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Who Is The Best Breast Cancer Oncologist

More About The Patient/oncologist Relationship

Questions Breast Cancer Patients Should Ask Their Oncologist

Over time, it has been informally established amongst the medical team, that discussions about breast cancer should only come from the oncologist. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the oncologist too.

A great deal of stress and disharmony can follow if a patient hears conflicting information from different medical specialists.

Due to the nature of the job, oncologists tend to be compassionate and sensitive people. In addition, often a strong, personal relationship will develop between doctor and patient. Hence, the oncologist often knows the best time to discuss issues with the patient.

Akh Vienna General Hospital

The Central Hospital of Vienna AKH is one of the oldest and most famous in Austria.

The clinic has been operating for more than 320 years and today it is recognized as the best cancer hospitals in the world. They not only treat patients but also conduct active research activities in the fight against cancer. The result is innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures available to patients in the hospital.

The Cancer Center has been in operation since 2011. More than 7,500 patients from all over the world come there for treatment every year.

The oncology centre is the most modern unit in the clinic. Modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment is available: PET-CT, Cyber-Knife, Gamma-Knife, IGRT, IMRT, SBRT, SIRT.

The cancer centre complex is headed by the oncologist Prof. Christophe Zielinski. Specialization of the doctor breast cancer, lung cancer and clinical oncology.

    Robotic prostatectomy at the Vienna Central Clinical Hospital will cost 18,000, transurethral resection of the prostate is 10,000.

St Vincents Private Hospital

Dr. Richard de Boer completed his general medical training and then medical oncology training at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. In 1997 he undertook a 3-year breast and lung cancer clinical research Fellowship at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, working with Professor Ian Smith.He returned to Melbourne in 2000 and since then has been a consultant medical oncologist working in both public and private practice. He is currently a consultant medical oncologist in both the breast and lung cancer units at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

His primary breast cancer interests focus on endocrine therapy and mechanisms of resistance, and treatment-induced bone loss and bone metastases. His lung cancer interests focus on targeted therapies, predictors of response/survival, and small cell lung cancer. He is actively involved in clinical research, and is the principal investigator in both local and international studies. He is a member of the Australian New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group, and until recently was the head of the Breast Trials Group of Cancer Trials Australia. He has authored articles appearing in journals such as the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Annals of Oncology, The Breast and British Journal of Cancer.


Provides treatment for Breast Cancer, Thoracis Malignancies , Pancreatic and Biliary Cancers.


Address: 159 Grey Street East Melbourne VIC 3002Phone: 9928 6555Website:


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Keeping Health Insurance And Copies Of Your Medical Records

Even after treatment, its very important to keep health insurance. Tests and doctor visits cost a lot, and even though no one wants to think of their cancer coming back, this could happen.

At some point after your treatment, you might find yourself seeing a new doctor who doesnt know about your medical history. Its important to keep copies of your medical records to give your new doctor the details of your diagnosis and treatment. Learn more in Keeping Copies of Important Medical Records.

The Royal Marsden Hospital

Pictures of Living Your Best Life With Breast Cancer

The Royal Marsden Hospital is one of the oldest clinics in the world that specializes in cancer treatment. It was founded in 1851 by Dr. William Marsden and since that time, the clinic gained the reputation of being one of the best medical institutions in the United Kingdom.

It is the biggest specialist center for cancer treatment in Western Europe. Every year, more than 40 000 patients undergo cancer treatment in the Royal Marsden Hospital. This institution also serves as a major research center, the employees of which are engaged in developing new anti-tumor drugs and technologies, for instance, the stem-cell therapy.

The cutting-edge medical equipment, like the Da Vinci system in the surgery department and the last generation linear accelerator in the department of radiation treatment, enables the specialists to conduct the most innovative diagnostics and treatment of cancer. The Hospital also provides a personal consultant who helps the patient to go through all stages of treatment and rehabilitation.

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When Is A Second Opinion A Good Idea

Having a second opinion can help you be certain of your treatment plan and healthcare partnering decisions. You will have less anxiety if you can cultivate a sense of trust and care with your doctor. In addition to quality care and good treatment decisions, your peace of mind is an important part of the equation.

Here some ideas that may be important to consider regarding second opinions:

Best Brain Cancer Hospital In The Us

Brain cancer is one of the severest forms of this disease because brain surgery is a challenge for any doctor. It is wise to put your life in the hands of a world-class specialist whom you will definitely find at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, the best hospital for brain cancer treatment in the US.

-. .

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Helpful Information For Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Patients

Learn more about what to expect at our practice if you are a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient from one of our breast cancer specialists, Dr. Christina Prillaman.

Virginia Oncology Associates breast cancer treatment services are delivered in a non-hospital setting at one of our easy-to-access locations.

Review this section’s important information about breast cancer detection and staging, treatment options and surgery, as well as breast reconstruction as you prepare for an appointment with your oncologist. After reviewing these sections, ask your cancer care team any additional questions that you may have about your individual situation.

The Oncologist And The Patient

Oncologist- Q& A Breast Cancer Chemotherapy

The breast cancer oncologist ideally should be, and usually is sensitive, honest and a good communicator.

