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When Is Breast Cancer Awareness Week

Every October People All Over The World Show Their Support For People Affected By Breast Cancer

Male Breast Cancer Survivor Tells His Story To Raise Awareness

When is breast cancer awareness week. Get Instant Quality Results Now. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and PINKWEEK is October 5-7. FUTURE OF MEDICINE AND THOSE LEADING.

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Join our virtual 25 Fitness Festival on Sunday 25 October for a day of mood boosting endorphins we can make you feel good Your support this. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and what better way to show your support for the thousands of women each year who are diagnosed with breast. Ad Search Faster Better Smarter Here.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month promotes early detection prevention and research. Ad Get Awareness Breast Cancer. And help make life-saving breast cancer research and life-changing care happen.

Ad Huge Selection Of Cancer Awareness And Breast Health Products. World Hospice and Palliative Care Day. Looking to do a breast cancer fundraiser this October.

Awareness Month for these cancerscancer-related topics. What is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. CLICK TO VIEW Male breast cancer awareness week 1018 1024 CLICK TO VIEW WEEK 4 OCTOBER 23.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Webinar With Coppafeel

Learn why its important for your patients to get to know their body now and make it a lifelong habit.

About CoppaFeel: They are the first breast cancer charity in the UK to solely create awareness amongst young people, with the aim of instilling the knowledge and tools they need to get to know their bodies. CoppaFeel likes to talk about a serious message in a light-hearted way, empowering people to start healthy habits for life.

How You Can Help

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. Ready to RISE to the occasion? Here are a handful of ways you can help:

Rally In Screening EveryoneMake a donation to provide life-saving mammograms to women in need. New this year, choose exactly where your donation goes. Take our educationaleBookQuiz to find relevant breast health resources.

Rally In Serving EveryoneMake a donation to support patient navigators who specialize in serving at-risk populations.Volunteer to join virtually in Helping Women Now.

Rally In Supporting Everyone

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How Can I Get Involved In Wear It Pink

Register to hold your own wear it pink event, and let us know what date works for you.

If youd like to join us next year, let us know and well be in touch when registrations open.

If youd like to pay in your fundraising from your wear it pink 2021 event, you can do that here.

If youre not sure about what to do for wear it pink, dont worry. Weve got lots of handy tips on how to wear pink, raise money and help anyone affected by breast cancer. Just click below for some ideas.

Sign Petitions To Increase Research Funding

National Cancer Society of Malaysia, Penang Branch: Breast ...

Federal funding for breast cancer research is crucial for continuing to fight for a cure, and the Cancer Action Network has a form to send to Congress to ask for continued bipartisan support for breast cancer. The letter asks for at least $41.6 billion for the National Institutes of Health and at least $6.5 billion for the National Cancer Institute. You can also sign a petition asking for your state Senator to pledge more funding, or contact or call your Congress representative yourself to tell them how important breast cancer research is to you.

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World Breast Cancer Day 2021

In Women’s CD we have already started to prepare the International Breast Cancer Day next October 19, 2021. A disease that we are getting closer to being able to cure if the necessary prevention measures that we explain on this page are taken. This year 2021 we will also offer you a new video of our breast cancer specialists.

Talk About Your Family History

October is the time to be open about your breast health â and a family history of breast cancer plays a strong role in your own risk. Even if you’re from a family where health and bodies are difficult topics, now’s a good time to try to introduce them to the conversation. Settle parents or family members down over Zoom with a cup of tea and start gently asking questions about who had what in the past. The more you know about the cancer history in your family, the better positioned you are to make informed choices with your doctor, like when to start mammograms or if you should get tested for the BRCA gene.

Studies cited:

Maringe, C., Spicer, J., Morris, M., Purushotham, A., Nolte, E., Sullivan, R., Rachet, B., & Aggarwal, A. . The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer deaths due to delays in diagnosis in England, UK: a national, population-based, modelling study. The Lancet. Oncology, 21, 1023â1034. https://doi.org/10.1016/S1470-204530388-0

Scott, L. C., Mobley, L. R., Kuo, T. M., & Il’yasova, D. . Update on triple-negative breast cancer disparities for the United States: A population-based study from the United States Cancer Statistics database, 2010 through 2014. Cancer, 125, 3412â3417. https://doi.org/10.1002/cncr.32207

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How To Participate During National Black Family Cancer Awareness Week

OCE Project Community recommends the following areas of focus and engagement in your community and networks.

