytochemicals which are in these plants for their protection against predators and diseases and these same phytochemicals also have cancer fighting properties.

A few examples of these phytochemicals are

  • Flavonoids found in red cabbage, beetroot, red onion and tomatoes, which inhibits cancer.
  • Glucosinolates found in carrots, tomatoes, red capsicum and dark green vegetables, which were found to prevent cancer of the intestines.
  • Carotenoids found in carrots, tomatoes, red capsicum and dark green vegetables stimulates the immune system.
  • Sulphides found in onions, garlic, chives as well as spring onions they have anti cancer protection.
  • Lycopene found in tomatoes, reduces the risk of both prostate and breast cancer.
  • Sulforaphane are in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables believed to aid in the preventing some types of cancer.

Other food items that research has found to be beneficial to a person with cancer are

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Roles Of T Cells In Cancer Development

T cells are a subgroup of T cells that are structurally and functionally different from conventional T cells, accounting for 0.5-5% of all T-lymphocytes. T cells have been shown a dual effect during cancer progression.

Fig.1 Antitumor and protumor functions of T cells.

Fig.2 Classification of T cells towards tumors.

Turmeric May Reduce Cancer Risk

This orange-colored spice, a staple in Indian curries, contains an ingredient called curcumin that may be useful in reducing cancer risk. According to the American Cancer Society, curcumin can inhibit some kinds of cancer cells in laboratory studies and slow the spread of cancer or shrink tumors in some animals. This cancer-fighting food is easy to find in grocery stores, and you can use it in a variety of recipes on your anti-cancer diet.

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You Cant Starve Cancer But You Might Help Treat It With Food

There is no single cancer diet.

Cancer cells grow in distinctive patterns that defy normal limitations.

That growth activity requires energy, and so cancer cells metabolize nutrients in different ways from the healthy cells around them. In an attempt to kill the tumor without killing the normally functioning cells, chemotherapy drugs target these pathways inside of cancer cells. This is notoriously difficult, expensive, and prone to toxic side effects that account for much of the suffering associated with the disease.

Now doctors are starting to think more about specific nutrients that feed tumor cells. That is, how what we eat affects how cancers growand whether there are ways to potentially starve cancer cells without leaving a person undernourished, or even hungry.

For a long time, the prevailing thought was that altered metabolism in cancer cells was the result of genes and mutations that determined metabolism, says Jason Locasale, a cancer biologist at Duke University. Now, as we know, its a complex interaction of environment and genes, and one of the major factors at play is nutrition.

Thats, uh, yeah, he attempted to patiently explain. Its basically saying we can quantify whats happening in the cells.

And so now I have begun referring to food as metabolic therapy.


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