Firstly, the oncologist will be involved in making the diagnosis. Secondly, the oncologist will explain and explore treatment options for the particular type of breast cancer with the patient.

Oncologists are often asked by patients about their prognosis. However, a lot of cancer specialists are reluctant to discuss time frames and overall prognosis because each case is so very individual.

Sometimes breast cancer oncologists may have an estimate on the general outlook for any given breast cancer. This prognosis, however, is based on statistics from large groups of patients combined with the doctors own clinical experience.

Please remember that all prognostics are only a rough guide.

Finally, the oncologist will discuss how a particular breast cancer tends to behave and the typical response to treatments.

Obviously, it is important that all this information is given in terms that the patient understands.

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Comprehensive Breast Cancer Care

We work closely with you to develop a comprehensive care plan to treat your cancer and tailor it to other health issues you may have, such as heart condition, diabetes or even pregnancy. This calls for integrative care, seamlessly pulling together a team of experts from various fields.

Our breast cancer specialists meet weekly to discuss your care and compare it to national guidelines. They discuss every persons treatment as a team to stay updated on your care and progress.

We provide leading-edge care close to home at one of our many cancer center locations, and we actively research and develop new and effective treatments for breast cancer through .

The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center At Johns Hopkins Medicine

The Sydney Kimmel Cancer Center is a world-famous oncology center with one of the best research units in the US. A comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to treatment, consultations of the best specialists combined with the latest innovations in oncology have given hope to thousands of severely ill patients. The success rates of cancer treatment at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center are considered one of the highest in the world.

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Youll Have Your Own Team Of Breast Cancer Experts

Breast cancer is a complex disease with many types and subtypes. Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment requires an entire team of specialists and support caregivers. Your clinical care team will meet to create a care plan just for you, and then theyll coordinate care across the spectrum of treatment and survivorship. That means you will have expert resources beyond your doctors and nurses.

Stanford Health Stanford Hospital Stanford California:

Breast cancer overtaking lung cancer, says city oncologist

This hospital was founded in 1968 and it is located in the California. It is a well known hospital for treatment of cancer diseases. This hospital has well experienced doctors, nurses, staff that also provides many other diseases treatment. It provides treatment of heart diseases, organ transplantation, brain diseases, cancer and various other surgeries and therapies. This hospital has yearly 40 thousand room visits. This hospital can treat 20 thousand patients yearly. This hospital also provides helicopter facility to take the patient to the hospital with only one call.

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Peter Maccallum Cancer Centre

Associate Professor Arun Azad is an internationally recognised medical oncologist and translational researcher in urological cancers, with a particular focus on prostate cancer.

After completing his medical training and a PhD at Peter Mac, he undertook a Fellowship in a world-renowned prostate cancer clinical and research program in Vancouver, under the supervision of Professor Kim Chi. In Vancouver, he led pioneering studies in the use of circulating tumour DNA in advanced prostate cancer. A/Prof. Azad returned to Australia in 2015 to lead a clinical and translational research program in urological cancers at Monash Health and Monash University, before re-locating to Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in late 2018.

A/Prof. Azad has a prolific research record with numerous peer-reviewed publications and many podium oral presentations at national and international meetings. He has received 25 competitive prizes and awards including 4 prestigious Merit Awards from the American Society of Clinical Oncology, and has been awarded over $9M in competitive, named funding. He is also Chair of the Translational Research Committee, ANZUP Cancer Trials Group and sits on the ANZUP Scientific Advisory Committee and Trial Steering Committees for 5 multi-centre clinical trials. At Peter Mac, A/Prof. Azad leads clinical, translational and laboratory research focused on prostate and urological cancers in his role as a clinician-scientist.




A Few Questions And Answers

What types of cancers do oncologists diagnose and treat?

Basically an oncologist will treat all types of cancers, although many will specialise in one particular area. These include:-

  • Brain tumors
  • Tumors of the head and neck
  • Sarcomas

In brief, can you re-cap the role of the oncologist?

An oncologist should be there for every step of the process following a cancer diagnosis.

Firstly, an oncologist plays a vital role in the actual diagnosis of cancer in a patient . Secondly, they play a vital role in treatment and therapy. For example, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and medications. Thirdly, an oncologist is involved with the follow-up of cancer patients to assess the efficacy of treatment.

Finally, in some cases, the oncologist will be part of the palliative care of patients with terminal malignancies.

Most importantly, the oncologist explains all aspects of care and supports a patient through this very difficult time. Ultimately, the oncologist is responsible for giving the best possible care and treatment for cancer patients.

What investigations will I have to diagnose cancer

Well, investigations needed for the diagnosis will very much depend on the location of the cancer.

Below are some common investigations:-

  • Biopsy or resection,
  • Endoscopy

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Massachusetts General Hospital Boston:

It is 2nd biggest hospitals in the England and it is very famous hospital to treat cancer diseases. The research center of this hospital is located in the West End neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. This hospital can treat thousand patients at one time. It offers cancer treatment nationally and internationally. This hospital provides high quality and best services to cancer patient and also provides medicines to the patient. This hospital also uses chemotherapies and radio therapies to remove cancer from every body part of the patient. This hospital can treat various cancers, including bone, breast, blood, bladder and many more.

