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Pink Breast Cancer Center Paterson Nj

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New Jersey Mom Recovers from Stage 4 Breast Cancer Diagnosis

According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American Society of Breast Surgeons, and the American College of Radiology, women over the age of 40 or those with a family history should have a digital mammogram once a year. PINK accepts self-referred and self-requesting patients, so no prescription is needed for your annual screening digital mammogram and breast ultrasound. If you have a prescription we will gladly forward your exam results to your provider. Set up your appointment today, because early detection saves lives!

You Can Depend on PINK Breast Center for:

  • Radiologists who are attuned to breast health

About Pink Breast Center

PINK Breast Center has long offered popular womens diagnostic imaging centers in New Jersey, having completed over 100,000 exams. PINK offers a comfortable and serene environment in certified Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence which specialize in breast care and ultrasound studies. PINK recently received the Womens Choice award for womens imaging.

PINK uses the latest digital equipment, including 3D imaging and the first FDA approved Artificial Intelligence in North and Central NJ, to focus on you, with more comfort and less radiation. Our technologists and systems generate excellent, clear images for our radiologists to interpret. Whether you need breast mammography / imaging, general body ultrasound, bone density scan, breast care, or breast biopsy, were here for you.

About Pink Breast Center At Paterson

At PINK Breast Center Paterson, the focus at our digital mammography center in Paterson, New Jersey is YOU! We provide 3D mammography and other imaging services in a comfortable and serene environment. With help from the latest digital equipment and FDA-approved artificial intelligence, our professional staff will provide you with exceptional diagnostic imaging services.

We are conveniently located on the ground floor of the Barnert Medical Arts Complex at 680 Broadway. Barnert has parking on both sides of the building, and convenient public transportation.

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Pink Breast Center Opens In Flemington

Members of the Flemington PINK Breast Center Team, from left, are Fran Turenne-Volski, Jane Iuvone, Dr. Lisa Marie Sheppard, Claire Jones, and Nancy Fearing.

The PINK Breast Center recently opened in the Towne Center Plaza, at 312 Walter E. Foran Blvd, between China Moon and Quest Diagnostic in Flemington. PINK is a full service womens imaging center, offering state-of-the-art digital mammography, ultrasounds, bone density exams, and breast biopsies. PINK is open Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., offers weekend and evening hours, and welcomes both appointments and walk-ins. PINK accepts all the major insurance plans.

PINK now has two locations, in Flemington and Paterson, offering patients the latest in digital imaging technology. PINK Flemington has a new Siemens MAMMOMAT Inspiration mammography system, with faster imaging, Opcomp to reduce pain during compression, Opdose to minimize radiation exposure by 30 percent, and the latest improvements in mammogram image quality. PINK also offers the latest breast ultrasound capabilities.

Dr. Sheppard will be joined by radiologists Dr. Michael Stebbins and Dr. Kathleen Caldwell-Lombardi. The centers mammography staff, who were also at the Womens Mammography Center in Flemington, include Nancy Fearing, Fran Turenne-Volski, Jane Iuvone, and Claire Jones. PINK mammographers are certified by the state of New Jersey and The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Growing Adoption

Paterson firefighters raise funds and awareness for breast cancer ...

Although US is frequently used as an adjunct test with mammography,radiologists today are considering whether breast tomosynthesis will bethe primary screening tool, particularly with women with dense breasttissue.

Digital breast tomosynthesis has been found to be superiorin performance to standard digital mammography in both screening anddiagnostic settings for the early detection and improved diagnosis ofbreast cancer.5

In dense breast tissue its not aseasy to pick up on 2D mammography because it is white. It is like ithiding a snowflake in the snow,said Harmindar Gill, MD, MedicalDirector, Premier Womens Radiology, Bonita Springs, FL, who usesHologics Selenia Dimensions tomosynthesis system as part of hercenters screening protocol.

In the opinion of Margarita L. Zuley,MD, Magee Womens Hospital, Director of Breast Imaging at theUniversity of Pittsburgh MedicalCenter, Pittsburgh, PA, the issue isthat mammography is simply limited for screening dense breast tissue.The literature shows that tomosynthesis and US both detect moreinvasive cancers than 2D alone. Facilities have to choose whichadditional modality will work for them for ancillary screening tomammography in these women. There currently is no head-to-head studyshowing that one finds more cancers than the other, said Dr. Zuley.Tomosynthesis, however, does not have the false positive problems ofUS, and we definitely find cancers by tomosynthesis that you cannot seeon mammography or ultrasound.

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Breast Cancer Doesnt Waiteverything Else Can Thats The Message And Sense Of Urgency Behind Pink Breast Centers Current Awareness Campaign Pink Breast Center A Division Of Imagecare Radiology Is Reminding Women Over 40 About The Importance Of An Annual Mammogram During October Which Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Doesnt WaitEverything Else Can!

Our campaign is serving as a reminder to women that their health can’t wait, she said. Getting your yearly mammogram is one of the best things you can do in order to catch potential ailments early.”