  • Cancer Clinical Trial and Genomic Donations Awareness to Advance Equitable Treatment Development
  • Cultural Opportunities to Increase Cancer Awareness
  • Educational Awareness
  • Career/Workplace and Cancer Research

Examples of your potential engagement might include but arent limited to:

  • Prostate, breast, colon or lung cancer awareness discussions sponsored by your community health and wellness program leaders.
  • Students and seniors working together on a project reflecting family history and cancer awareness.
  • Conducting a walk, 5K or movement session to address the importance of exercise in preventing cancer.
  • An informal recipe swap designed to update family food favorites to healthier versions to promote diet and addressing cancer prevention.
  • Information on research about increasing cancer equity in the Black community.

Spread Awareness By Sharing The Information With Friends And Family

13th annual breast cancer awareness walk set for next week in Forest Park

Breast cancer is a terrible illness that affects one in nine women. As we approach Breast Cancer Awareness Week, its important for us to spread awareness of this disease and show support towards those fighting it! Spread the information by sharing with friends or family members so they know how much you care about their health as well.

You may be thinking why should I care? Well, if youre a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer then this week is going to change your life forever! You never know what one person might do that makes an impact on others-so please let me tell everyone how important these events really are because they give those affected something positive focus their attention in tough times of unmanageable emotions such as fear or stress.

There are many ways to get involved. One of them is by sharing the information with friends and family members. There are plenty of events, parties, activities for people to get involved with in order to show support. To make people participate in this awareness event, consider setting up a barbecue spot and explore different ways to grill, fry, or smoke your meat and entertain your attendees. However, ensure youre using a great grill, like Weber grill if youre looking for exceptional grilling performance.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2020

1 year ago

Its the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Traditionally a month for us to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention.

But its been a tough year. For us as a charity but for you too.

Thats why this year were focusing on how we can help you build resilience. Empowering you to take control of your health to help you today as you deal with uncertainty and to help protect your future health too.

Thats why were excited to be launching our new breast checking video, Know your breasts. We want to encourage you to get to know your breasts, intimately.

The video helps you understand how to check your breasts and the signs to look out for. Early detection is an important line of defence we can all have control over.

Along with this video, we encourage you to get to know our other information on how you can reduce your risk.

In addition, were running our 25 Saves Lives campaign which is about inspiring you to get physically active. Why? Because this is one of the best ways you can reduce your risk of breast cancer. Studies show us that being physically active, not just exercising, can help reduce our risk by up to 20%.

There are lots of ways you can support the campaign:

Your support this October can help raise money and to make breast cancer research happen. We need to reduce the number of people experiencing the devastating impact this disease has on peoples lives.

A donation today can make that happen.

Thank you for your continued support

Thalie, CEO

Rd Week Of October As Mbc Awareness Week

As Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week 2016 is winding down, I think that it would be fitting if we were all reminded as to how the idea of designating the third week of October as MBC awareness week originated.

Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week Tribute Video I prefer to stay in the background but I am so honored that Herb Wagner created this tribute to Joe and Brandon. Thank you so very, very much! Cathy Reid Out of the Shadow of Pink.

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Reasons Why Your Should Be Talking About Breast Cancer

Are you Aware of Breast Cancer Awareness Week?

In this talk, Ximena Alvira MD, PhD, shares the highlights of the history of breast cancer, and why we should start talking about it.Through a patient journey, we observed how clinical decision support can support in obtaining and applying current, relevant, timely clinical information.

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Dr. Ximena Alvira

Senior Clinical and Research Specialist, is a medical doctor and doctor in neuroscience with broad experience in clinical practice, research, and medical writing. Before joining Elsevier in 2012, Ximena practiced emergency medicine at several places, such as the renowned Massachusetts General Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, USA. At Elsevier, Ximena uses her clinical and research expertise to provide strategic counsel to organizations on how to advance in their research objectives, make better use of our solutions, and improve their research and scientific writing skills.