My Pick On The Best Breast Cancer Surgeon In Orlando

Stage Four Breast Cancer Treatment, Radiation Oncologist’s Perspective

In the above hospitals and cancer centers, you are guaranteed to get the best breast cancer surgeon in Orlando.

Among the above-listed cancer centers and hospitals, Orlando Health stands out as the most top-rated cancer center. In your journey to fighting cancer, Orlando Health makes sure you arent fighting alone.

They have a comprehensive approach that includes patient navigators, wellness programs, support services and more to help guide your journey, reduce side effects and feel strong during treatment and beyond.

They also have a high-quality breast care team that is there to nurture you throughout the treatment and recovery process.

Get yourself or your loved one the best cancer care possible by getting the best breast cancer surgeon in a great hospital.


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Mayo Clinic Rochester Minnesota:

It is one of the largest nonprofit organizations. This hospital is located in the Rochester, Manchester, USA. In 1889, this hospital was founded by few people in Rochester, Minnesota, United States. This hospital provides its services in the whole world. The John H. Noseworthy is the CEO of the hospital and Samuel A. DiPiazza Jr. is the chairman of the hospital. The hospital has 64 thousand employees in the hospital and has a revenue of around US $10.32 billion.

This hospital also has a large number of patient, doctors and staff. The doctors provide best health care facilities and cure cancer for the future of the patients. This hospital also has its campus in several locations, including Arizona and Florida. It provides various treatments including brain tumors, breast cancer, endocrine cancer, gynecologic cancer, head cancer, skin cancer and various other cancers.

I’m An Oncologist Who Got Breast Cancer This Is What I Learned

Cancer is not a battle, hair loss does matter and even doctors like me cant prepare for the effects of chemotherapy

In August 2017, during the last month of my maternity leave, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Initially, I was plagued by memories of the young patients I had discharged home or to the hospice for end-of-life care. Thankfully they are few but they are the ones you remember. My experience of being on the other side of the consultation desk will shape my future career and it has helped me to understand what goes on for patients. It has been an education in patience, humility and gratitude.

First, there were the well-meaning stock phrases which I had so often used: Youre so brave you can fight this. Really? Yesterday I was a 34-year-old clinical oncology trainee and mum of two, and today Im a professional cancer warrior? Cancer didnt feel like a fight to me and I wont be asking my patients to go into battle in future.

I have prescribed countless cycles of chemotherapy throughout my career, but still there were some surprises. For example, intravenous dexamethasone given for nausea makes your bottom tingle when administered. Subcutaneous filgrastim to boost white cell production stings if you give it straight from the fridge.

Embracing the new world of turban tying helped me to feel confident with my radically different appearance

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Rechts Der Isar Clinic In Munich

It is not surprising that the first clinic in the rating is in Germany since the medical system of this country is one of the most developed in the world. Founded more than 185 years ago, Rechts der Isar is known in Germany and worldwide as a hospital providing the highest quality services in all areas. Over 16,000 cancer patients are treated there every year.

The hospital is certified by the prestigious international Dekra and ISO certificates. Also, its oncology department is certified by the German Cancer Society and the German Cancer-Fighting Nonprofit Organization.

Doctors select individual treatment for each patient. The clinic is equipped with modern devices for diagnosis and treatment . They also offer targeted therapy and immunotherapy. The surgeons can perform minimally traumatic and organ-preserving operations.

The Department of Radiation Oncology is headed by the famous German specialist Professor Stephanie E. Combs. Her research into high-precision radiation oncology has received several awards: the German Society for Radiation Oncology Hermann Holthusen Prize, the Behnken Berger Prize, the Robert Janker Prize for Palliative Care, the Translational Science Award of the American Society for Therapeutic Radiation Oncology .

    A robotic prostatectomy at the Rechts der Isar Clinic will cost 17,000 and a transurethral prostate resection will cost from 13,000.

Find Your Breast Cancer Specialist At Rwjbarnabas Health At844

Woman With Breast Cancer Talks With Oncologist High

From revolutionary diagnostic technologies to groundbreaking therapies our team of breast specialists delivers care that is continually focused on your overall health and wellness.

RWJBarnabas Health in partnership withRutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, the states onlyNational Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, offers a variety of options encompassing all types of treatment for breast cancer. Our experienced team thoroughly reviews your case to evaluate and recommend the best possible breast cancer treatment options to meet your individual needs. Our nationally-recognized breast cancer experts provide the most advanced treatment options includingclinical trials, immunotherapy, precision medicine, complex surgical procedures and advanced radiation therapy techniques.

Our dedicated breast cancer patient navigators coordinate every aspect of your care, so you are free to focus on your health and healing. Each is a breast cancer specialist, and serves as your personal resource to access a range of traditional and non-traditional breast cancer therapies.

Our comprehensive approach ensures access to the best breast cancer treatment, and our unwavering attention to patient care, comfort, and convenience allows you focus on your health.

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