PATERSON, N.J. September 28, 2022

Breast cancer doesnt waiteverything else can. Thats the message and sense of urgency behind PINK Breast Centers current awareness campaign. PINK Breast Center, a division of ImageCare Radiology, is reminding women over 40 about the importance of an annual mammogram during October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

PINK Breast Center has 15 locations in North Jersey. The awareness campaign kicks off in the heart of Paterson with rolling billboards stationed in front of the municipal building on September 29 at 9 a.m. That day and in the coming weeks, those billboards will travel to other communities, along with a team of women who will be dressed in pink #EverythingElseCanWait T-shirts and engage the communities with important information and literature.

Andreia Santos-Lima, CEO of ImageCare Radiology, is hoping the campaign will remind women about the importance of preventative care.

With its AI-powered, 3D mammography technology, PINK Breast Center gives every woman her best chance for an early and accurate diagnosis. The Siemens 3D Revelationunit allows radiologists to see a 360-degree view of the breast and catch cancers at a higher rate than other units.

Contact: Sam Mikhail

Breast Imaging Center Of Excellence

Feel confident in the imaging services provided by our facility. In addition to having the best radiologists on board to provide you exceptional care, we are proud to be a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. With this designation, our center meets or exceeds the highest quality measures defined by the American College of Radiology.

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Lowering The Dose On Digital Mammography

Although FFDM remains the gold standard in screening for breastcancer, helping reduce deaths from breast cancer among women ages40 to70, screening mammograms miss about 20% of breast cancers present atscreening.1 The main cause of these false-negative results in screening mammography is high breast density,3 which is usually collectively referred to as fibroglandular tissue.2 A phenomenon known as masking, in which the surrounding dense breast tissue obscures a cancer, may occur during mammography.

Recentadvances in FFDM technology may help the technique keep itsgold-standard status, and one of the biggest improvements in thetechnology is the reduction in radiation dose without reducing imagequality.

In that vein, Siemens Healthcare hasreleased the MAMMOMAT Inspiration PRIME Edition , which uses30%less dose. The new upgrade uses PRIME technology, a software-basedantiscatter solution for mammography, allowing a significant reductionin radiation dose and without compromising image quality, according tothe manufacturer.

Sheadded, There are less artifacts from breathing, there are lessrepeats, and the turnaround time and patient throughput is faster. the images on theSiemens system look crisper, and from a cost standpoint, it iscomparable. Plus, there is one-third lower dose.

He added, Volpara is anobjective tool, and you could potentially take note of thebreast-density reading and triage the patient immediately. That is apotentially a good workflow.

Nursing Leadership Open House

Breast Cancer Walk 2022 Point Pleasant, NJ

Are you a nurse ready for the next step of your career in leadership?

Join us for our nursing leadership open house. This is a great time to meet with our clinical leadership team to learn what makes Saint Michaels a great place to work and lead teams.

We have a variety of nursing leadership positions that we are hiring for, and are looking for dynamic candidates. We encourage you to RSVP, bring your resume, and well interview on the same date. Our recruiters will help find the right fit for you.

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Introducing The Pink Better Mammowith Artificial Intelligence

PINK Breast Center is proud to announce it is among the first radiology groups to use FDA-cleared Artificial Intelligence on all 3D mammograms. Artificial Intelligence acts as another set of eyes helping our radiologists diagnose more cancers and dismiss more non-cancers. There is no extra charge for the PINK Better Mammo. Annual screening mammograms are completely covered by insurance, no prescription required for females 40 years and older.

Whether you visit for your annual mammogram or for diagnostic imaging, you can depend on the friendly staff at PINK Breast Center for a professional, relaxing experience. PINK locations are Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence, offering patients the latest in diagnostic and imaging equipment, the highest standards in medical practice, a comfortable and relaxing setting, and fair prices with no hidden facility fees. Set up your appointment today.

Breast Imaging Services In Paterson Nj



Turn to PINK Breast Center Paterson for breast imaging services in Paterson, NJ. At our facility, the focus is on you! In addition to breast cancer screenings, we offer every type of ultrasound as well as bone density scans. Our services include:

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Annual Screening Digital Mammogram

Women aged 40 and over dont need a prescription for an annual screening digital mammogram, which is covered by insurance with no co-pay, unless you have Medicaid. You should have a baseline screening between 35 and 40. If you are under 40 and your family has a history of breast cancer, give us a call to discuss your options.

Where The Focus Is You

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Whether you are visiting our breast imaging center in Paterson for your prescribed yearly mammography or you are having preventative early diagnostic imaging done, you can depend on the friendly staff at PINK Breast Center Paterson for a professional, relaxing experience. Both our Paterson and Paterson locations are Breast Imaging Centers of Excellence, meaning that we have met or exceeded the highest quality measures defined by the American College of Radiology.

PINK Breast Center is a premiere provider of diagnostic imaging for patients throughout New Jersey. All ImageCare facilities have the most up-to-date technology for quality and efficient testing.

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What To Expect

Prior to your appointment you will be informed of any necessary preparations. This will vary depending on the part of the body being scanned. Our staff help you understand any necessary instructions so you can easily follow them to ensure your appointment goes as efficiently and smoothly as possible.


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