About CoppaFeel: They are the first breast cancer charity in the UK to solely create awareness amongst young people, with the aim of instilling the knowledge and tools they need to get to know their bodies. CoppaFeel likes to talk about a serious message in a light-hearted way, empowering people to start healthy habits for life.

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month is held in February each year to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and to highlight issues facing those diagnosed and their partners and families.

Each year in Australia about 1,550 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. More than two-thirds of women are diagnosed at an advanced stage, where the cancer has spread and is difficult to treat successfully.

The campaign theme for World Cancer Day 2019-2021 is I Am and I Will.Whoever you are, you have the power to reduce the impact of cancer for yourself, the people you love and the world..

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Bsfo Breast Cancer Awareness Week Will Feature Leading Oncologists

Research shows that about 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop breast cancer and Black women are most likely to die from the disease. Because of this, the UCOP Black Staff and Faculty Organization has launched its first-ever health week: Join us Oct. 25 29, 2021 for a variety of presentations focused on breast cancer education and awareness. All UCOP staff are invited to participate!

Empowering A Sisterhood Healing By Fostering Hope Encourage To Cope And Survive To Thrive

Mommy Moment: Honoring breast cancer survivors

Because of sponsors and donors like you, BCRC can provide valued services to our community free of charge. Please help the BCRC continue to provide essential support services during this critical time.

Presenting Sponsor
  • Principle Women’s Care, Dr. Melissa Drake andOma Fertility, Dr. Daniel F. Rychlik
  • Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians
  • Sotheby’s International Realty

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The International Programme Of Breast Cancer In Men: Finding Better Treatments For Men Affected By Breast Cancer

In 2006 BIG and its North American counterpart NABCG decided to join efforts to better understand this rare disease. The International Programme of Breast Cancer in Men was born. This is the first ever international research programme to focus solely on male breast cancer. Under the BIG umbrella, it is being led by the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer with the help of the North American Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium .The objective of this programme is to gather and analyse critical medical information about the biology and evolution of male breast cancer, in order to help cancer physicians learn more about this rare disease. Only with this crucial knowledge will men with breast cancer be properly treated in the future.

“It is our obligation to learn more about male breast cancer disease, so that men with breast cancer are properly treated in the future”

Prevention Week Has Begun

They say prevention is better than cure but all too often these days the concept of prevention is overlooked.So we want to make some noise about Prevention and all of the benefits it can bring.

Thanks to breast cancer awareness month we are all now far more aware of breast cancer its symptoms, self-checking etc.

But the truth is, we are also far more aware of breast cancer today quite simply because most of us know someone who has got it or who has had it.

1 in 8 women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives.1 in 5 of these cases will be in women under the age of 50.Although less common, around 350 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

Whilst improved methods of detection and treatment are vital, we must also look at how we can help to prevent breast cancer it should not be considered to be an inevitable, disease.

Breast Cancer UK believes prevention is possible.

Thats why we are launching our first ever Prevention week today!

A week long shout out about the benefits of prevention, along with helpful tips and ideas on how you can help reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Throughout the week we will be posting inspiring blogs from a range of opinion formers, policy makers and health campaigners including Sir Tim Smit KBE , Sharon Hodgson MP , Kerry McCarthy MP and Janey Lee Grace .

A full round up of whats happening this week can be found here

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Signs And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

The most common signs of breast cancer include:

  • Lump in the breast or underarm

  • Swelling or thickening of all or part of the breast

  • Dimpling or irritation of breast skin

  • Localized, persistent breast pain

  • Redness, scaliness or thickening of the nipple or breast skin

  • Nipple retraction or discharge

  • Any change in the size or shape of the breast

It is important to remember that breast lumps are common, particularly in premenopausal women. There are many different kinds of lumps, most of which are not cancerous tumors. The majority of lumps turn out to be benign, such as the soft, fluid-filled lumps that feel tender , the rubbery lumps that move around under the skin and are usually painless, or the fibrocystic changes leading to painful, lumpy breasts. Benign lumps develop from fatty tissue deposits or breastfeeding when sacs filled with milk form cysts. One can even get a lump as a result of an injury, such as when your breast gets bruised or after breast surgery. Every woman should learn about these signs and do monthly breast self-exams along with regular mammograms, which, along with knowledge of risk factors of breast cancer, can help women keep this disease at bay.


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